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Cheap Low Cost Traffic Sources. If you want to earn money online as an affiliate marketer, then you are going to need some cheap low cost traffic sources. Because, like it or not traffic equals money in the increasingly competitive online World.

I am sure you can respectively agree without low-cost targeted traffic, your blog, or website is essentially dead in the water.

No need for the lifeboats. Your online business is going to sink, and no one can save you but yourself.

So what do you do know? You do not have tens of thousands of dollars like the big corporate World to toss at costly pay-per-click methods, or other costly advertising sources.

Your going to have to pull down the hatches and get to work driving free targeted traffic to your website, or blog.

The good news is I am gonna show you a few good traffic-generating techniques to get the ball rolling in your favor.

My Techniques For Cheap Low Cost Traffic

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 1 – If you have not already started an email list than get one up and running A.S.A.P. Internet marketers are not kidding when they say the money is in the list if you have not already heard this popular saying.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 2 – Adswaps or joint venture partners. Once you have an email list built up to about 500 subscribers I would seriously look into adding joint venture partners to your arsenal.

I recommend adswaps to build up your email list a lot faster. An adswap is a technique where you send out a free offer for another Internet marketer to your email list.

In exchange for that marketer sending out a free offer of yours to their email list.

Your subscribers will go up a lot faster, your unique visitors will go up, and you will increase your online earnings a lot faster.

(Tip) Make sure you have a proper thank you page for an affiliate offer in place to monetize your adswaps to the fullest extent. You do not want to leave any money on the table.

Once you have a decent sized email list built up you can email your subscribers whenever you update your blog posts for an instant flood of cheap traffic.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 3: Repeat visitors – Make sure you have a well-thought-out and put-together blog or website. Make your content first class.

This will keep your visitors coming back to read your quality content.

Repeat visitors can very easily turn into repeat buyers. Keep that in mind and provide quality over quantity for your visitors. This will increase your traffic on autopilot.

( I always think of the movie Field Of Dreams and the saying If You Build It They Will Come ) But just don’t build it build it right.

You want the readers who are gonna turn into all star buyers – not just the freebie seekers.

Kevin Costner built it right and he had dead hall of Fame baseball players show up.

Lol now thats what I call building something right! Think of your online business in the same manner.

Cheap Low Cost Traffic Source Number 4 – Optimize Your Content Free SEO – The best kind of search engine traffic is free to search engine traffic that won’t cost you a dime! SEO is low cost hell it’s so low cost it’s free.

You cannot get any better than that right? Do your keyword research and go after low-competition keywords if possible in your niche.

Build quality backlinks to your website, and sprinkle your keywords throughout your text. This is basic SEO in a nutshell.

( Of course there is a lot more to SEO but you get the basic idea to get started ) Proper SEO can bring you free targeted traffic to your sites forever.

Optimize wisely SEO is a great low-cost traffic-generating method.

Here Are Some Cheap Low Cost Traffic Methods That Are Paid But Will Not Break The Bank

U.Sfreeads – Premium membership $10 dollars a month (You get unlimited classifieds post as many as you want with affiliate links which is a big bonus) A featured ad will cost you about $12 bucks for a 2-month listing.

U.S.freeads is a good investment for the low cost.

Backpage – Post various ads in multiple cities in the U.S or throughout the World its your choice. Backpage is an extremely low cost traffic method that can be extremely profitable with the right offer. Cost varies by city but they all are pretty cheap for the most part a few bucks.

Entrecard – This is a low-cost free platform for bloggers that allows you to create and place a 125 by 125 banner on other bloggers blogs.

It can range from a couple of pennies a day up to a dollar for a days advertising depending on the popularity and traffic levels of that particular blog.

Warrior Forum WSO – Very lucrative when done correctly. Cost $40 per WSO.

It used to be $20 dollars but they recently raised the price to get rid of the spammers.

It’s twice the price $40 dollars but your WSO stays up twice as long so keep that in mind.

If you have an offer related to affiliate marketing or Internet marketing, this will be the place to advertise a WSO.

(Tip) I noticed the best time to post a paid WSO is between 10 and 4 pm Central Standard Time.

In the past few days there have been 2000 people at any given time viewing and buying the various WSOs posted in the Waarriorforum.

If you do not have the money for a paid WSO then make a signature link in the Warriorforum control panel after you sign up for a free account.

Then you are gonna want to contribute to the forum either by answering questions, or asking questions.

Either way, it’s a great free traffic source to learn about Internet marketing, and making money online.

Use the Warriorforum to your advantage. I spend a lot of time in this forum it’s great!

For Those Of You Who Have Not Heard Of This Online Forum: The Warriorforum is the most popular Internet marketing forum in the World and their traffic is through the roof. Thousands and thousands of people are in this forum at any given moment.

To Your Online Success Affiliates And Your Traffic Levels Shooting Through The Roof, Jay!

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