JVZoo Academy Review The Truth Revealed

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JVZoo academy review -This is going to be an honest review of Sam Bakkers JVZoo Academy which is the only product that is officially endorsed by JVZoo itself.

The JVZoo Academy review will be getting a ton of publicity because obviously JVZoo endorsed it, and have been literally promoting the heck out of it.

For weeks straight I have seen this product being promoted on the homepage of the JVZoo network.

So why am I qualified to do this review?

Well first off, I bought the JVZoo Academy, and I am going to tell you in this review if I think you should buy it as well.

Secondly, reviews are a big part of this blog and this product is getting mass attention, so i want you to be informed before you make a decision on if you want to buy the JVZoo Academy or not.

So, lets’s get started here.

JVZoo Academy Review Product Info

Let me first start off with the product creator Sam Bakker.

He has made close to $4 million dollars on the JVZoo network both as an affiliate, and product creator.

JVZoo basically approached him since he is one of there top earners to put together a training course that teaches students how he makes so much money with his particular income system.

Since JVZoo has been noticing for quite some time that a small percentage of affiliates make the lions share of the money online.

This leaves a limited pool of qualified affiliate marketers to make money promoting all the great products on the JVZoo affiliate network.

Sort of evening the field a bit in JVZoos eyes.

JVZoo seen it as a win, win, for everyone involved.

So Sam Bakker got to work for a whole 6 months and the JVZoo Academy was born.

Out of wedlock I might add:)

Bad joke I know.

Ok, lets dive into the nuts and bolts of the JVZoo Academy.

After all this is what you will be paying for.


lets get down to business.

The Front End product ( core training ) of the JVZoo Academy is the basics for everything else that you will learn within the JVZoo Academy if you bought the upsells.

( Which i highly recommend and I will tell you why below )

The videos are pretty short but that is to basically guide you on what you will learning inside the p.d.f. ebooks which have a lot of good information inside.

So, my point is do not let the short two minute videos scare you the videos are basically add-ons.

The P.D.F. ebooks which is the core of the front end course is basically what you are paying for.

I went through the ebook training guides top to bottom they had some really good information inside, especially for the low front end price point.

So, my point is do not let the short two minute videos scare you the videos are basically add-ons the ebooks which is the core of the front end course that you are paying for.

Important: When you first login to the JVZoo Academy members area make sure you click the small start here link at the top left corner to access your training material.

This confused me a bit because I kept hitting the wrong step and wondering where the training was at.

Well, I am not Einstein but I figured it out.

Just hit the start here link and you will have access to the front end training.

Remember, everything revolves around the front end training so make sure you start there.

If you purchase the JVZoo Academy upsells work your way forward.

Another thing that i noticed that added a ton of value to the front end course of the JVZoo Academy are the interviews with some of the top JVZoo super affiliate marketers that are included with your purchase.

These top internet marketers are giving you a lot of insight into there multi-million dollar JVZoo affiliate businesses.

Try getting that anywhere for $19.00 bucks.

You will be getting two interviews with the top JVZoo affiliates, as well as 2 interviews with JVZoo top sellers as well.

So 4 interviews in total where you will be getting a look into these internet marketers multi-million dollar yearly internet marketing businesses.

( Big Names In The Interviews That You Will Learn From. )

Michael Cheney, Luke Maguire, Brad Stephens, Danny & Kimberly De Vries, and Brett Rutecky.

( See the sales page for the JVZoo Academy Review  To Learn more about these top internet marketers. )

Not bad for $19 bucks:)

These interviews are really good, I will leave it at that.

I also highly recommend that if you are going to buy the front end training splurge a bit and definitely get the first upsell if not all of them to get the most out of this course.

I look at anything that I do online as an investment.

If i spend a few hundred bucks for example can my investment make me a lot more money than I spend?

That is always the question that I ask myself before i buy anything.

If the answer is yes then I won’t hesitate to buy that product, whatever it may be.

Recently, I picked up Michael Cheneys 7 Figure Franchise because although it was expensive, it was a good investment.

Everything was done for me and I could make $1,000 commissions on the backend.

Sweet deal.

You get the point:)

I could make a lot more money than you spend, I see it as an investment, and will hit the buy now button.

So, the upsells add a tremendous amount of value to the front end training.

My Point: If you can afford it buy it.

Consider it an investment.

If not stick with the core product at least to get some value from the training.

JVZoo Academy Review – The Basic Rundown Of What Is Inside The Front End Products Of The JVZoo Academy

There are three core parts to the main product the JVZoo Academy.

  1.  The system –  This is basically going to be your gameplan layed out step by step on how to make money with the JVZoo affiliate network. The creators spent a long time putting this together in easy to understand format for you. Remember the ebooks P.D.F.’s I was talking about? This is your starting point.
  2.  The JVZoo Selling Formula –  This training is all about creating your own products. The creator of the course Sam Bakker is a software developer that has made millions selling his own products on the JVZoo network. He shows you how to create your own products in easy to understand English. P.S. You do not need to be a software developer to create your own info products trust me:) He shows you how to do it even if you have no experience.
  3.  Evergreen Commissions – Sam Bakker is taking you behind the scenes and he states that everything starts with your first sale online. Which I can vouch for myself:) Once you get one you can ramp everything up. Anyhow, he shows you how to find $100 and up JVZoo products to promote that are evergreen in nature that you can make money from year round. He will also show you how to be consistent with your affiliate earnings, and how and why you should build an email list etc….

JVZoo Academy Review – What Are The Upsells Of The JVZoo Academy?

Upsell 1:  $47.00m/ $197.00 one time fee. The first upsell is a 60 day action plan complete with a daily video to keep your ass on track:) tells you what you should be doing daily to build your online business. This is just like having your personal affiliate marketing coach or mentor without spending a fortune.

Upsell 2: $197.00 one time fee Sam Bakker is offering a 60 day super master class.

Upsell 3: JVZoo coaching that the product creator has never offered before.

*This will really kick your butt into high gear and show you exactly what you should be doing to make money online as a JVZoo affiliate marketer*

JVZoo Academy Review – Here Are A Few JVZoo Academy Killer Bonuses And One Exclusive To This Blog That You Are Going To Love.

How about I add my own affiliate marketing training products for free for anyone who purchases the JVZoo Academy through any link on this blog post you will get my 35 step by step tutorial videos free of charge.

Here is the salespage to give you an idea of what you will be getting: http://helpingusucceed.myproduct.store/salespage/92/

I will also give you access to all my free affiliate marketing training guides and everything on my site as well if you buy at least the first upsell.

You can check that out here as well: http://helpingusucceed.myproduct.store/

You can pick up the JVZoo Academy and all my bonuses by clicking the link directly below.

Keep in mind you will also be getting all the sweet bonuses from the product vendor Sam Bakker as well that you will see on the salespage.

To Grab The JVZoo Academy And All The Bonuses Click Here.

  • To get access to all my ebooks and everything on my site send an email to affiliatelessons@jaysonlinereviews.com and I will set you up.
  • You automatically get access to my 35 how to affiliate marketing training videos after you make the purchase of the JVZoo Academy.

My Final JVZoo Academy Review Of Sam Bakkers JVZoo Top Seller

5 stars from me – This perfect rating is based on all the upsells as a whole.

The front end product I would give a 4 star review.

Not perfect, but a very good buy for the low price.

You will get the most out of your investment by investing in the upsells that is where the really good learning material is going to be.

Highly recommended affiliate marketing training complete with coaching, 60 day action plans, and killer software to get you up and running to start making money on the JVZoo affiliate network, or any other affiliate network for that matter.

Pick it up you’ll like what you learn inside, and it’s very affordable even with all the upsells.

I hope you enjoyed my JVZoo academy review:)


JVZoo Academy Real Honest Review From Buyer
JVZoo Academy Review Bonuses
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