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JVZoo Affiliates Earn Up To $291 Dollars Per Sale Promoting The First Ever Affiliate Marketing Training Course That Shows You The Ins And Outs On How To Make Money Online As A JVZoo Affiliate. The First Ever Officially Endorsed By JVZoo Training Academy.

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JVZoo Academy JVZoo JV Affiliate Page

JVZoo Academy Main Product Price Points And Upsells: Core product $17.00 dollars on launch week

JVZoo Academy Upsell 1: $47m/$197 one time fee

JVZoo Academy Upsell 2: $97.00

JVZoo Academy Upsell 3: $197.00

Potential Earnings Per Sale: JVZoo academy jvs and affiliates can potentially earn up to $291.00 per sale

JVZoo Launch Date And Time JVZoo Academy: Launches May 9th 2017 at 11 am eastern time

JVZoo Academy Evergreen? The JVZoo Academy is an evergreen product that you can promote year round.

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JVZoo Academy Product Creator: Sam Bakker

JVZoo Academy Affiliate Manager: Sam Robinson

About The JVZoo Academy And Why The JVZoo Academy Was Created?

JVZoo approached Sam Bakker becuase he makes $3 million dollars a year online as a top JVZoo vendor and affiliate to teach affiliates what he does on a daily and yearly basis to bring in that kind of money.

The problem JVZoo was noticing is there is a limited amount of qualified, good affiliates who can sell the products effectively on JVZoo.

Most of the affiliate sales are from a small base of affiliates who know what they are doing, and they are making the majority of the money online.

JVZoo approached Sam Bakker to change that.

They wanted Sam Bakker do to his continuous success on the JVZoo network to teach people exactly how to sell affiliate products successfully, and how to create JVZoo products effectively to add to the network.

This is a win for JVZoo, and a big win for anyone who buys the JVZoo academy and follows Sam Bakekrs training.

JVZoo Academy Income Systm Training A Brief Overview Of What You Will Learn

Sam Bakker created a step by step blueprint showing you everything that he does that made him a 7 figure internet marketer over the past 3 years.

Sam Bakker holds nothing back,  the JVZoo Academy offers countless case studies, community based support, and countless case studies from his students showing how much success that they are having after going through the JVZoo Academy training.

The JVZoo academy is a membership-style programthat lets students learn at there own pace, and the students also benefit from monthly updates from Sam Bakker himself…

Important: During the initial launch of the JVZoo academy students who join will not have to pay a monthly recurring fee for the front end training.

JVZoo academy also includes how to Video training, downloadable pdf training books, plus Sam Bakkers personal step by step work processes and cheat sheets all included.

This is the JVZoo Academy everything is in step by step easy to understand format that even the most computer illiterate people will understand and be able to implement.

  • The JVZoo Academy will show students how Sam Bakker earned 3 million dollars last year alone by creating his own digital products.
  • How Sam Bakker generated $1.2 million dollars by promoting other peoples products and services as an affiliate marketer… And how Sam Bakker has paid out over a million bucks in 2016 to the affiliates of his products.

Because this is the very first training product that is endorsed by JVZoo, The JVZoo academy is going to get an enormous amount of exposure.

By getting on board early and having your affiliate link cookied-in, you’ll benefit DIRECTLY from all that exposure as we convert your subscribers into paying customers FOR you.

JVZoo Academy Official JV Affiliate Tools Page Click Here

JVZoo Academy Buy Now Link Click Here




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