15 Best Tips To Humanize ChatGPT AI Text in [2024]

15 Best Tips To Humanize ChatGPT AI Text in [2024]

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Want some great tips to humanize ChatGPT AI Text so you can produce the best content possible and get the best possible outputs from ChatGPT?

I have been using ChatGPT daily since it burst onto the scene a little over a year ago. It took the world by storm and became the fastest-growing privately owned business, reaching a million users and surpassing the previous record holder, Instagram.

Does Google penalize content created by AI sources like ChatGPT, Google Bard, or any other AI tool that we use to create content more effectively?

They say they do not, and I tend to agree with that as long as human touch is involved in editing the content we generate using AI tools like ChatGPT.

And the content is helpful and high quality to boot. Google does not want to rank content that is crappy and unhelpful and reads like an AI tool like ChatGPT wrote it without putting our own thoughts into the content and adding value.

As long as we do these things using AI tools like ChatGPT to create blog posts, articles, reports, and anything in between, we can save you massive amounts of time and energy when you do it correctly and give Google what it wants: helpful content that genuinely helps the readers and answers there questions appropriately.

Here is how to humanize that ChatGPT AI text to make your readers and Google both happy so you can produce helpful content that ranks well in the search engines.

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15 Best Tips To Humanize ChatGPT AI Text Using ChatGPT 4

15 Best Tips To Humanize ChatGPT AI Text Using ChatGPT 4
15 Best Tips To Humanize ChatGPT AI Text in [2024] 1

Top Tips to Humanize ChatGPT Content (For Those Ready to Rock the AI World!)

Alright, bloggers, affiliates, and ChatGPT warriors! Ready to make your writing with ChatGPT totally awesome and human-like? You’re going to be like a magic word wizard!

Let’s dive into some super cool tips to get you rolling so you can humanize that ChatGPT content and get it ranking well on the search engines, getting you some great free organic traffic.

  1. Shake Up Those Sentences: Think of yourself as a DJ, but with words! Mix it up – short, long, funny, serious. Keeping it mixed up makes your writing sound super humanlike and real.
  2. Chit-Chat Style: Write like you’re talking to your pals in the hallway. Use words and phrases that you use every day. It’s like your writing is chatting with your reader! You can tell ChatGPT to write like you are talking to a friend at a middle school reading level in the style of your favorite writer for example.
  3. Story Sharing Time: Got a funny or neat story? Share it! It’s like your writing gets its own cool personality. This is a good trick to do to really put that humanized content into your ChatGPT writing. Add a section adding your personal touch that you wrote yourself, sharing your personal experiences on the topic.
  4. Embrace the Oopsies: Have you ever sent a goofy text to your friends? Yep, I think we are all guilty of that from time to time, depending on each of our own goofiness levels;) A small slip-up in your writing makes it feel more human. Just remember, don’t go too crazy with mistakes, or your English teacher will hit you with her ruler!
  5. Feel All the Feels: Don’t be afraid to show emotions in your writing. Happy, sad, excited – let your words shine with feelings! Remember, humans show emotions, and machines like ChatGPT can be trained to mimic emotions, but it is the one thing that AI can never have, and that is real human emotions that make us human.
  6. Know Your Audience: Who are you writing to? For a teacher, keep it formal. For your friends, you can be more relaxed and fun. Using AI tools built for ChatGPT, you can change the tone and writing style to fit whatever it is that you are writing about. For me, humor and creativity seem to get the best human touch when I use ChatGPT, but if you are a lawyer, you will want to use a more formal or professional writing style, so it all depends on the type of content being created.
  7. Stay Trendy: Talk about the latest stuff happening around you. It shows you’re up-to-date and keeps your writing fresh. ChatGPT creates original content, but a lot of it is regurgitated from things that already exist on the Internet, so adding your human touch to the content is great for readers and for Google ranking purposes.
  8. Question Time: Toss in some questions like you’re having a chat. It makes your writing more interactive and fun. There are different professional prompts that you can give to ChatGPT to get the best possible output using tools like AIPRM or even taking a prompt engineering course on Coursera to sharpen up your skills.
  9. Treasure Feedback: Got some cool suggestions from friends or teachers? Use that advice to make your next piece even more awesome.
  10. Be a Trendsetter: Keep up with the latest words and phrases. It’s like giving your writing a cool new outfit!
  11. A Little Laugh Goes a Long Way: Add a bit of humor. It’s like a secret spice that makes everything tastier. Remember I said above that I get the most humanized content that passes AI detection by using ChatGPT 4, the paid $20 a month version, and using a humorous tone with a creative writing style. These writing tips prove my theory humor is a very human quality. It is no wonder adding a humorous writing style and your own creative flair will make your ChatGPT AI text sound as human as possible.
  12. Creativity Rocks: Don’t be afraid to try new things in your writing. Think of a cool metaphor or a fun comparison – it’s like painting with words. Use these two to return to my humorous and creative writing style and tone. They are a killer combo to humanize ChatGPT AI content.
  13. Beat the AI: Learn to write in a way that tricks AI tools into thinking a human wrote it. You’ll be like a secret writing ninja! This takes practice using ChatGPT daily to sharpen your skills and guide your new freelancer ChatGPT to produce the best content possible while saving you hundreds of dollars monthly by doing things pre-ChatGPT when we used to hire expensive freelance writers on services like Fivver, for example.
  14. Use the right AI tools to check if your content is being detected as written by AI. A few of my favorites are originality.ai, Winston AI, and undetectable AI. The latter is my personal favorite.
  15. AIPRM – Your Creative Pal: Use tools like AIPRM for cool writing ideas. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy right by your side. AIPRM is a professional ChatGPT prompt writing tool that gives you the best prompts to humanize your ChatGPT content and get the best possible outputs so you can create some great content for your blog or whatever else you are doing. P.S. I pay $20 a month for AIPRM, which is a drop in the bucket when you think of how much time and money these professional prompts save me in creating content.

Remember, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at making your ChatGPT writing sound like it came straight from a human – you!

Make sure you edit your AI-generated ChatGPT content and add your personal touch to all the content that you create using tools like ChatGPT so you can not only make your readers happy but also make Google happy so you are killing two birds with one stone and getting a ton of free organic search engine traffic to boot.

Quality over quantity every time!

Remember these tips; you’ll be creating amazing Humanize ChatGPT content in no time! 🌟📝👍

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