Leadpages Review [2022]

Leadpages Review [2023] Will Leadpages Skyrocket Your Websites Conversions?

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Welcome to my Leadpages Review 2022 – Build Leadpages, Landing Pages, Exit Popups, websites, alert bars, and much more…

Find out the important answers to your questions inside my leadpages review for 2022, as I answer the important question you may be asking yourself.

Do I need leadpages? Will leadpages skyrocket my leads and conversions? Is leadpages worth my hard-earned money? Is leadpages better than clickfunnels and the competition at generating leads for the cost?

join me, and see my full must-read leadpages review for 2022 and see what I think as a paying customer of leadpages.

Leadpages Review 2022 Do I Need Leadpages?

I finally wanted to up my email marketing game and invest in a professional leadpages – landing page creation service for both my websites @ my pay-per-click advertising campaigns that I am running on the Bing advertising network.

I am starting to really up my game when it comes to paid advertising so I needed professional landing pages with proven templates that are customizable obviously.

To not only collect leads for my personal assets like my handful of blogs that I run.


My main goal for purchasing leadpages was.

To create high converting leadpages for the pay-per-click advertising that I am doing currently on the Bing advertising network.

The better that your leadpages convert into actual email leads.

The more sales you and your business are able to generate.

Leadpages has tons of templates in all different niches that are tested to convert before they are released for their customers to use for their own businesses and lead generation purposes.

I created a few different leadpages that are converting at close to 50 percent on the bing advertising network.

[ When I target the right keywords obviously ]

You can check it out by clicking here if you want a free affiliate marketing training course + some other free courses for affiliate marketers.

I also created another leadpages capture page that is converting even better than the first one I mentioned above.

My 2nd leadpages capture page is based around a free webinar that shows you how my mystery guest is making $1,000’s per day sending email leads to a 2-page website, and sending out simple emails to those same email leads. You can check that out here if interested.

These are simple lead pages that are converting well for me.

( obviously, the leadpages that you create for you and your business for whatever niche that you are in will be different )

Back to my leadpages high conversion rate;

This is huge!

Because if you have not noticed pay per click advertising costs have shot through the roof in the last few years.

So, it is vital that your lead pages or landing pages convert your visitors into email leads at a much higher rate.

To keep your advertising costs down and your r.o.i. up from the ads that you are running if you are doing paid advertising of any sort.

This is what leadpages has been able to accomplish for me thus far making it a great investment for me and my business in the age of high advertising costs.

Moving on;

You Can Click Here For Leadpages Review Free 14-Day Trial To Try Them Out

Let’s see why I chose leadpages over the other top landing page + lead generation companies that are out there for businesses looking to increase their email subscribers + profits in 2021 and well into the future..

Leadpages Review 2022 – Why I Chose Leadpages Over The Other Top Lead Generation Companies Out There?

I looked at all the top competitors of Leadpages like Unbounce, click funnels, optimizepress, and instapage.

Just to name a few of leadpages well-known competitors.

They were either too expensive for what I needed like Clickfunnels, or they did not have enough done for you templates or features that I was looking for.

I know how to build email funnels myself being an internet marketer for years and being an Aweber customer for 12 plus years I have a nice high converting funnel in place already that I put together myself.


I personally have no need to pay almost $100 a month and go up from there for clickfunnels.

It may be worth it for your particular situation but for me, leadpages had more than enough features for my business’s needs.

As far as the other competitors goes like optimizepress it is only for self-hosted WordPress blogs, which I do operate, but I do not want anything server-heavy running on my WordPress sites.

I wanted a standalone service that can be used outside my blog + with my blog if I change my mind in the future leadpages does have a WordPress plugin as well which is a cool option if you choose to use it.

Compared to all the competitors leadpages was pretty reasonable in price and had all the features that I wanted and more, that I why I chose leadpages over the competition.

Moving on with my Leadpages review for 2022;

Leadpages Review 2022 – How Much Does Leadpages Cost?

Leadpages has a free trial for 14 days to try out their services which I took advantage of myself.

After your 14 day trial here is leadpages prices depending on the plan that you choose.

Leadpages offers monthly and yearly plans.

Obviously, if you pay for the whole year upfront after your free trial you will save some serious money.

You can also pay on a monthly basis if you so choose but the prices are a bit higher than paying for the whole year upfront.


That decision will fall onto you the route you want to take.

Ok; here are leadpages monthly prices.

Leadpages Review [2023] Will Leadpages Skyrocket Your Websites Conversions? Product Reviews
Leadpages Pricing Plans Which Leadpages Plan Is Right For You?

Leadpages Standard Package:

This is the package that I went with and it is $37.00 per month if you are paying monthly and if you pay for the whole year upfront leadpages will only cost you $25 per month or $300 per year.

This is what I did.

The Leadpages Pro Plan:

The leadpages pro plan starts at $79 per month if paying on a monthly basis and the price drops a whopping $31 dollars per month if you choose to pay for this option on a yearly basis the price is $48 per month just times that by 12 for your yearly cost.

And for you ballers + big businesses out there who need all the bells and whistles and all the options, the advanced leadpages plan will run you $321 per month if paid on a monthly basis and only $199 a month if you pay for the whole year upfront saving you $122 per month.

kind of a no-brainer.

I am not going to go through all the bells and whistles of each package that leadpages offers because I do not want this leadpages review to get too long and you can obviously compare the packages yourself by clicking on the leadpages 14-day free trial link above.

Leadpages has a nice rundown of all the different features and bells and whistles that each plan includes.

So, you can choose the best leadpages plan for you and your business’s needs.

Does Leadpages Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Leadpages lets you try their lead generation services and build your own leadpages free for 14 days to see if you like their services before you are charged. [ As discussed above ]

You can click here for Leadpages Free 14-Day Trial To Try Them Out For Yourself

Leadpages Review 2022 Do I Need Leadpages To Increase Leads + Conversions?

Yes, you definitely need Leadpages if you want to increase your business and generate a lot more email marketing leads for your business.

I did a lot of research looking at every single one of the top landing page – lead generation companies that are out there which I reviewed earlier in this leadpages review.

Where I let you know why I think leadpages is the best tool for the job at the best price for all your lead generation needs.

Who Leadpages Is Perfect For?

Leadpages is perfect for affiliate marketers who want to quickly and easily build high converting lead and landing pages [ complete with analytics to show you how well your lead pages are converting ]

Leadpages is also perfect for anyone that runs a WordPress blog who wants to integrate high converting popups, and exit popups to increase leads from the free traffic that your blog generates.

Leadpages is also perfect for any business small to large that wants to save time and money with a wide array of templates that are proven to convert, before they are released to Leadpages customers, to use and modify for your particular business freely.

No matter what niche your business is in chances are leadpages will have you covered.

Leadpages is all about improving customers conversions, saving customers time, and giving leadpages customers a wide array of templates to make your business more money in the most efficient way possible.

What Leadpages Package I Chose And What Leadpages Package Is The Best Investment For The Money?

For affiliate marketers and solopreneurs, the standard plan leadpages offers is the best bang for the buck in my opinion.

For anyone else that has employees, digital marketing agencies, or mid to even large-sized companies searching for the perfect lead generation company I would go with the pro plan or the advanced leadpages plan.

[ Depending on your personal needs obviously ]

Is Leadpages Better Than Clickfunnels?

I would not say leadpages is necessarily better than Clickfunnels, but it is for the money and my particular needs.

If you do not care about the money, you need to build high converting funnels as well as leadpages, landing pages, and all the other bells and whistles.

Then Clickfunnels would be a better bet in that particular situation.


If you do not need to create email marketing funnels and prefer to keep things simpler, while keeping conversions sky high, then leadpages will have everything you need and more to make that happen, and save you a lot of money over click funnels in the process.

It all depends on what you need leadpages or clickfunnels for.

Like I said above previously in this leadpages review I know how to create high converting email marketing funnels because I have been an internet marketer for 13 plus years.

You may or may not have these vital skills.

So, it all boils down to what you need to maximize your leads, sales, and conversions for your business.

What Are Leadpages Main Features?

Leadpages is the leading lead generation tool in the marketplace for businesses and solopreneurs Worldwide looking to increase their email leads, and sales.

So, if you do choose leadpages this is a well-established company that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Leadpages is in it to win it for the long haul baaaaaabbbbbbbyyyy!

So, you can sleep easier knowing your assets wont disappear overnight, with a shady lead generation company with an unproven track record.

Here is a screenshot of leadpages different plans and features included with each plan that leadpages offers below.

Leadpages Review [2023] Will Leadpages Skyrocket Your Websites Conversions? Product Reviews
Leadpages plan comparison screenshot click here to see fullscreen

Can You Build A Website With Leadpages?

Yes, you can actually build simple or even advanced websites to direct your traffic to sell your products and services.

And most importantly collect email leads and convert those email leads into paying customers for your business.

If you so choose!

It is called leadpages after all:)

My Final Leadpages Review For 2022

I would give leadpages 4.5 out of 5 stars for my final leadpages review based on my personal experience as a leadpages customer.

One thing I do not like about leadpages is some features are a little confusing.

Just little things that could be better set up better in the leadpage creation process, but nothing major.

This is when you are creating your personalized leadpages when you are logged into your leadpages account.

But no major complaints.

Which is good!

Overall, leadpages is pretty damn easy to use!

I had my first leadpage setup in a few hours after I figured out all the functions, chose a leadpages template, etc…

I am loving leadpages so far so my review is positive + I am getting more leads than ever before for my business.

This is why I bought a leadpages plan in the first place.

So, job well done on that end.


Moving on;

I hope you enjoyed my leadpages review for 2022, and my personal experience being a customer of Leadpages.

And I hope answered the potential questions that you are probably asking yourself before you consider giving leadpages a try to boost your business.

I am curious for my readers out there who just read my leadpages review.

Are you considering leadpages?

Are you a current customer of leadpages and want to give your review on the service?

Has your business and lead generation increased using leadpages for your business?

Leave your questions and reviews of leadpages in the FB comments section below.

P.S. You can also see one of my leadpages exit popups that I created when you leave this awesome blog:)

Feel free to sign up for my email list

I have some good free stuff I am giving away, and some excellent info that you can learn from, and apply to your online business.

I hope you enjoyed my leadpages review for 2022, I will see you in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it.

You Can Click Here For Leadpages Free 14-Day Trial To Try Leadpages Out For Yourself

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