Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue?

Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue?

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This is going to be a Countdown to Profits Review by Countdown Monkey timer what it is? What functions does Countdown Monkey perform?

And does it improve your website or blog conversion rates? And my final thoughts and review of this web app.

The verdict is in let’s get started!

Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue?

Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue?
Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? 1

As you know, I do quite a few reviews for various different products especially in the internet marketing niche. My blogs URL is for a reason:)

I’ve even tried a couple of different countdown timers before and didn’t like them too well ( Pain In The Butt ).

On my last blog, the outdated countdown plugin that I purchased messed up my blog so bad that I had to uninstall and then reinstall it. And then it didn’t even fix the problem, so my solution I deleted it for good.

Problem solved!

So, when Jeremy and Simon contacted me to give an honest review of their web app Countdown Monkey I was like, oh boy here we go again:)

If your countdown monkey timer is anything like my previous buys, this review is not going to be pretty, Jeremy and Simon.

But since they have a good reputation for creating some quality products I thought what the heck let me see this bad boy in action and decide for myself.

This product is called Countdown Monkey so I told Jeremy I am not going to monkey around with this review:)

However, the deeper that I went into the review process for this web app that I got, the more impressed with it I became.

Funny story: Jeremy and Simon came up with the name of this web app because they just love cute little monkey 🙂 lol all kidding aside they said this web app is so easy to use a monkey could use it effectively.

In this day and age of Internet complexity, easy is definitely a good thing to hear.

With everyone’s schedule being so busy nowadays, who has the time to mess around with web apps for hours that you cannot figure out? No you want to buy a product that works, that is easy to install, and one that is going to make your website or blog more sales right?

Well then, call me a monkeys daddy because this product was very easy to use right out of the box so to speak.

I also found some very helpful details that you are going to want to hear, so what I am going to do is spend the rest of this review going through some of the features of Countdown Monkey and how it can make your blog or website a lot more money.

To begin, let me explain that running a working countdown timer on any site can dramatically increase your site’s sales whether it be a product, service, or building your email list.

Getting more eyeballs on your offers is what makes your site a lot more money trust me I know from experience getting thousands of visitors to your site is pretty much wasted traffic if your not getting them what it is that you want them to do.

Such as buying your product, or service or opting into your email list.

Offers that have countdown timers installed seem to grab the lions share of revenue because if it’s a good countdown timer they work extremely well at maximizing revenue.

Jeremy and Simon the products creators talk about a 350% increase in conversions when they are using their countdown monkey web app.

Now that is a serious difference in conversion rates and a lot more money in the pockets of anyone that is using this web app on their sites.

Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue?
Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? 2

When you really think about it, this is not really surprising because huge mega sites like Groupon earn the majority of their sales by installing a quality countdown timer.

When speaking with Jeremy and Simon, they said they had to overcome the problem: they had to create a web app that would blow customers away that would be designed to add customizable countdowns to any online offer that was easy to use and dependable.

I am happy to say with Countdown Monkey they have set the bar high because it delivers as promised on the sales page.

Let’s discuss durability because, as I mentioned earlier, this was a major problem that I had with a few previous countdown timers that I picked up in the past.

Based on my review I find “Countdown Monkey” as durable as the winner of the Ironman triathlon:)

I know silly comparison but it’s just my way of saying that it works:)

Countdown Monkey works on every .html page, and .php page, and if you use, WordPress, guess what? It works like a charm every time.

*** In every instance, there was no problems or glitches with any scripts or plugins that I had previously installed on my blog.

( Which was good this was a breath  of fresh air because I have had major compatibility issues with other scripts, plugins, in the past. Not so while running Countdown Monkey! )

Did I mention I checked to see if their were any browser compatibility issues and it worked flawlessly on each browser every time so no browser compatibility issues.

Countdown To Profits Review: Does The Timer Work On Mobile Devices

Countdown To Profits Review: Does The Timer Work On Mobile Devices
Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? 3

I tested my Countdown Timer and it worked very well on the cell phones that I tested it out on to make sure this web app was mobile compatible.

Mobile compatibility was mandatory for a positive review of Countdown Monkey because, first off, everyone has a cell phone pretty much these days, and online revenue for mobile phones is only gonna go up in the future.

Note: I believe that being mobile compatible is one of this app’s greatest strengths because potential customers are making more purchases from their smartphones than their laptops or desktop PCs.

With Countdown Monkey I was able to install more than one countdown timer per page on my WordPress blog which was a nice feature.

Countdown Profits: I Really Loved The Next Feature A Lot

Countdown monkey is a “web based app” so in other words there is nothing at all to install on your blog, website, or computer.

Here is what you need to do: Just log into the “Countdown Monkey” site, fill out a quick form, and then presto, your personal countdown timer is created for you right before your eyes.

This opens up the gates to even the newest of internet marketers which goes back to my ease of use point. Countdown Monkey is so easy to use that anyone will not have trouble using it, including a trained monkey:)

What Features Does The Countdown Monkey Offer? Everything A Good Countdown Web App Should And More Here’s A List Of A Few

What Features Does The Countdown Monkey Offer? Everything A Good Countdown Web App Should And More Here's A List Of A Few
Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? 4

Here is a list of just a few of the features that are beneficial.

Did you know that you can setup your personal “Countdown Monkey” timer to display data such as date and time in several different languages, as well you can adjust each countdown timer to display the date in the format that is common to each language that you plan to use. (Such as United States English day/month/year and European month/day/year, type formats).

You can also set your countdown timer to end at a specific time lets say for an example 8 o’clock eastern time.

“Countdown Monkey” even allows you to show different countdown timers for each unique visitor that visits your website, or blog making it fully customizable to your businesses particular needs.

The countdown timer web app works like this: When a potential customer visits any page on your blog, or website a countdown for whatever offer that you have setup begins.

If that particular visitor leaves any part of your website or blog page and then returns, that visitor will then come back to your countdown timer It is smart because it knows to a tee the days, hours, or seconds that visitor has remaining to claim the offer that you have setup on your countdown timer.

Why? I said Countdown Monkey was smart right?

Lol well it is it can recognize each individual user (via a unique “cookie”). This is why each countdown timer is customizable for each user that visits your site:)

How’s that for cool?

I covered a few of the features that I liked about Countdown Monkey so I am going into the cherry on the banana shake and show you one of my favorite features of Countdown Monkey so be prepared to be blown away!

Countdown Profits: Duh Duh Dah Dah The Graphics

Countdown Monkey is very appealing to the eyes, making the graphics top-notch.

I’m not sure if Jeremy and Simon bought the graphics that they used in their timers or if they actually put them together themselves. If you did guys good job!

The options are amazing with this web app!

If you are reading this review let me apologize in advance Countdown Monkey is 10x better than the generic countdown timers that you see on site’s like Groupon which will make them convert a lot better.

Cha Ching!

The countdown timers from “Countdown Monkey” are so attractive they will make a welcome addition to any page.

Click Here To See The Countdown Monkey’s Graphics For Yourself After All A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Right!

Final Countdown Timer Review By Countdown To Profits

Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? Review countdown monkey
Countdown to Profits Review! Does It Maximize Site Revenue? 5

Conclusion: Jeremy and Simon have done a nice job creating a quality web app that delivers where it counts conversions.

Simple, easy to use, and very appealing to the eyes make Countdown Monkey a great addition for anyone wanting to make a lot more money with their existing website or blog traffic!

 “Countdown Monkey is sure to become the most prized tool of 2014 and should be in every successful marketer’s and webmasters toolbox!
Click here and learn more about Countdown Monkey and how it can explode your blog or website’s conversion rates.

Pick Up Your Copy Of Countdown Monkey By Clicking Here It Is Literally Worth It’s Weight in Gold!

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