Wealthy Affiliate Scam Business Model Review

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If you have been in the affiliate game for any length of time, then you probably have ran across the various fake reviews of various products across the Internet, that are created by the wealthy affiliates army of zombie newbie affiliate marketers who think littering the internet with fake reviews is great marketing.

Let’s make wealthy affiliate greaaatttt agaiinnnn.

“Loud battle cry. ”

Let’s get the wealthy affiliate troops rallied up boys.

If you look at any major product that is out there in the internet marketing niche, then chances are you will see a wealthy affiliate paying member appear on Google with the headline must read this before buying so and so product,  or so and so ( product name ) scam review etc…

My Point: Wealthy affiliate members are blatantly putting out fake reviews, and 9 times out of ten the wealthy affiliate that has created the review, has not even tried the product that they are reviewing.


I usually do not call people out, but there business model of teaching affiliates how to talk badly about every product under the sun, and then saying something like ” this is not a scam ” and leading them to the wealthy affiliate site is an ugly business model to say the least.

They look more desperate than a one armed 300 lb hooker trying to make her rent money at the end of the month;)

Not a good business model.

I went through the wealthy affiliate site years ago, and it was ok, decent at best, but nothing I would continually pay month after month for if I was a newbie to affiliate marketing.

You are better off joining the warriorforum warroom, or better yet paying for actual affiliate marketing training from a successful affiliate marketer.

After all who wants to be writing fake reviews right lol.

The wealthy affiliate membership is decent like I said, I am not here to bash there product, but I am here to all the fake reviews that have been circulating the Internet for years, bashing product x and leading people to product z which would be the wealthy affiliate site.

A very small percentage of the reviews are honest, but 99% of these reviews have no merit at all, and the wealthy affiliate members like I said previously, have not even invested in these products themselves.

It annoys me when I see these fake wealthy affiliate reviews littering Google.

So, I call it as I see it.

A scammy business model put out by the masses of wealthy affiliate members.

So, if you come across a wealthy affiliate review, or a product review that basically calls out the product as garbage, and then leads you over to the wealthy affiliate site.

Then treat the review for what it is garbage and move on and find a real honest review of the product.

( Maybe a video demonstration or something that clearly shows you that the person doing the review has actually bought the product in question. )

Just my 2 cents:)

To Your Online Success.


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