Review Is It A Good Traffic Source? ( Scam Or Not )?

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Adfly traffic network my review
Adfly traffic network my review

Thanks for stopping in and reading my review of the traffic network.

Keep reading to see what I discovered on this up and coming traffic source, ways to make money with And the results of my adfly traffic campaigns?

I stumbled on some information about this somewhat newly discovered traffic source almost by accident. I was browsing through a popular internet marketing forum the Warriorforum ( More than likely your familiar with this forum )

I decided to do my own review and see how this low cost traffic stacks up? But first things first if your not familiar with I am going to give you a brief tutorial on this traffic source that is showing up on a lot of internet marketers radar lately.

What Is Exactly? 

Adfly is a free URL shortener service with a twist.. You can make money by sharing your adfly shorted links on the Internet. Sign up fr a free account, shorten your links, and share them any way you wish. Examples Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, yadda, yadda, yadda.

People are then paid $4.00 for every 1,000 visitors to your links lol really! That part is funny to me it will take you a 1,000 visits by people clicking on your links to get a whopping $4.00 dollars wow!You better not think about an early retirement plan marketing for them lol.

I would only use if I was homeless, had an alcohol problem, and was looking for a way to earn money for my next 40 ouncer.  

It’s Miller Time Baby!


Review adfly paid traffic source
Miller Time Baby! Not Miller But You Get The Point!



















In all seriousness adfly does pay, it has a good reputation for paying on time, and you can make a little bit of extra money by promoting their links. It is just not worth my time to use them as a viable way to make money online. Their are too many better ways to earn money online in my opinion.

( If Your Just Looking To Mess Around Online And Make A Few Bucks Adfly Might Be Right Up Your Alley ) That Is For You To Decide!

( So Adfly Is Definitely Not A Scam They Are A Viable Way To Make Money Online They Just Pay Way To Low To Make It Worthwhile In My Opinion.)

Your way better off being an affiliate marketer, starting your own self hosted WordPress blog, signing up for the Google adsense program, and building an email list. That is where the real money is made online.

Oh, and do not forget product creation but that comes later on in the internet marketing process!

With that out of the way their is a much better way to use to make money, build an email list, and maybe even try out a few affiliate links and see if they convert?

My Paid Campaigns
My Paid Campaigns


How Did Paid Traffic Convert My Tests? And How Much Did Advertising With Cost Me?

I ran 3 different campaigns sending traffic to 2 of my squeeze pages.

The first squeeze page I am giving away 18 free internet marketing ebooks. I had 40 opt -in subscribers after the campaign ended. I only spent $9.60 cents so not a bad return on investment if the old saying that every email subscriber you get is worth a $1.oo.

( I advertised Using Worldwide Traffic )

I did not make any affiliate commissions from these opt-ins but I do not see why I cannot down the line. These are after all real people interested in ways to make extra money online if they opted into my email list.

My second Campaign Results

I sent traffic to my squeeze page giving away my 40 plus HD internet marketing video’s. ( Using Worldwide Traffic ) Results:  34 new subscribers and I spent a whopping $5.60 cents that is a pretty good return on investment in anyone’s book.

My Third Traffic Campaign

Again I sent traffic to my squeeze page giving away my 40 plus HD internet marketing video’s. ( Using U.S.A Traffic )

Adfly Results: This one was not that impressive I received 18 optins and I spent $8 dollars. ( Not Bad But I Think The Worldwide Traffic Would Give You The Better Return On Investment )

Final Review Of My Traffic Campaigns:

Based on my tests I would rate this is a pretty good way to advertise, and potentially get a good return on investment.

without spending a fortune on advertising!

Adfly Tip: Make sure you have double optin turned off if you are going to use for a little listbuilding you will get much better results. You can always change it back to double opt-in after your campaigns have ended.


Leave your reviews on below what are your experiences?


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