Sqribble Review And Demo – Create Professional Kindle Ebooks Fast This A Massive Time Saver

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Welcome to my Sqribble review, and demonstration video That I have included below for your convenience:)

The demo video below is a very thorough review video that dives deep into Sqribble on it’s uses, how it saves you time, and how it could be the only ebook creator that you will ever need.

But, that is for you to decide after reading this review, and watching the Sqribble demo video below to see if sqribble fits your particular needs and actually see with your own eyes what this tool can do.

I have taken the liberty and thrown in some cool bonuses below the review and demo video below for you as well.

Ok, let’s dive into this review shall we.

I’m going to be taking a closer look at Sqribble — which is a brand spanking new cloud-based software tool that has a ton of different uses like letting you create eBooks, special reports, whitepapers or other digital type books on the fly, fast and without pulling your hair out.

Less complicated is the key here.

I will also be  covering  what sqribble does, who sqribble is for, how much sqribble costs, what the optional upsells are, and the pluses and minuses of using this new software tool so you can make a wise decision about picking this tool up or passing on it.

Ok, So What is Sqribble? Let’s Dive Deeper

Sqribble is a new cloud based tool that lets you create professional style ebooks based on templates inside the tool, with a few clicks, saving you a huge amount of time and money.

If you ever wanted to publish an Amazon kindle ebook for example, that looks like a million bucks and does not take you a thousand years to put together, then sqribble would be an ebook creator software that you would want to consider picking up.

Unlike other eBook creators that are out there, Sqribble really caught my eye because of the ease of use, and how professional the ebooks that I was creating looked.

Yeah, I would not be embarrassed to submit my ebook to Amazon Kindle and compete with the big dogs in terms of sales and professionalism.

Of course, the content that you submit inside the ebook creator would determine the overall user experience, but it will still look pretty regardless.

Here’s A Few Features About Sqribble That I Really Found Useful:

Sqribble pulls Automatic content without you writing a single word — yep, this is cool and would be perfect for building an email list of subscribers, if you just want to provide useful content and make it look pretty, you can provide the URL of your choice and it will grab the content and create the ebook for you without you writing  a single word. Pretty damn cool!

You can pull content from anywhere on the Internet or content on your blog or website it does not matter, and just copy and paste the content, and voila your ebook is created. This is a total game changer and a massive time saver if you hate writing or are just pressed for time.

Create Absolutely Gorgeous eCovers With Sqribble — Most ebook creator either do not create ecovers for you, or the ones that they do create look like trash. Not so with Sqribble! The ecovers that you create with sqribble would fit in perfectly with even the best ecovers on Amazon kindle ,so you will fit right in, and look very professional in the process.

Create Flipbooks With Sqribble — this is really cool you can turn a regular ebook into an interactive experience with pages that flip that makes it feel that with every page read that you are accomplishing something, which you are but even more so, and it brings the physical book experience into an ebook where you want to reach out and physically grab the ebook.

Anyways, cool stuff!

Why does this matter?

It’s all about standing out and grabbing people attention if you want to build your business, generate more leads, and make more money with your business.

Plus, it’s a very cool way to engage your ebook readers better.

Engaged readers will take more action and buy more stuff from you plain and simple!

Another really cool feature about the flipbooks option is you can embed them anywhere with a simple piece of code that is supplied after you create your ebook with Sqribble.


What else can Sqribble do?

Sqribble is a very versatile tool, with a ton of even more features that I found useful. Here are a few examples below.

— Automatic table of contents
— Automatic headers and footers
— Automatic pagination
— Drag and drop design
— Add or delete pages
— Add your own media
— 300+ Google Fonts
— 50 eBook templates (covering 15 different niches)
— 10 different eBook themes (1 click changes color scheme of book)
— Import whatever content that you want from a URL of your choosing.
— You can manually add content yourself if you want to sell your ebook on Amazon Kindle for example and you want it to look super professional then sqribble is a good tool to use to save you time and get the job done in a much quicker fashion.

And that’s just the stuff that I personally seen for myself inside the Sqribble dashboard.

I am sure there are a few more features that I have left out in this review.

Well, they say a video is worth a hundred thousand words so I will let you see inside the sqribble demo video directly below.

Just hit play and see what sqribble can do.

Here Is a Full Sqribble Review @ A Sneak Peak Inside Sqribble.

To Learn More About Sqribble You Can Follow This Link: https://jaysonlinereviews.com/go/sqribble/

There’s a ton of cool features inside sqribble that makes this the best modern ebook creator tool that I have seen where the ebooks don’t look like there from 2006.

But, there is one NEGATIVE thing about sqribble, not much of a big deal, but I will talk about it below.

Ok. Who is Sqribble For?

Sqribble is pretty much suited for anyone who wants to create whitepapers, ebooks, digital agencies, listbuilders, freelancers, affiliate marketers, future kindle publishers, the list goes on and on.

Basically, if you are running a business of any kind and want an easy way to get more sales and publicity then this tool would be a good fit for you.

Add An Extra Income Source With Sqribble ( Cool Beans )

If you’re open to the idea of creating another revenue stream for yourself then you will be happy to know that a commercial agency license is included with your sqribble purchase if you do decide to buy this tool.

A few ideas for your additional revenue stream would be to use Sqribble for client work, you can offer a service where you create ebooks for people, and you will have the ability to create as many ebooks as you want all keep all the money for yourself.

There is also a premade agency website that you can upload to give you instant authority with your clients and a cool feedback feature for your clients to send you there feedback.

Oh, The Giant Elephant In The Room. How Much Does Sqribble Cost?

Normally Sqribble retails for $197, but for a limited time the price is just $47.00 so you are saving 75% right off the bat and there are some cool free bonuses available as well that I have left at the bottom of this review ( You cant miss them the big bonus pictures below just click on them and you’ll get the bonuses free with every order. )

Are there any upsells with Sqribble?

Yes, there are currently 4 upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use Sqribble, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

Here’s what they are:

Upsell 1 — Sqribble professional.

Want to unlock 150 more professional eBook templates (This is a no- brainer because the very best templates are in the professional edition. ) Unlock tons of graphics and done for you content.(Just so you understand the value here a single template from  a stock website goes for up to $450 dollars and that is just for one single template which is a serious ripoff) I would definitely buy this upsell if I was you just my 2 cents.

Upsell 2 — Sqribble Prime.

Get an extra 15 premium “limited edition” new eBook templates added to your Sqribble dashboard each and every month. This will obviously give you even more templates to choose from and give you a little edge on the competition.  ( This upsell I would leave up to you to buy but most people would probably pass on this upsell just my 2 cents. )

Upsell 3 — Sqribble Fantasia 3D.
This includes 2-in-1 features.
1.) Unlocks killer 3d covers inside your sqribble dashboard.These are really cool looking ebook covers that would be perfect if you are submitting to Amazon Kindle and you want to stand out from all the competition.
2.) Create “Flipbooks” I discussed this feature earlier in my review above. This is really cool. ( This upsell if I was you I would buy if you really want to stand out from the crowd, but if you just want a normal ebook that looks good pass on this upsell totally up to you. )

Upsell 4 — Auto Job Finder software.

If you are going to be using Sqribble to earn money as a freelancer then this software will search all freelancer sites and find jobs for you.
A huge time saver and a great way to make some extra money.

The bad
— 3D cover is locked behind an upsell which is one of my favorite features but they look so cool so you will have to buy the upsell to access this feature.
The good
— Easy to use
— Glitch free
— Unlimited use of Sqribble (For A one-time payment)

The awesome
— Tons of beautiful templates to choose for your next ebook design.
— Professional page layouts
— Automatic content (saves time)
— Flipbook creator (available through 3rd upsell that I discussed above)

My Final Review @ Conclusion:

There are  quite a few ebook creation tools that are out there that just fill your basic needs like food, and water but look like they came out of 1999.

Sqribble was just released in the beginning of November of 2018 and takes ebook creation into modern times especially if you want to submit to kindle, make more sales, stand out from the crowd, and make more money with your business in general than sqribble is a blessing in disguise.

With all the features that I discussed above and the massive time savings that this tool offers the user because as you know time is money.

You owe it to yourself to pick up sqribble and bring your ebook creation into modern times and take your business to the next level in the process.

I really like this software and give it 4.5 stars for my final review losing half a point due to the upsell I discussed earlier.

Click this link to see Sqribble in action:


Sqribble Bonuses Included With Every Order Below:

Sqribble Review And Demo - Create Professional Kindle Ebooks Fast This A Massive Time Saver amazo create ebook


Sqribble Review And Demo - Create Professional Kindle Ebooks Fast This A Massive Time Saver amazo create ebook

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