TuneIn Internet Radio My Top Podcasts For Internet Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, and Guys

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Tune In Radio My Top Entrepreneur And Internet Marketing Podcasts
Tune In Radio My Top Entrepreneur And Internet Marketing Podcasts

I love Tunein radio I always have it on when I am working.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tunein internet radio it is a free internet radio service and app, that you can listen to on your computer, or download the app from the Google play store on your android phone.

I am not sure how Apple iphones work when it comes to downloading this app because I don’t have an iphone lol.

I use android, but that is just my personal preference.

I turn on my giant ion tailgater bluetooth speaker. ( I do not play no games homies ) And I am off to the podcast races;)


I am always listening to my favorite podcasts, that keeps my mind active, while I work away online on my internet business.

So, I am going to share my personal favorite tunein radio podcasts that I listen to that I feel you should check out as well.

Without further adue, here are my top Tunein internet radio entrepreneur, internet marketing, sales, affiliate marketing, and my top 2 podcasts for guys.


My Favorite Tunein Radio Podcast Strictly For Internet Entrepreneurs

 1. The Sales Podcast – You will find this podcast easily on tunein radio just by doing a quick search. It covers everything basically when it comes to increasing your sales if you are an Internet entrepreneur you should definitely be checking this one out. Guests include Ana Hoffman, Michael Cheney, James Malinchak, Amit Mehta, Dustin Mathews, etc… The list goes on and on. I have learned quite a few new sales techniques just by listening so be sure to check it out.

 2. The Tom Woods Show – Tom Woods is a new york times best selling author. Tom discusses liberty education, politics, and a lot of internet entrepreneurial stuff as well, which is very cool. Guests include Michael Cheney, James Damore, Bob Bly, Chris Guillebeau, and a ton of topics on politics and everything in between. Definitely a good podcast, and one you should definitely be checking out.

   3. James @ Arlene Martells Affiliate Buzz Podcast – This is the longest running affiliate marketing podcast dedicated strictly to affiliate marketing tips, ideas, strategies, and techniques. James and Arlene Martell a husband and wife team, have a ton of quality content that is helpful to affiliate marketers of all stages. So, go check it out!

  4.  Pat Fynns Smart Passive Income Podcast – This is a very good podcast that discusses anything on how to make more money online from your business. From affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and everything in between Pat Flynn has got you covered. Pats blog can be found at smartpassiveincome.com

5.  Amy Porterfield Podcast – Amy porterfield discusses anything related to making money online with online marketing. Pretty similar to Pat Flynns topics, but Amy has her own style, and she is very informative telling you how to do something step by step. Amy Porterfield has a pretty awesome podcast so check it out.


My Favorite Tunein Radio Podcasts That Every Guy Should Check Out

1. The Joe Rogan Experience- Love this guy he is smart, funny as hell, and has some really entertaining podcasts covering a wide range of topics. Joe Rogan is a celebrity who is famous for being the host of the fear factor show back in the dizzzaaaayyyyyy. Joe is also a ufc commentator, stand up comedian, businessman, and even has his own Netflix comedy special which was pretty funny b.t.w. Anyhow, his podcast is awesome, and he can get into some real deep conversations that will keep your mind intrigued, and tickle your funny bone at the same time lol. Check him out peeps, he has some good stuff, and no not the green kind;) maybe that too though;)

2. Tom Leykis Show– Tom Leykis is the savior for guys everywhere. Tom Leykis is known lovingly as dad by his swarm of endearing fans from around the World. Tom has been a radio personality for years when he decided to start his own Internet business – podcast because he saw that radio was dying, and they were not willing to pay him what he was worth. So, Tom took matters into his own hands, and the new normal was born based in an old laundromat in the great state of California;) Tom discusses topics like money monday, and Leykis 101 where he shows guys how to get more tail. Yes, the female kind, for less money, and how to avoid the traps of marriage, dating, etc…. Tom is surely a shock jock, but he has some damn good advice for men everywhere. Definitely check him out if you are a guy;) you are either going to love him or hate him.

Anyhow,You can comment below.What is your favorite tunein radio podcast or podcast in general that you think my readers should check out?

TuneIn Internet Radio My Top Podcasts For Internet Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, and Guys and Guys
Listening to tunein radio on your favorite bluetooth speaker


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