Sharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale

Sharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale

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Sharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale sharpspring reviewsSharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale sharpspring reviews

Sharpsprings high ticket affiliate program is something new that I am promoting on my blog in 2020 even though it has been around since 2014 and growing rapidly, and even traded on the Nasdaq – reporting quarterly earnings etc… [ Example of Sharpspring affiliate banner creative above ]

Pretty impressive company with room for massive growth and super high ticket commissions for affiliates to boot.

What affiliate on Earth would not want to partner up with a company like Sharpspring?

It is really a no-brainer and that is why I am promoting Sharpspring on my blog don’t click the link your on my blog:)

You can see one of my Sharpspring promo’s on the top of this blog post as a matter of fact + there will be many more promos to come in the near future as well.

If you want to sign up for the Sharpspring high ticket affiliate program and do not want to read the rest of this review you can do so by clicking here.

If you want to keep reading my Sharpspring review and learn a little bit more about the company keep reading.

I am going to give you a breakdown of Sharpspring and what they do, who they serve, and the commission structure for affiliates who choose to promote the sharpspring services on there blog, website, email list, or through social media or pay per click marketing.

Or all of the above we are internet marketers right:)

Sharpspring is a highly respected company that has seen massive growth since it’s inception in 2014.

So, needless to say the potential for long term high ticket evergreen commissions for affiliate marketers is extremely high!

You do not want to promote a high ticket affiliate program that is here today and gone tomorrow – You want a stable company to partner up with as an affiliate marketer to benefit both parties for the long run.

Brief Rundown Of What Sharpspring Does And There Ideal Clients

Sharpspring brings to the table an awesome platform for digital marketing agencies and small to medium sized business looking to automate there marketing.

You as the affiliate marketer bring all the traffic and sales that you can possibly manage, bringing both parties lots of potential money and more growth now and into the future.

Sharpsprings services help businesses automate there marketing by bringing in new leads and sales for clients better known as marketing automation to greatly improve a companys R.O.I.

Marketing automation in a nutshell takes the place of the marketers in your company and automates all the tedious tasks that he or she would do streamlining your business, saving your business massive amounts of time, and increasing your companies R.O.I..

Like email marketing, social media marketing, tracking website interactions, and handling various other tasks that will streamline your business.

For more info on what Sharpspring does click here for a better explanation.

How Does The Sharpspring Affiliate Program Work? How Much Are The Commissions? And Last But Not Least When Am How Am I Paid When I Refer Sales Successfully To Sharpspring?

These are the important questions that we as affiliates ask ourselves before we think about promoting any affiliate program high ticket, mid ticket, low ticket or anything in between.

We as affiliates want to know how much we are being paid per sale? When we are being paid? How we are being paid? And last but not least as in my case, and I am sure yours as well, I always try to promote evergreen affiliate offers that will be here for the long run.

Not here today gone tomorrow!

It takes a lot of work as you know being an affiliate like updating my blog, doing product reviews, sending out emails, running social media campaigns and pay per click campaigns, the list goes on and on as you know.

So, I only promote quality products that are evergreen and preferably mid to high ticket affiliate offers and services.

As you should too!

So How Does The Sharpspring Affiliate Program Work?

Sharpspring pays in 3 different ways that you can generate revenue as an affiliate.

  • Qualified Lead
  • Attended demo to see how Sharpspring works, what it has to offer, and how it can help your business to be more profitable.
  • And last but not least and obviously the highest paying is when you generate a closed sale [ via referring someone through your affiliate link.

Here is a screenshot of ways that you can generate high ticket affiliate commissions as an affiliate of Sharpspring.

Sharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale
Sharpspring Review + Affiliate Program Earn Up To A Whopping $1,200 Per Sale 1

P.S You can promote sharpspring in any country except Brazil for whatever reason.

But, sharpsprings affiliate center recommends for best conversions that you promote sharpspring in English speaking countries.

U.S.A, U.K. Australia, Etc Etc… For example.

But, once you get approved as an affiliate of Sharpspring you are free to promote the offer anywhere you like where you think the offers will convert best.

Note: Complete breakdown on how each offer converts will be inside the sharpspring affiliate center once you are approved to promote the offer.

Commissions range from as low as $10 just for a lead they do not have to be a paying cutomer all the way up to $1k for a digital agency sale [ Which is sharpsprings main customer base but they cater to all businesses small to fortune 500.

You can be paid on a lead, a demo call, and a sale.

Giving you 3 ways to earn income from 1 potential customer that can be as much as $1200 per paying customer.

Notes: The affiliate resource center inside sharpspring is loaded with graphics and banners in all different sizes complete with html code and download buttons for your conveneience. There is also a wide array of affiliate marketing training material that I am yet to go through that I found to be a pleasant surprise.

Especially if you are newer to affiliate marketing the affiliate marketing training guides and resources will be come in very handy for you.

Examples of a few of the many affiliate marketing training guides in the sharpspring affiliate resource center below:

The definitive guide to seo in 2020, a guide on how to get the easiest authority backlinks, and writing content for sharpspring that ranks highly in the search engines.

Note to potential sharpspring affiliates: These are just a few of the many affiliate guides in the resource center there is also affiliate training videos, keyword research tools, infographics, and a slew of other resources that you can learn from and use to promote all your sharpspring offers.

When Am How Am I Paid When I Refer Sales Successfully To Sharpspring?

You can choose from a wide range of options to get paid your affiliate commissions when you start generating leads, and sales VIA your affiliate links + banners to your sharpspring offers.

Check, direct deposit, Paypal, wire, or even an other option.

These give you the freedom to choose how and in what way you will be paid when you are owed your affiliate commissions.

I chose Paypal but you can choose whatever way that best suits your needs obviously it’s your money.

Final Review Of Sharpspring + Sharpsprings High Ticket Affiliate Program With The Potential To Make Up To $1200 Per Affiliate Sale?

Sharpsprings services + tools speak for themselves and the fast growth of the company since it’s startup in 2014 to being traded on the Nasdaq today.

Sharpsprings tools and services caters to a slew of customers from small businesses, digital agencies, to huge fortune 500 companies.

The sharpspring affiliate opportunity is second to none because of the various ways that you can earn revenue promoting sharpsprings products and services via your affiliate links, banner ads, blog posts, paid ads email lists, social media marketing, and all the other ways us internet marketers promote our offers to generate leads and sales.


Sharpspring is an excellent company with a proven track record, that will be around for many many years, that has an excellent high ticket affiliate program in place, for potential affiliates to earn revenue promoting the various offers that are on their platform.

Go sign up as a sharpspring affiliate by clicking here I did!

Did you enjoy my review? Leave your FB comments below if you want to add anything about sharpspring that I left out.

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