Tracking Affiliate Links And Referrals Like A Pro Marketer 101 Tutorial

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How to track affiliate referrals like a pro marketer, earn more affiliate commissions, be more organized, and know exactly where your affiliate tracking links are being clicked from and most importantly where your sales are being made so you can keep running the affiliate promotions that work and make you money!

A little about me: Hey, Jay here I have been an affiliate marketer for 13 years now and I want to give you some tips on why tracking affiliate links is so important in this day and age of increased competition and competitiveness.

Let’s face it as I learned a long time ago as an affiliate marketer if your affiliate tracking links look super long and unprofessional you are going to lose referrals, clicks, and sales by the truckload if you do not fix that problem.

As an example of the most unprofessional affiliate links that affiliates use without cloaking is the Clickbank marketplace they are staggeringly long and unprofessional and you want to avoid using any raw affiliate links period!

Using a raw affiliate links will cost you tons of clicks and tons of sales in all your internet marketing campaigns.

I have been an internet marketer for 13 years and I learned that lesson very early on as I learned more and more about affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money and your affiliate links such as your raw clicks, are literally your bread and butter, they are how you are going to make money online regardless of the business that you are involved with online.

You need tracking, cloaking, click fraud monitoring, and all the other features that professional business people and internet marketers use who take there businesses seriously, and realize that features like click tracking is invaluable and can make there business a lot more money..

In other words;

Do it right or do not do it at all!

If you are losing clicks being an amateur you are losing money period!

Here is an example of a raw affiliate link from JVZoo here is that same affiliate link that has tracking enabled, cloaking enabled, and all the goodies that you see in the graphic directly below

Which one would you rather click on?

Which one looks more professional?

Sort of a no brainer don’t you think?

The correct way to create an affiliate link for the most clicks especially if you are blogging is say you are promoting a product that helps you get more sales from your Facebook ppc campaigns.

Like the affiliate link that I am using above as an example for this article.

You could do something like this.

To make 10x more money with all your FB PPC campaigns click here. This is just an example you can highlight any text and turn that text into a clickable link that has tracking, cloaking, fraud protection, split testing, link redirects, and all the juicy features that you would expect when you want to track your affiliate links and referrals like a professional internet marketer.

Here is a helpful video for you guys and girls on how to post affiliate links on Facebook and other social networks so you make more money and sales.

My Recommendation That I Use To Track Your Affiliate Links And Referrals Like A Professional Internet Marketer

That is why I recommend click magick you can get a 14 day free trial on that link btw to all new and long time affiliate and internet marketers to increase your commissions, get extremely accurate affiliate tracking for your links, cloaking, and everything in between to make you more money with all your internet marketing campaigns.

You can also post on all social media accounts without your affiliate links getting blocked try posting a clickbank or JVzoo link on Facebook and see how fast your raw affiliate link is blocked.

Good luck tracking all your affiliate links and referrals and hopefully you take my advice and your business seriously and go with a professional click tracking service that will pay for itself over and over again!

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