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How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023]

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Find out in this Q+A tutorial the answer to your question of how much does a landing page cost? You will also learn all about the factors that contribute to the price of a quality landing page.

Landing pages are single-page websites with particular goals, such as advertising a product or encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. They serve as interactive web flyers or business cards for you or your company.

The purchasing decisions of your target market are heavily influenced by the landing page of your PPC campaign. Because of this, companies spend money designing their PPC landing pages in an effort to produce the greatest and highest converting landing page possible.

However, how much does a landing page cost? To answer your question, we have created this Q and A guide where you will learn all about the factors that can influence the cost of a quality landing page, along with the best landing page builders.

So, let’s dive in and get started learning all about landing page costs inside this helpful article.

How much does a landing page cost? Costs And Pricing Of Various Landing Page Services.
How much does a landing page cost? Different costs and pricing models of various types of landing pages and services.

How Much Does a Landing Page Cost?

The price of designing an effective landing page can range from $75 to $3000 or above, depending on a number of variables, including the designer you choose. While agency prices can run from $1400 to $3200, freelance landing page layouts can cost anywhere between $100 and $2000 per project.

However, the cost of developing a good landing page is worth the money. Businesses typically make $3 for every $1.60 invested in Google Ads. PPC management and/or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are excellent ways for your company to generate high-quality leads that turn into sales.

Additionally, you need to develop landing pages that pique the interest of your audience if you want your PPC campaign to succeed. Many successful business owners attribute 60 to 70 percent or more of their profits to their websites and landing pages. Many new business owners are curious to learn how much a landing page costs because landing pages continue to generate a lot of revenue for business owners for many years into the future.

Many believe that building landing pages is far less expensive than building websites. To provide a price quote, web developers need a rough time estimate. What is the approximate time required to construct a landing page? It may take longer to create a landing page than it does to build a website. In all honesty, landing page costs fluctuate because of a number of things.

From the most affordable to the free solutions for constructing landing pages, we will cover them all in this article. Along with outlining each option’s benefits and drawbacks, we’ll also assist you in making judgments based on your financial situation.

Factors that Influence Landing Page Costs

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
Factors That Influence The Costs Of Landing Pages

No one can state a standard amount for how much a landing page cost since the value tends to vary due to multiple factors. Some of these factors are mentioned as follows:

Landing Page Builder

When it comes to building your landing page, you usually have a range of options to choose from. The most common choices are:

An In-House Designer

You could always design your landing pages internally. The landing pages for your PPC ads will therefore be made by you or a department member.

There are several fees involved with this. Paying internal staff members costs money, and you may also have to pay for the software used to make the landing pages. When choosing the person you want to develop your landing pages, it’s crucial to take these two things into account.

You can spend anywhere between $90 and $575 a month on landing pages if you work with a well-known landing page designer. In addition to paying staff to design your landing pages, you will also pay this sum.

PPC Landing Page Agency

You also have the choice to work with a PPC firm with expertise in landing page design. A team of professionals will be available to you when you hire a landing page design business to assist you in creating and maintaining your landing pages.

You can access a wealth of tools and professionals when working with a landing page design business. But all of this has a price. Based on the number and depth of landing pages required, landing page services might cost between $1400 and $3200.

However, the expense is justified when working with a premier firm like WebFX. You’ll always have someone checking on the performance of your landing pages if you have a team of experts engaged in your campaigns. They can also help you improve your landing pages for better performance.

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost When You Are Hiring a Freelancer?

You can also work with independent contractors. These individuals can assist you in creating PPC landing pages and have design knowledge. Freelancers are paid either per project or per hour.

Freelancers often charge between $100 to $2000 per job, but you should budget at least $300 for a good landing page. You can anticipate paying this sum each time you need a landing page to be generated.

The major disadvantage of freelancers is that you have to contact them whenever you want to add new pages or update an aspect of your landing pages. For the pages to produce the optimum results, you will need to check on them continuously.

You must ensure freelancers can complete your landing page designs efficiently because some have restricted resources.

Different Types of Landing Pages And Cost?

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
Different Types of Landing Pages And Cost?

The price point will be significantly influenced by the depth of landing pages you develop. You must choose how much content and functionality your landing page needs.

A Simple Landing Page Cost

The answer to how much a landing page costs can be pretty reasonable if you decide to design a simple and basic landing page. Simple landing pages don’t need to be complicated or have intricate features that take a long time to incorporate.

They frequently have simplistic designs, conversion rate tracking tools, and basic features like responsive web design. For a straightforward landing page design, you should budget about $1400 if you work with a digital marketing agency.

Intricate Landing Pages And Costs

You might anticipate paying more money if your landing pages need additional features and sophisticated aesthetics. Features like videos or animated graphics require time to develop. You must consider this when setting a budget for your PPC landing pages.

Plans for complicated landing pages usually include copywriting, special features like thank you/confirmation pages, layouts, landing page coding, and approaches to integrating unique selling points. Your landing pages will likely produce better results with the help of these extra features.

These features will be more expensive if you design your landing pages or employ freelancers. However, some of these characteristics can already be included in your landing page if you employ a landing page design business.

Wondering how much does a landing page cost if it’s complicated? Hiring a digital marketing firm will cost you between $2500 and $3200 for intricate landing page designs.

Personalized Landing Pages Costs

How much does a landing page cost also depends on if you’d like any customized details on your landing page. The degree of customization on your page is a crucial element. You can choose to use a template or commission a custom design when creating the landing pages for your project.

Templates are often inexpensive, and some are even free. The majority of freelancers and in-house advertisers will employ templates because they are quick and effective.

But if you want your campaign to have more impact, a personalized landing page will help you do that. It will enable you to make a distinct landing page and is intended to increase conversions.

Because it necessitates the integration of special and extra features, a customized landing page may result in additional charges.

Your Competitors

Other businesses will be vying for the same ad position as your company when you conduct a PPC advertising campaign. Long-tail keywords face comparatively lesser competition, even though short-tail keywords, or those with only one or two terms, often face greater rivalry.

Long-tail keywords are extremely specific and typically have three or more words. Fewer businesses bid on these keywords because they are more particular, yet they can still be competitive.

Additionally, some industries have more keyword competition. Due to bidding battles, the automobile and legal industries sometimes have high CPCs.

The cost per click (CPC) may increase if you and some of your rivals compete for the same keywords, particularly if both ads are pertinent and have a high-quality score. It can force you into competition with rivals for the top rank.

How much does a landing page cost also depends on this. You might need to boost your budget if this occurs. You want to acquire as many clicks as you can for your budget, but placing a high price per click can limit your ability to do so. If you have to increase your budget to cover the price of more clicks, this could result in more costs for your company.

PPC Campaigns

Many businesses run multiple PPC campaigns. You could want to highlight several goods or services in PPC advertisements.

For PPC advertising to produce the best results for your company, it must remain intensely targeted. Multiple products shouldn’t be highlighted on your landing page because they won’t produce the best outcomes. It’s preferable to limit yourself to one product or service in each advertisement, which necessitates the use of numerous campaigns.

Running several PPC advertisements will increase the cost of your campaign. If you want to see a lot of clicks on your PPC advertisements, you must set aside more money in your budget if you are concerned about how much does a landing page cost. Additionally, you can incur further expenses if you hire someone to manage your PPC campaign for you.

Cost of Typical Landing Pages by Software

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] 1

Non-technical users can launch web pages created to direct visitors to a certain conversion objective thanks to landing page builders. Here are some of the best landing pages building software and their pricing:


In 2022, many landing page builders are available, but Unbounce stands out since it is a platform solely focused on driving conversions. Building landing pages is all about turning visitors into customers and leads, and Unbounce was created with this goal in mind.

Unlimited A/B testing, a vital tool for conversion optimization, is included with Unbounce. It also includes built-in capabilities like pop-ups, sticky bars, and AI optimization features intended to grab more leads.

The following three core Unbounce plans provide you access to the majority of their features and give you an insight into how much does a landing page cost.

  • Essential Unbounce Plan Costs: $79 per month
  • Premium Unbounce Plan Costs: $159 per month
  • Enterprise Unbounce Plan Costs: $399+ per month

As you’ve seen, prices start at $79 per month, with the main distinction being the number of landing pages and pop-ups you anticipate producing. You receive a good cap of 75 landing pages and eight sticky bars on the Essential plan, which will be enough for some smaller firms.

I should also mention a ceiling of 500,000 monthly unique viewers for both the Essential and Premium versions. The Essential plan supports neither AMP landing pages nor some of the more sophisticated pop-up targeting settings. Technical features like audit logs, devoted support, and page migration are only available with the Enterprise plan.

However, Unbounce offers most of its features to users on any subscription, which is always excellent to see from a software vendor.

Unbounce is a great software overall, and it has many positive attributes. However, there is always a potential for improvement. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform that I have personally discovered.

Pros of Unbounce:

  • Create and publish landing pages quickly.
  • Excellent templates and other sources like ThemeForest for more themes.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • The split-testing feature works well.

Cons of Unbounce:

  • Key functionalities are missing from the form builder
  • Existing landing pages made by third parties outside Unbounce cannot be split-tested.
How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
Prices and Costs of Popular Landing Page Creator Software Companies.


Carrd is a website builder that creates completely responsive, one-page websites. You can design a website that looks professional in a very short amount of time with very little work. There are more than 75 templates available for you to pick from, so you can almost certainly find something that matches your style.

It’s quite simple to use the editor. For your website, you can only design and publish one page. So you should check out any other landing page builder if you want to create a bigger, multi-page website.

If you have a low budget and are wondering how much does a landing page cost, read what’s next: The most basic Carrd plan is free, but there is also a cheap yearly plan that costs under $20 and comes with a custom domain, the option to add a PayPal button, and extra storage so that you can post larger photographs and videos.

If you need assistance in the middle of the build, there is a vast library of how-tos with detailed instructions for fixing most problems. And if that doesn’t solve your issue, the customer service staff can respond to your inquiries.

In my opinion, Carrd is fantastic. It is worth your consideration if you’re searching for a simplified, minimal effort/maximum output, solo landing page builder.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Elegant and current templates.
  • Affordably priced.


  • Limited design options.
  • Limited e-commerce capabilities.


ConvertKit is the best choice if you want to use a landing page to start an email newsletter. Convertkit’s ability to get you started for nothing is something I admire. This enables you to expand your email list and become accustomed to Convertkit’s user interface. Up to 1,000 subscribers can be added to your ConvertKit account without spending a penny or even providing your credit card information. 

I must admit that the free version is more constrained than the pro version. The free version allows you to:

  • Ingenious opt-in forms
  • Get a 1,000-member audience
  • Send out newsletter emails

For a free tool, this software is fantastic! You can always upgrade when you gain more than 1,000 members! But if you are concerned about how much does a landing page cost with ConvertKit, the software offers two Pro Plans whose cost depends on how many members you have on your list.

The Creator Plan Costs – $29 per month

You get all the features necessary to automate and expand your email list with the creator plan. You can transmit automatic sequences, which is different from the free plan. That is a fantastic approach to monetizing your database while benefiting your members automatically.

There can be no more than 1,000 subscribers for the $29 monthly fee. This sum is applied when you want to pay monthly rather than yearly. Two months are free when you pay annually. You will be automatically charged the new cost as you get bigger.

The Creator Pro Plan Costs – $59 per month

Convertkit’s Creator Pro package gives you access to comprehensive reporting, the Referral System, Subscriber Scoring, and the ability to build personalized Facebook audiences. The Creator Pro Plan is ideal for those that use Facebook ads.

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] 2

#1 Pick For The Best Low-Cost Landing Page Creator Leadpages

Now, let’s talk about my favorite landing page builder! When compared to competitors like Unbounce, Leadpages offers an alluring combination of reasonable prices, reliable features, and a good selection of landing page layouts. Leadpages is among the most well-liked landing page builders for small and medium-sized enterprises.

There are three packages offered by Leadpages: Standard for startups, Pro for expanding enterprises, and Advanced for companies. Although there isn’t a choice for enterprise branding, this platform isn’t meant for bigger companies.

Leadpages offers three alternative payment options: monthly, yearly, and over the course of two years. Each option has a lower corresponding price. Wondering how much does a landing page cost with Leadpages? The pricing of the three plans is mentioned below:

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
Leadpages templates picture of various landing page templates and resources..

Leadpages offers unrestricted traffic regardless of the version you use, which is a significant competitive advantage. For instance, Unbounce only allows 500,000 unique visits each month; if you want more than that, you must upgrade to the enterprise edition.

With Leadpages, this restriction is removed, which is wonderful if a lot of traffic is going to your website. However, a small percentage of the small businesses that Leadpages is focusing on will actually attract more than 500,000 unique visitors each month.

In my opinion, Leadpages is a great option for creating compelling landing pages, especially for small business owners!

P.S. How much does a landing page cost? The good news for you is there is a 14-day free trial with Leadpages so you can try it before you buy by clicking on one of the links above.

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] 3

Prices and Costs of Popular Landing Page Creator SAAS Companies

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? You Asked, We Answered In-Depth [2023] how much does a landing page cost
Prices and Costs of Popular Landing Page Creator SAAS Companies

Your SaaS marketing plan must include landing pages. Here are a few landing page builders for SaaS businesses and their prices.


The world’s most cutting-edge landing page platform, Instapage enables digital advertisers to produce more effective and relevant advertising by making it simple to construct landing pages optimized for conversion in a matter of minutes.

Marketing professionals can increase conversions with Instapage by designing, customizing, and optimizing landing pages at scale, automatically tying advertising to relevant post-click pages, and providing information to encourage the greatest development from digital ad campaigns.

There are just two pricing options for Instapage, which will make answering the question of how much does a landing page cost simpler.

Building Plan Costs – $299 per month

Unlimited conversions, 30,000 monthly unique visits, 30 posted landing page experiences, five workspaces, and 5 team members are all included in the $299.00 Instapage Building plan.

Converting Plan Costs – $599 per month

The Instapage Converting plan, on the other hand, starts at $599.00 per month and includes a minimum of 100 pages, 100,000 distinct monthly visits, and their whole feature library for conversions. The quantity of various features allotted each month differs significantly amongst the programs.

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages features a reliable landing page builder like all other applications on this list. You begin with a template, edit it according to your requirements using a simple drag-and-drop builder, and then direct visitors to your CTA, which could be to subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase.

A/B testing, vibrant text replacement, and all the other features we’d anticipate from a top landing page building app are available on higher plans.

Previously offered as a Lifetime package, Swipe Pages is now offered as a subscription plan. The Swipe Pages pricing tiers are listed below:

  • Startup Plan Costs – $29 per month
  • Marketing Plan Costs- $59 per month
  • Agency Plan Costs – $119 per month

You can build 1 custom domain with its Startup plan, which costs $29/month and supports traffic of up to 20,000 unique visitors. Because the annual plans are up to 40% less expensive than its monthly packages, I would advise you to choose them.

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost? My Final Review and Summary

In conclusion, the money you have set aside, your goals, opportunities, and preferences about the terms of development all have a direct impact on how much does a landing page cost. It is preferable to commission the creation of a landing page or multiple landing pages from a web studio or a reliable freelancer if you require them for long-term sales.

It will be advisable to start in test mode to observe how things function before you engage if you have no prior knowledge but still want to develop a landing page. Use site builders or cost-free templates to achieve this. You can upgrade to a premium plan and build your internet presence once you’ve had enough practice and time.

Landing Page Pricing And Landing Page Conversion Tips From One Of The Best Internet Marketers On The Planet Neil Patel.
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