Learn How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google In 2013-2014 ( Search Engines )

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I am going to do a little Q @ A on how to really build backlinks and eventually dominate Google and the other major search engines in 2013, and well beyond. P.S. I am also going to embed 2 different video’s at the end of this blog post I put together for your enjoyment.

Titled: 50 ways to get more traffic to your website, or blog?  Created and produced by yours truly.

Titled:  Traffic From Alexa How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast Tutorial?

Learn How To Build Backlinks And Grab First Page Rankings On The Major Search Engines Q @ A Tutorial

Question? What is a backlink exactly?

Answer: A backlink is essentially a vote or recommendation from another website, or blog on the Internet pointing back at your blog or website’s URL. The more backlinks your website, or blog has pointing too it the higher you are going to rank in the search engines for the keywords that you are targeting. But not all backlinks are equal, some are crappy, or spammy. While others are seen as a lot higher value in Googles eyes. ( I will cover quality backlinks briefly a little later in this post. )

A backlink is your sites name in this form I will use my blog for an example: https://jaysonlinereviews.com a backlink can be a blog comment on another site, a forum profile with your websites Url in the profile, another website linking to your blog posts, a social bookmark backlink, the list goes on and on.

Question? How do I make backlinks, and dominate the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, all at the same time?

Answer? Building backlinks is a major part of search engine optimization. Without quality backlinks pointing to your website, or blog you will not rank well on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for example.  The end result is you will not make a lot of money, or even worse nothing at all! To learn how to really build quality backlinks keep reading my Q @ A

Question? So how do I actually build a backlink so I can see improvements in my sites seo or traffic levels?

Answer? Your first step in creating a backlink is you need to know the correct format of your website, or blogs URL. There are 2 correct ways to enter a URL correctly in this form http://www.yoursite.com or http://yoursite.com both will work fine. My backlinking tip: Once you pick your preferred method of entering your sites URL stick with one or the other so you do not have different variations of your website all over the Internet.

Question: Where do I go on the internet to get quality backlinks?

Answer: All over the place. The Internet is filled with quality websites that you can link too for a quality backlink, and a boost in your Google rankings. The more backlinks your blog, or website has pointing to it, the higher you are going to rank in the major search engines. Building backlinks, is just one part of seo that you should learn to succeed in the online World.

Traffic from the search engines is the best kind of traffic that your site can receive online bar none! Why? People are actively typing into the search engines what you have to offer ( Targeted Buying Traffic ). If your blog, or website pops up first in the search results how lucrative do you think that can be for your Internet business?

This is why learning how to create a backlink, and learning search engine optimization, can make you a lot of money online.

Traffic equals money online. Here is my first video below showing you 50 ways to get more website traffic to your blog, or website. Enjoy!


Question: What is the difference in backlinks? Isn’t a backlink a backlink?

Answer:   Not all backlinks are created equal some are better than others. .edu backlinks are valued highly in Googles eyes because they are from educational institutions.

.org backlinks are always good backlinks too link too usually also.

Websites that are related to your website, or blog, that meet the criteria of a high Alexa rank, good Google page rank, and look well put together, are always great websites for you to link too.

My  recommendations on how to get quality backlinks is to look at who your competitors are linking too. I have a little internet marketing trick I like to use with Alexa that I will show you in the video below.


Backlinking tip 2: If the url you are linking too has a good google pagerank, and a high Alexa rank, it is a good backlink to have. The more closely related they are to your website, or blog, the better also.  ( Not mandatory ) but it helps!

Remember: He or she with the most quality backlinks usually wins the seo war. A well known saying in the internet marketing community!

Question? Can I outsource my backlinking for a small fee?

Answer: Yes you can outsource your backlink building. I would recommend doing your backlinking on your own in the beginning, until you really learn how to build backlinks properly. ( Which is pretty easy but it can be very time consuming and tedious )

Places You Can outsource your backlink building

1. Fiverr – Look for gigs with a lot of positive reviews. I do a lot of my backlinking through Fiverr because it can get tedious, and I have already established my website. I like to look for backlink type gigs that only offer a handful of top notch backlinks. Example: 30 high quality backlinks  are a lot better than 1,000 low quality, or spammy backlinks.  See what there previous customers had to say from there previous orders. Were they happy with there gig? If so go ahead and order it will only cost you five dollars.

2. Warriorforum If you have not joined the Warriorforum I suggest you do so right away. The warriorforum is one of the most highly visited internet marketing forums on the Internet. You can learn a ton of new things that will help you, and your online business make more money online.

You can also browse the largest internet marketing forum in the World looking for some backlinking services offered. ( They are plentiful on the Warriorforum ) Look in the classifieds section, J.V section, warrior for hire section, or you can even try the SEO section on the Warriorforum.


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Learn How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google In 2013-2014 ( Search Engines ) Backlinking tips

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Your comments are appreciated. To your online success, Jay

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