11 Stellar Reviews About Matthew Lepre and Ecomwarrioracademy.com

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If you’re thinking of starting an online business—or if you already have one—then you should consider enrolling in a dropshipping course.

But given the many options out there, it’s best to go with a program that has countless success stories. You don’t want to invest money in a scam, after all.

All things considered, one of the best courses to try is Ecom Warrior Academy.

If you want to learn more about the founder and his successful training program, then make sure to read these reviews about Matthew Lepre.

Melanie Earned $12,000 Two Weeks After Matthew Lepre Mentoring

Melanie was new in running online businesses. Because she wanted to do a good job, she decided to enroll in Matt’s course.

As expected, she saw promising results in less than a month. In fact, she made $12,000 in just two weeks.

Melanie attributes this to the comprehensive nature of the training. Apart from shop creation and ad implementation, she also learned about shop automation.

Plus, she also gained access to practical member-exclusive support. She was active in using the live chat feature. She took this opportunity to ask questions from Matthew and other fellow students.

With all the help and comments she received, Melanie improved her shop.

Dominique Received Huge Pay Three Weeks After Building a Website

Dominique was wondering how she could make money fast. So when she saw the videos about Ecom Warrior Academy, she decided to jump right in.

It was an excellent decision on her part. Today, she’s making roughly $3,000 a week.

The impressive thing is that it didn’t take her long to earn money from her eCommerce shop. Her profits came in just three weeks after launching her Shopify site.

Dominique owes her success to the module on building your store. Here, Matthew Lepre explained everything she needed to know about launching a dropshipping site.

The helpful things she learned from the course include:

  • Purchasing a domain
  • Having a logo created by a professional
  • Customizing themes
  • Importing products
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Creating social media pages

From $1,600 to $9,300 a Month, Thanks to Ecom Warrior Academy Support

Although he could sell well, Andre was looking to make more money full-time. He was willing to take a risk because it’s his ticket to earning well.

And to do so, he decided to sign up for Matthew’s training course.

As expected, Andre learned everything he needed to improve his store’s marketing tactics. With a few tweaks here and there, he boosted his sales from $1,600 to $9,300 a month.

Now, Andre’s dropshipping site is doing better than ever. He’s bent on following all the legit tips that Matthew Lepre gave for the long term.

Chris’s eCommerce Business Now Has a 5-Figure Monthly Revenue

When Chris first started with dropshipping, he was making a good income. He was earning about $5,800+ a month.

But like many other Ecom Warrior Academy students, he knew he could do something more. He wanted to earn a six-figure salary, just like Matthew. And with Mr. Lepre’s help, he’s now making $45,200+ a month.

It’s far from a millionaire’s salary, but he’s almost there.

What’s great about this program is that it does more than help you build a shop. It can also motivate you to develop proper habits, which are pivotal in creating a better business model.

Matthew’s Tips on Facebook Ads Helped Make Money Online

As a new online store owner, Garang knew that he needs all the help he can get. This is why he signed up for Mathew Lepre’s mentoring program in the first place.

It turned out to be an excellent call.

The Ecom Warrior Academy training course gave him everything he needed to know about the dropshipping business. On top of product research and website building, he focused on implementing ads.

Despite the costs, his campaign eventually bore fruit. After a few hours of running his ads, he was able to hit the market.

After Garang got his first-ever sale, he was determined to make more. Thanks to Matthew, he’s on his way to unparalleled dropshipping success.

Matt Helped With William’s Online Income in Just One Day

In his Ecom Warrior Academy review, William expressed how thankful he was for the course. After all, it helped his dropshipping business earn twice the amount in just one day!

According to the avid customer, all this was made possible by Matt’s lessons on running Facebook ads. He took to heart the founder’s advice on campaign budget optimization or CBO.

After creating ten ad sets, his eCommerce store immediately doubled its sales.

As you see from these six reviews, Matt Lepre can help change your life. Like these clients, you too can make more money just by signing up for the Ecom Warrior Academy program.

Thanks to Matthew Lepre, Ashwin Earned $140,000 in Four Months

Ashwin is one of Matt Lepre’s many successful customers. What’s impressive, though, is that he’s just 15 years old!

Even as a local high school student, he’s already made a lot of money with the dropshipping business model.

Ashwin, like many others, wanted to access Matt’s mentoring course. Although an Ecom Warrior Academy review called it a scam, he knew better and decided to push through.

Thanks to his hard work and the help of Matthew, Ashwin prevailed.

In just four months, he got a hefty payment of $140,000. He’s planning to invest it in another eCommerce store, but not without getting his well-deserved rest and relaxation. Every summer vacation, he travels the globe together with his family.

Ecom Warrior Academy Course Helped Dev Earn $5,000 in Just Six Days

Dev is another one of the many dropshipping success stories from Ecom Warrior Academy.

Like most clients, he didn’t have a clue about the business. That’s why he decided to get Matthew Lepre as his mentor.

It proved to be a lifesaver as the courses helped him build a Shopify store in just a few hours.

Not only did Matthew help him cut the website-building time and related costs in half, he helped him gain one customer at a time. Soon after, Dev managed to earn $5,000 in just six short days.

He’s thankful for the structured training course, which allowed him to follow each step with relative ease. Matt’s support was priceless as well, as he always answered any call that Dev made.

Matthew Lepre Helped Max Make $1,000/Week With Dropshipping

Like the other students, Max was looking for an easy and legit way to earn money. He luckily stumbled upon the Ecom Warrior Academy website, where he came across the dropshipping business.

Eager to get a foot in the biz, he tried to gain access to the course.

Here, he learned everything he needed to know about eCommerce. With Matthew offering him support, Max got to change his life for the better.

After creating his dropshipping site, Max posted sales right away. For a newcomer who took a risk, he was able to log in an impressive $1,000 in a week.

That was just the start, though. Max maintained a $1,000 income in the weeks to come by promoting his shop on Facebook and other sites.

With this marketing strategy, he earned a salary of $4,000 a week.

Ecom Warrior Academy Was Key to Guy’s $47,000 Income

Although affiliate marketing was gaining popularity, Guy’s research pointed him to a more lucrative business: dropshipping.

Eager to learn the ins and outs of the industry, he signed up for Matthew’s training videos. In only a few hours, Guy was able to create his eCommerce website.

Guy’s shop earned more than he could have ever hoped with his patience and takeaways from the course. Six months into his venture, he has made a whopping $47,000.

Guy’s expecting his business to soar even higher. With an affiliate return rate of almost 6%, this means that many of his customers are repeat buyers. His marketing strategies have made a good impression on them.

Ecom Warrior Academy is a Legit Course According to Don

In his desire to earn money online, Don signed up for an affiliate training course.

Sadly, it was nothing short of a scam. Instead of basking in some good revenue, he just lost money. He can’t even get a refund for the price he paid!

Despite this setback, Don was more than determined to achieve online success. Fortunately, he managed to stumble upon Matthew Lepre’s mentorship program.

Don felt the difference as soon as he signed up. He was thankful for the support that came from Matthew’s team.

With the founder’s assistance, Don finally made his dreams come true.

In just a few days of starting his shop, he managed to make $3,000. He expects this to go even higher, which is why he’s opting to continue with Matt’s mentorship program.

As you see from these 11 reviews, Matt Lepre can help change your life. Like these clients, you too can make more money just by signing up for the Ecom Warrior Academy program.

Note: This was a guest post by Heinz Lewis reviewing the ecom warrior academy program.

11 Stellar Reviews About Matthew Lepre and Ecomwarrioracademy.com 11 Stellar Reviews About Matthew Lepre and Ecomwarrioracademy.com
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