Blogger Or WordPress For New Bloggers Who Is Better For Blogging Online?

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Wordpress or free blogger who's better for a newbieBlogger Or WordPress For New Bloggers Who Is Better?

Do not make the same mistake I made and put a lot of time into a blogger blog, if you plan on earning a lot of online money from that particular blog. Especially if your a new affiliate marketer Google is deleting a lot of blogs that do not comply with their terms of service. But the problem is their terms of service can change at the drop of a dime – and if you are not prepared your blogger blog will be deleted with the push of a button. Are you prepared for all your hard work to go down the virtual toilet? I did not think so! Here is what happened to my blogger blog.

Are You Willing To Put Your Online Income In Bloggers Hands?

If you answered no to that question you are a smart marketer congratulations! My blogger blog  was deleted for no real good reason about a month ago and it was getting some great traffic. Alexa ranking 600,000 and shooting down the rankings fast. My blogger blog was a page rank 2 not real impressive, but it would of prob been a 3 or 4 had it not been deleted. 

Why Was My Blogger Blog Deleted My Thoughts?

I believe that Google is trying to get rid of affiliate marketers by weeding out a lot of the make money online blogs, as well as the Internet marketing blogs for starters. Is it right? No its pretty unfair, but that is the risk you take when you put all your eggs in one basket so to speak.  Why put your online money in someone elses hands? Is that smart Internet marketing? Hell no its not! So any newbies reading this blog post take it seriously because I wrote this post for you. At the time I started my blog I was not aware of the risks involved with using a free hosting platform.

Yeah it is free which is great. But if your planning on earning a considerable amount of money online with this blog it is pretty stupid to use Blogger as your main bread winner. One violation and see ya later to all that hard work. Now we have to start all over. You can probably see how this big blow can make you as an affiliate or Internet marketer want to throw in the towel ouch!!!!! TKO’D before I even went the distance.

But thank god I had my blog backed up and was actually anticipating this move due to my friends on the Warrior forum. I was prepared thankfully. I made the mistake of using blogger because I was new to blogging, not Internet marketing. I had my own website but I wanted to give blogger a go, dumb mistake and one I will not make again, trust me!

Why Start A WordPress Self Hosted Blog?

The answer to that question is simple you control your own content point blank. How powerful is that? Now is that smart Internet marketing? You betcha! Now we are all on the same money making page. It will only cost you about $5.00 a month for web hosting I use Hostgator you can check them out here if you want to get your online business up and running today! Is $5.00 measly bucks a month gonna kill you? If it is you have no business trying to start an online home based business. $5.00 is nothing to have a legitimate income coming in from your WordPress blog on a monthly basis. Would you agree with that statement? If you answered yes congratulations you have the brains needed to start building a residual income from the comfort of your own home with your WordPress blog. Here are a few benefits of hosting your own self hosted WordPress blog.

1. You control your content no one else

2. No – One can tell you to follow their terms of service hint hint. You are your own terms of service, you are essentially your own Google. Post what you want, when you want, where you want, you own it. Now that is freedom!

3. If your an affiliate marketer you can post all the affiliate links you want without the fear of your blog getting deleted. Your own self hosted WordPress blog is your own online real estate you hold the title to that property no one else!

4. WordPress has tons of cool widgets, and plugins for you to use to make your blog look like a million bucks! Huge online community with a ton of support.

5.  Nothing says professional like your own domain name on a self hosted WordPress blog. If you at least look professional – you are way more likely for your visitors to trust you, and you will make more money. If your an affiliate this means more commissions  for you the smart Internet marketer.

In Conclusion:

I bounced back fairly quickly from my deleted blogger blog – but I was one of the lucky ones who was prepared. Are you prepared? Blogger is a good free platform if your just using it casually just for fun. But if your serious about earning an online income, you would be a fool not to get some cheap webhosting, and start up your own WordPress blog. Trust me you will thank me later. I am actually glad my blogger blog was deleted in a weird way. I am sitting way prettier now concentrating on what really matters and that is building my online business. Can you see the power in that? I hope this post taught you a lesson newbies. If your in this business for the long haul do it right and start your own self hosted WordPress blog today!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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