Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered

Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered [2023]

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Will Google penalize Chatgpt content? This is the question millions of bloggers and online entrepreneurs have been asking themselves since the launch of the groundbreaking AI chatbot that literally shook the World to its core since Chatgpts launch in November of 2022.

It was breaking records in the process as it stormed to over a million users in just five short days as Chatgpt catapulted past the likes of the big hitters of the online world like Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Taking only days when it took the others months to get to that lucrative 1 million subscriber mark.

With the release of GPT-4, which was launched on March 14, 2023, Chatgpt’s newest AI language model and only available to Chatgpt plus customers who shell out that $20 extra a month for Chatgpts most creative and the best version of Chatgpt.

That delivers the most creative, deepest thinking, and best answers to all your questions, including creating epic blog posts; if you know how to use its powers effectively, that is.

In this question-and-answer blog post, we will answer your question directly: Will Google penalize Chatgpt content?

I will break down exactly what Google says about AI content, including Chatgpt, and tell you my thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence-created content and blogging and where I think future Google updates will go from here since the explosion of AI all over the internet.

Let’s dive in!

Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? Straight from the Horses Mouth Googles Response On AI Generated Content

Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered.
Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered [2023] 1
Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered [2023] will Google penalize chatgpt content
Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered [2023] 2

Breaking Down What Google Says When It Comes To Penalizing Chatgpt Content Or Any Content That Was Created Using AI

If you look at the 2nd heading from the screenshot above, it says our advice for creators considering AI generation.

Create people-first, original, helpful content, which means covering the topic better than any other results on Google’s first page.

Do not stuff keywords for ranking purposes and build up your E-E-A-T scores; you are good to go.

E-E-A-T, for those of you not familiar with this SEO term, means Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Does Google Penalize Chatgpt-Created Content?

Does Google Penalize Chatgpt-Created Content.
Will Google Penalize Chatgpt Content? You Asked, And We Answered [2023] 3

The short answer is no! Google basically says that AI-generated content will not be penalized as long as it is helpful and unique and aims to give people the best possible answers to their questions.

If you meet these criteria, then Google does not care if aliens, the blue Na’vi people from Avatar, your freelance writer, or Chatgpt created your content as long as the content is helpful and satisfies Google’s content guideline requirements, as stated above.

So, keep creating high-quality content, and you should be good to go, according to Google, at least for now.

With that being said, I still like to be on the safe side and protect myself from future content updates.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from Google penalizing your content that Chatgpt created in future Google algorithm updates.

With That Being Said, My Thoughts On The Future Of Google Penalizing Chatgpt Content

When I create content using Chatgpt, I have a system in place, as well as some must-have AI tools that I use that produce AI-generated content that comes out with human scores of 85 to 90+ before I hit publish on my blog post.

This makes me feel warm n fuzzy, knowing that the content I produce is so humanlike that it will pass all future Google algorithm updates and protect my rankings in the search engines for the long haul.

Better safe than sorry, in my opinion!

Here is a video I created that shows you how to create undetectable AI content that will help you from getting penalized by Google in future algorithm updates.

I know that Google did say that they will not penalize content that was produced by an AI like Chatgpt, but I like to cover my bases, so to speak.

You can get my whole process for creating penalty-free undetectable AI content directly under the video below.

Check out my FREE course below and see how I future-proof my Chatgpt content from future Google updates and dominate the search engines in the process.

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