New Einstein AI Innovations Makes Email Marketing Smarter

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New Einstein AI Innovations Makes Email Marketing Smarter ai email

New Einstein AI Innovations Make Email Marketing Smarter In today’s tech-savvy world, it is possible that marketers can overlook email marketing when it has a wide range of other promotional mediums and platforms such as social media, influencer marketing, and more. However, they must always remember that email marketing campaigns are cost-effective solutions that give marketers and businesses the “extended” power to reach the target audience in a place where they’re most likely to visit and every day – their inbox. This is just one of the reasons why Salesforce, the world’s number 1 customer relationship management (CRM) organization, announced new Einstein AI enhancements to its Marketing Cloud.

The Einstein AI enhancements were announced with a predefined purpose to empower organizations, small or big, across the world to increase customer engagement with relevant, engaging, and powerful email marketing messages. One of the biggest reasons why Salesforce went with this decision can be attributed to the fact that the latest *State of the Connected Customer <>* report revealed that as much as 64 percent of customers prefer email communication over other forms of digital communications such as social media and media. The best thing generally is that organizations that invest $1 in email marketing earn a return of $42.

Before we read about how the new Einstein AI innovations have made email marketing smarter for individuals and organizations, let us first find out what makes Salesforce an industry leader and why you should choose Salesforce for your email marketing campaigns.

What Makes Salesforce The Industry Leader?

A leader in marketing automation, Salesforce is the preferred email service provider for thousands of organizations worldwide. Salesforce sent about 20.6 billion emails during Cyber Week 2018 (the busiest time of the year for retailers) on behalf of its customers. Furthermore, the world’s most preferred CRM giant powered 22.8 billion Einstein engagement like product recommendations within mobile and email messages.

All in all, it does make sense for every profit-driven organization, irrespective of its size of operations or line of business, to choose Salesforce not just for its massive presence across the industry but also because of its wide range of customer-centric products, services, and capabilities.

Today, Salesforce through Artificial Intelligence has come up with an innovative way of communication strategy management. It is empowering marketers to precisely, comprehensively, and accurately identify the exact number of electronic messages to be sent to the target audience based on their interactions in the past.

Latest Einstein AI Innovations

*Einstein Send Time Optimization*: Identifying the best time to send emails to the target audience carries equal significance as knowing how many emails should be sent every day. Artificial Intelligence is leveraged by Einstein Send Time Optimization for estimating the best time to send personalized electronic emails. This proves advantageous to accurately measure and optimize consumer engagement and minimizing the number of customers unsubscribing from the mailing lists.

*Einstein Engagement Frequency*: The Einstein Engagement Frequency feature lets marketers identify the ideal frequency for each customer. It assists marketing efforts by making it easy for marketers to identify the contacts who are receiving too many emails and those who are receiving too fewer emails. In other words, Einstein Engagement Frequency helps marketers interact with consumers through a wide range of communication channels without leading to a negative impact on the unsubscribe rate.

*Transactional Messaging*: Transactional messaging can be defined as an automated, immediate, and non-promotional messaging like password reset emails, order confirmation messages, and bank balance inquiry messages. Marketers can send personalized SMS messages and transactional emails using the Marketing Cloud Transactional Messaging REST API. They can use the Marketing Cloud Event Notification Service for receiving immediate notifications about whether your messages were sent.

The email and mobile messages include two forms of emails that are sent to members of the target audience. Using this feature, organizations can send ad-hoc messages in response to user actions at precisely the time needed. Customers can also easily integrate promotional and financial messages into a single campaign with Transactional Messaging now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In addition to these advantages, organizations can understand the complete consumer journey to embed promotional content in transactional messages and use a single voice for all messages and vice versa.

*Promotional Messaging*: These messages offer certain additional offers such as coupons, discounts, and other incentives for easily target the most active subscribers. They also encourage them to buy and view the product and provide a wide range of benefits such as purchase confirmations, password resets, bank balance inquiry, appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, and financial alerts.

*Einstein Content Tagging*: There is no denying the fact that a big majority of marketers still turn to their content libraries for finding out the most engaging, relevant, and best images for their emails. Historically, marketers had to manually create image tags to access and manage these assets. Obviously, this was an imprecise and complicated process that used to consume a lot of time, efforts, and other resources.

Image recognition is used by Einstein Content Tagging to accurately and automatically tag hundreds and thousands of images within a content library that helps marketers save a lot of time while identifying the best images.

What Do All These Einstein AI Innovations Mean For Your Business?

With the announcement of Marketing Cloud Einstein, organizations can easily collaborate with consumers through a series of personalized, engaging, and relevant marketing campaigns. A wide range of capabilities is provided by the Salesforce Einstein Platform that guarantees that its customer relationship management system is both faster and smarter than other CRM systems.


Since the introduction of Marketing Cloud Einstein, organizations across the world can better engage with their consumers by personalizing marketing campaigns. This has even empowered marketers to go beyond their “earlier limits, challenges, and boundaries” and deliver timely and relevant email marketing performance on a consistent basis with better results than ever. All in all, the AI-driven approach facilitated by Marketing Cloud Einstein has assisted brands to predict consumer needs and wants and take the guesswork out of the marketing efforts of when to send and how many emails to be sent. The end result is higher engagement through improved conversion rate optimization and contextual relevancy.

Need any more reason to embrace Marketing Cloud Einstein?

*Author Bio * *Ajay Dubedi is an experienced & Certified Salesforce Consultant <> who has assisted many Fortune 500 and other companies with their customer relationship management requirements. Ajay has worked with clients to help them improve their technology and strategy for creating delightful and frictionless customer experiences. All these years, Ajay has remained extremely passionate about the Salesforce Platform and the awesome things that can be built on it – including a satisfying career!

* *Ajay is the Founder and CEO of Cloud Analogy that is globally acclaimed for creating innovative applications and solutions that improve business processes and increase revenue. Ajay is an active blogger with content regularly publishing on <> and guest blogs on Salesforce-related blogs and websites.

* *LinkedIn <>

* *Twitter <>*

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