7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs

7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs

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Partnering with telecommunication companies providing affiliate programs provides affiliates with a good chance to make some money online. As things currently stand, close to everyone in the world now has access to a mobile phone. Statistics indicate that the ratio of mobile phones to individuals now stand at close to 1:1. While these figures may be hard to digest; the reality is that this is the situation on the ground.

Look at the United States for instance. Around 95% of the US population now has access to a mobile phone. Of this, 77% of all mobile phone users are smartphone owners. And while tablets and desktop devices are still common, more and more people have opted to shift to smartphones and other portable devices.

These smart devices that are slowly changing how the population communicates with each other and consumes content. Based on these figures alone, it’s clear that affiliates can highly benefit from joining affiliate programs in the telecommunication sector. What makes it even more lucrative is that it has space for cases, gadgets, and phone billing plans. This is before even considering the presence of applications and phone repair services. For a savvy affiliate, there’s so much that one can choose from. Affiliates can niche over and down again and still get to remain with access to a community numbering tens of millions. Below is a look at some of the leading telecommunications affiliate programs.

List Of The 7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs Out There

There’s no limit to what an affiliate can do or engage in when it comes to this particular space. However, the reality is that this is a market that doesn’t lack competition. All the big telco giants are looking to dominate the industry, which is why they have affiliates that can assist to propel them to the top of the line. Leading telco companies with affiliate programs include the following:



Cookie Validity: Sixty Days

While there are many phone carriers in the market, Verizon always seems to get the most praise, both from the media and its clients. This is a company that has repeatedly continued to lock down phone deals as new gadgets hit the market. As such, its clients are always happy with the service on offer. Keep in mind that this carrier also happens to be cheaper compared to its competitors in the market. Network quality also continues to rank high. A look at its affiliate program reveals that affiliates have access to numerous services, accessories, and products that they can easily promote.

With Verizon, you can expect to encounter both vertical and horizontal marketing opportunities. Savvy affiliates will easily be able to transform single sales into good money-makers, especially if they can find a good and reliable audience. Details of the Verizon affiliate program include:

• Full reporting and analytics
• 15% commission on all sales
• Industry-leader
• $115 commission for new service contracts
• $30 commissions for its family share plans and pre-pay service

All in all, if you have been thinking about covering anything related to smartphones and mobile phones, then you might want to consider partnering with Verizon. If you have already partnered with the carrier, you can always rely on the basic referral program to make new introductions. Combining the two will mean more bonuses for you.



While unlimited data is becoming more common in this space, you also have to note that not everybody uses it. Some individuals still prefer to use phone cards, many of which are used for international calls to their friends and loved ones. SpeedyPin aims to satisfy this market. It’s a market leader for people looking to purchase calling cards.

Its affiliate program has also received glowing recommendations from its users. Its details are as follows:

• 2% commission for downline
• 10% recurring
• 10% commission on all new sales

7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs 7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs
7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs 1

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This is a unique affiliate program in that it has nothing to do with mobile phones. VOIPO as the name of the company suggests deals with VOIP services and products. It mainly functions as a web hosting firm and provides various choices, such as reseller, residential, cloud, and business.

Plans offered by VOIPO cover up to twenty-four months of unlimited calls, additional features, shipping, activation, and free adapters. Note that the company deals with both Business to Clients services as well as Business to Business services. You can expect to get access to tons of features that you have already become familiar with, especially when dealing with telco companies, e.g., call history, voicemail, and Caller ID.

Businesses looking to scale up can also benefit from the services on offer. VOIPO details include:

• Return policy and guarantee
• Commission
• High-quality customer service
• Reporting & tracking

Overall, you shouldn’t encounter any major issues when using and promoting this particular service. This service is often described as a “lock-in” service as it’s one that your clients will probably want to keep forever as soon as they have set it up.



Cookie Validity: Forty-five days

You can’t own a smartphone without a case. This is what makes Casetify a great brand to market. The company mainly deals with unique and high-quality case designs. Clients can use existing photos to generate custom cases. Alternatively, they can also choose to select from the tons of designs already submitted by past users, including photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists.

The affiliate program details include:
• Net 20 payment
• Recurring Actions: Up to three
• 10% Commission



Cookie Validity: Thirty Days

This is a blend of AliExpress and Amazon. The company operates as an eCommerce platform supplying thousands of goods, most of which are tech-related. A large percentage of the products supplied by the company are those sourced from mainland China. However, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, not forgetting that it’s also a fun experience.

The majority of the products that are listed on its official website may not be popular among US and European consumers, but they do have competitive specs and cheap prices. The pricing and specs help to make them attractive to interested consumers. Some of the reasons that make this affiliate program an attractive option includes:

• Free gift cards whenever content related to its products gets generated
• 12% commission
• An option to receive free products whenever you post a review

• A pro program where participants receive free products that they can review

Simply put, if you can angle it right, you will be supplied with free products to review. Additionally, the platform aims to run deals daily. These are deals that will surely get your followers fired up and motivated to start buying. Telco related products on offer are not only interesting, but they are also cheaper than what you will find on other websites.

This is an interesting program that affiliates should consider joining. The program is similar to working with Amazon, the only difference being that this company throws products to people randomly who are interested in covering them. It’s something that helps to cut down on the expenses that would have been incurred when reviewing each item. Furthermore, the freebies offered by the company can also be used as part of your giveaway.


7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs 7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs
7 Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs 2

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash


Cookie Validity: Twenty-four hours

Apple expects all its iPhone users to ensure that they have linked their payment details to the official app store account. But not all users want to use the app to buy items. This affiliate program from iTunes has been purposely designed to provide your site visitors with an alternative. With the program, you not only get to rely on the power of the brand (Apple), but you also get to add a whole new set of avenues from books, to apps, and movies to music. Details of the program include:

• 50% one-time for Apple Music
• 2.5 % commission rate



Android users have probably heard of the Affiliaxe affiliate program. It’s a renowned program that deals with mobile games for affiliates using the Android operating system. Affiliates on this platform will find a ton of popular games that they can easily promote through a blend of AM and CPA.

Details for its affiliate program include:
• Affiliate welcome bonuses
• Exclusive to Android systems
• CPI Model


The broad nature of the telecom industry makes it one of the hardest to crack. But this isn’t to mean that it doesn’t have any opportunities. Individuals with tech blogs covering accessories, apps, brand news, and new phones shouldn’t find it hard for to incorporate an affiliate program into their online revenue strategy.

Once you take the time to properly assess your options, the possibility of making money while you sleep becomes very real. When you are at the stage where you are making sales consistently and you are making regular income, you can really expand your business by utilising paid advertising. Google Ads and Social Media advertising are perfect for sending website traffic to the sales mechanisms that already work.

Author Bio: This article was written by Seamus Dunne of Conversation Piece who are a leading player within the telecommunications industry in Ireland. They provide complete communications solutions to small, medium and large sized businesses.

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