5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 – 2024

5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 – 2024

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The entire digital marketing industry is dynamic, and the SEO landscape isn’t an exception.

This year, we have witnessed the emergence of new trends and numerous updates from big players, including Google and Bing.

However, while many trends emerged, there are some SEO practices that have stood the test of time, withstanding algorithmic changes, updates, and trends.

These are mostly white-hat SEO practices and strategies as old as search engine optimization.

So, today we shall be looking at some of these old practices as well as some trends that will rule SEO in 2023:

Keyword Research and Keyword Planning Will Continue To Be Relevant SEO Factors

Keyword research is a vital part of SEO.

You may have everything in place, but your efforts and time would amount to nothing if you are not targeting the right keywords.

Fortunately, there are a lot of keyword research tools out there to help you get started, starting from Google keyword planner to Moz and keywordtool.io. The list is endless.

It is often advisable to combine two or more tools to generate long-tail and short-tail keywords.

Your SEO strategy should also accommodate exact match keywords, or buyer-intent keywords, as these are mostly used by individuals ready to buy whatever they are searching for.

Your keyword research shouldn’t start and stop at research; you should start to create a smart, detailed plan on how to execute your strategies as well.

Search Engine Optimized and Attention-grabbing Titles and Descriptions

5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 – 2024
5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 1

A lot of us judge a book by its cover, the same way we decide whether to read a post or not based on the content of the titles and descriptions.

This SEO practice of optimizing titles and descriptions is as old as SEO itself.

However, a lot of people still make the mistake of either not crafting an attention-grabbing headline or overdoing it to the extent that they forget to fuse the keywords into the title, especially for blog posts.

5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 2019 seo tips
5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 2

So, if you want people to consume whatever you have written, start by sparing a few minutes to put together a worthy title and description.

But most importantly, make sure you include your target keywords in the descriptions and possibly the titles.

It doesn’t matter if the titles or descriptions are for a blog post or a page on your website; they should be written to entice the audience and improve visibility for the search engines.

Create More Evergreen Content to Stay Relevant

Competition in the online marketing terrain is all about the value proposition. The more value you provide, the higher your chances of winning the attention and money of your prospect.

Creating quality content – blogs, podcasts, and videos will help you to stand out as an authority in your industry. This will improve your brand image and help people to trust your business.

Above all, good content is the backbone of long-lasting search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

So what is evergreen content?

So what is evergreen content?
5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 3

As the name implies, evergreen content is the kind of content that never goes out of style.

For instance, if you create a video of the latest Facebook update for the year 2023 for example, The video becomes almost obsolete once we get past the month of December.

However, a video about how to create Facebook ads will never go out of style as long as people continue to learn about Facebook ads.

The second content is a good example of evergreen content.

This practice of targeting evergreen keywords will continue to hold its place in SEO in 2023.

So, if you want to ramp up your SEO effort in the coming year, create more evergreen content.

Evergreen content is a good means of generating free website traffic and leads once your content is well positioned in SERPS.

Make Sure that Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Mobile internet traffic is increasing at a geometric rate. As of the third quarter of this year, over 52 percent of all search traffic comes from mobile phones.

5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 2019 seo tips
5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant in 2023 - 2024 4

Since 2019 has been predicted to see a tremendous improvement in mobile technologies, it is safe to say that optimizing your website for mobiles would be a good SEO practice for 2023.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and should continue doing so in 2023.

There are numerous ways to optimize your website for mobile users. The first one is to make sure that your website design is user-friendly. There are many free online tools to check this.

You should also ensure that your website is designed to load very fast so as to reduce the bounce rate.

Sites like Pingdom @ GTmetrix are very useful sites that will check your site’s load times.

The faster your site’s load, the better your ranking in the search engines will be.

Site speed is a major factor for Mobile @ Desktop users alike, and search engines rank this factor rather heavily.

So, ensuring your blogs and websites are running at top speed is a do not miss SEO strategy for 2023 @ an evergreen SEO strategy.

Voice Search is Here to Stay

If there is one SEO trend that is going to go mainstream in 2023, it is voice search SEO, as people are now switching from the tedious task of typing to dictating their search.

While it may sound scary at first, optimizing your website for voice search is quite simple. It follows the same process of optimizing your website for SERP, with minor tweaks.

The one major difference to note here is that when people perform voice searches, they ask questions or use conversational tones.

So, conversational keywords should be part of your SEO strategy for 2023.

If you get this right, you will increase the avenue through which your website could be found by searchers.

Many tech giants, including Google, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung, are optimistic about this trend.

It would be wise to jump on it early and ride the wave as an early bird.

After all, the early bird catches the worm:) Or new voice search seo customers.

Conclusion 5 Evergreen and Emerging SEO Practices to Stay Relevant

SEO is a constantly changing terrain. However, there are evergreen practices that never go out of style. The practices highlighted in this post are just some of them.

So, if you want to witness positive changes in your SEO effort come 2019, implementing some of these strategies will help you stay ahead of the competition.

About the Author

Ali Soudi is the Head of Online Marketing at Be Unique Group, a global digital marketing company with headquarters in Dubai and offices in New York & Georgia.

He is well-versed in helping businesses grow by using innovative and up-to-date marketing trends and techniques.

Born and raised in the UK, he eventually became Google Certified, and Be Unique Group became a Premier Google Partner.

Be Unique aims to utilize the Internet to maximize the client’s profitability and develop business interests in Website Design, PPC Management (Google AdWords), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Management & Advertising.

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