High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs – $1,000 Paydays And More Oh My!

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High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs - $1,000 Paydays And More Oh My! 000 Paydays And More Oh My!

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs That Pay The Big Bucks

What are the best Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs? What are the best high ticket affiliate programs to promote for affiliate marketers that can pay you thousands of dollars for each successful sale that you refer?

Lets dive into these lucrative Dan Lok type high ticket closer affiliate programs! 

If you follow high ticket closers like Dan Lok who is known for his high ticket closer training program that teaches you how to earn $1k- 3k sales in various high ticket niches, then you should have a thorough understanding of the power of high ticket affiliate programs + recurring commissions for your online business.

That power combo equals $$$$$$$ in your pockets!

Note: I have personally not invested in Dan Loks high ticket closer program so I couldn’t tell you one way or another if it is a good investment.

Anyways, back to my point.

How many of these Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs would you have to sell to make a substantial income online?

How many high ticket affiliate offers would you have to sell to work for yourself full time and ditch your day job if you choose to do so?

5 to ten a month for most people would do it.

Or maybe you are more modest and only need a few Dan Lok high ticket closer sales to live off of monthly.

Or, maybe even better yet you are the very ambitious type and you want to sell 100’s or more of these higher-priced point items.

Heck, the sky is the limit!

Why limit your potential?

Up your comfort zone!

We all should have very lofty goals to make our dreams a reality.

The more Dan Lok high ticket closer type sales we make the better.

Money makes the world go around right?

You can’t pay your bills with smiles or monopoly money:)

The fact of the matter is it takes the same amount of effort on your part to sell higher-ticket type affiliate offers as it does to sell lower-priced point affiliate programs that cost $20 dollars as an example.

How many $20 dollar e-books would you have to sell to earn say $5k a month?

Let’s do the math!

5 sales if you are earning 100% commissions on one sale is $100 dollars and 50 sales equal $1k.

50×5=250 sales x $20 equals $5k in gross affiliate commissions.

Wow! Let me tell you from first-hand experience being an internet marketer for 14 years this is extremely hard to do.

Especially nowadays with increased competition entering the Internet marketing space daily.

Now let us flip the switch for you high ticket closers out there or Dan Lok followers:)

Say you are earning $1k a sale now you only need 5 sales a month to reach your goals.

What sounds like the easier path?

It is a no-brainer!

Fact: Promoting Dan Lok-type high ticket closer affiliate programs and offers is your quickest way to building a lot of online wealth in a much faster time frame.

Fact: All of the Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs that I highlight on my blog are either a high ticket affiliate program or pay an ongoing residual income in nature.

I am no dummy.

After being in the affiliate marketing game for 15 years now you learn to work smarter, not harder, and concentrate on the tasks that will make you the most money for the least amount of your time invested.

Here Is A List Of The Best Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs That I Personally Promote Myself

Most Of These Dan Lok high ticket closer type Affiliate Programs Actually Close Themselves VIA Webinar. But, If You Wanted To Get On The Phone And Direct Your Prospects To These Offers I Am Sure That They Would Convert Even Better With A Personalized Touch.

P.S. Click on the link for full details on these high-paying affiliate programs.

But, before we go through my updated list of Dan lok high ticket closer type affiliate programs and services that you can promote, here are some very good and inspirational videos by the king of high ticket closer sales and multi-millionaire Dan Lok.


What is a high ticket closer? Learn high ticket closing from the legend himself Dan Lok inside the videos below!

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Video’s: Dan Lok How He Retired Rich At Age 27 [ Very Inspirational Video For You Dan Lok High Ticket Closers Out There ]

7 Things Poor People Who Do Not Promote Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs Do That The Rich People Who Promote The Heck Out Of High Ticket Affiliate programs Do – Great Video By Dan Lok.

[ Their Was A Joke In There Somewhere;) ] 

Dan Lok Answers The Burning Question What Is A High Ticket Closer?

List Of The Best Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Type Affiliate Programs – High Ticket Affiliate Programs List [ Updated 2021 ]

  1. Michael Cheneys 7 Figure FranchiseTip: Watch the webinar it is awesome and packed with useful information @ it will discuss this high ticket business opportunity at the end of the webinar. I invested in the 7 figure franchise opportunity and I have earned about 15k in total from this program alone. You can earn 100% commissions on all sales from 7 figure internet marketers @ Jvzoo top seller Michael Cheneys suite of 10 best selling products @ 1k sales on all backend sales that you generate for the franchise opportunity. See my 7 figure franchise review for complete details: https://jaysonlinereviews.com/review-of-michael-cheneys-7-figure-franchise-should-you-invest/ This was a very popular product from Michael Cheney in the high ticket affiliate programs category.
  2.  Six-Figure Apprentice Richard Legg[ Completed Updated High Ticket Evergreen Offer For 2021 That Comes Highly Recommended By Yours Truly ] This is an evergreen Dan Lok high ticket closer type offer that pays out a whopping $1k to $1,200 per sale on the high ticket evergreen webinar offer that has been completely redone, and it is even higher converting now in 2020. The $100k apprentice training hosted by Richard Legg is an amazing product. Full info is available here, or just sign up on the highlighted link above the six-figure apprentice will be a mainstay evergreen high ticket offer inside my email follow-up sequence as I have made over $10k promoting this offer over the years off and on and had plenty of thank you’s from customers who bought it. If you have affiliate marketing experience, and an email list, this is the perfect back-end offer to promote to your email list that converts very well especially the revamped 2021 webinar Richard Legg put together. P.S. Lifetime cookies on this offer make promoting this high ticket affiliate program offer even sweeter for affiliates.
  3. Samcart – Samcart are the leaders in the E-Commerce industry as far as all in one platforms go to make e-commerce sellers a lot more money. Samcart is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs to join and promote to your list if you run an e-commerce store and want to automate the process and 10x your earnings. Sam Cart literally does everything under the sun when it comes to automating your ecommerce store, or you are a product creator that wants to make a lot more money with the Sam Cart E-Commerce platform then Samcart has you covered. If you have an email list full of e-commerce store owners or want to be ecommerece store owners and product creators than samcart would be the perfect high ticket affiliate program to promote to your email list and earn 40% recurring high ticket affiliate commissions on an excellent product, that costs $99 a month and goes up from there, depending on the Samcart plan you choose. 
  4. SEMRUSH – This is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs that is out there on the Internet today bar none. SEMRUSH pays recurring high ticket affiliate commissions every month, and it is literally the leading SEO software suite of tools preferred by many industry leaders. SEMRUSH does it all when it comes to SEO, and it dives deep into search engine optimization, so you can grow your business by leaps and bounds. Check out SEMRUSH keyword research tool and SEOsoftware suite here.
  5. https://jaysonlinereviews.com/go/cbd-challenge/ This is my newest favorite home-based business opportunity that just launched in November of 2018 where the creator of this high ticket biz opp shows you for free how to break into the projected $22 billion dollar industry of Cbd – hemp which is super hot these days and only going to get bigger. CBD oils are said to help with a number of ailments and provide overall well-being for the user. Anyhow, the CBD program that I got involved with pays $200 per sale up to 10 levels deep so there actually is earning potential of $1 million per month ( not many people will actually hit this mark ) But needless to say, there is the potential of a lot of money to be made in the CBD niche, and I am already seeing some great results just after a few weeks in this niche, so needless to say I am pretty excited. Anyhow, the link above takes you to a free 90-day training course on how to break into the CBD niche check it out.
  6. Digital Agency Builders[ Update 2021 I cannot recommend this high ticket affiliate program anymore ] This is brand new for 2018 and I was all over this Dan Lok high ticket closer alternative business opportunity as soon as I heard about it. Digital agency builders are the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Chris Record and Peter Sorenson under the brand name Lifepreneur where you can earn 1k commissions in prelaunch which is scheduled for 2018 and also get a  massive 80% discount if you decide to be an all-access member before the doors officially open to the public in Oct 2018. Commissions will go up to $2k, 5k, and maybe all the way up to 10k come October 2018. Digital agency builders are gonna be a done for you business where you can create your own digital marketing agency with a few clicks of your mouse as well as done for you affiliate programs to promote that are very well known and pay a lot of money as well as a ridiculous amount of training on how to run your digital marketing agency, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, masterminds from around the World, traffic courses, Facebook courses, taxes, and pretty much everything that you could think of to help you get the knowledge needed to run a super successful Internet business. Digital Agency Builders is my personal favorite high ticket affiliate program from my list do to the quality of the training + the high ticket affiliate commissions that are offered. Definitely invest in this if you can afford it this will be huge!
  7. Clickfunnels TM – Clickfunnels is a whole suite of high-end products for internet marketers when it comes to email marketing. Get paid a recurring commission for every Clickfunnels new member that you refer as an affiliate @ a whole suite of other high converting, high ticket affiliate programs that can earn you thousands by promoting. This program is cool in that it applies a lifetime cookie that tracks all referrals for life. When a customer buys anything now, or in the future, you the referring affiliate are credited with the affiliate sale. You can also win a high-end lease on a luxury vehicle if you refer to 100 sales. See the Clickfunnels affiliate page for full details.
  8. Shopify Plus – The high-end eCommerce hosting and a suite of tools to help run a powerful e-commerce store from the leaders in the e-commerce space. 1 Sale alone can make you two thousand big ones @ promoting the basic Shopify plans can net you 2 months of referrals payments for each successful sale of $79.00 and $29.00 depending on if the customer chooses the basic Shopify plan or the traditional Shopify plan. I have made quite a few sales through this Dan Lok high ticket closer high ticket alternative affiliate offer as well.
  9.  Sharpspring Affiliate Program Brand New For 2021 – This is another Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate program type of affiliate offer that I have just started promoting in 2020. It is an excellent service that basically automates everything with advanced tools + resources for small business owners + digital marketing agencies which is sharp springs specialty.  Affiliate payouts for this Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate program alternative go all the way up to $1200 per sale that pays on various levels of the sales process from a simple lead, to a call, to a sale. Here is a screenshot of how the sharp spring high ticket affiliate program pays out. Sharpspring is also traded on the Nasdaq this is a fast-growing profitable company that will be around for years. Sharpspring will be a staple of my high-ticket evergreen affiliate programs that I will be promoting for years to come. [ P.S. You have to be approved to promote the sharpspring products + services by answering a few questions but it is well worth the wait ] Tell them Jay sent you:)
sharpspring high ticket affiliate program payouts
sharp spring high ticket affiliate program payouts.

8. Clickbank University – Clickbank University is comprehensive training on how to start making big money affiliate marketing. This is an awesome evergreen high ticket affiliate closer program for affiliates to promote, that is super high quality, and it is backed by the $3 billion dollar juggernaut of the affiliate marketing industry that is Clickbank.

Clickbank University is an excellent Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate program alternative that pays nice recurring commissions each and every month, for every sale that you generate [ via your affiliate link ] and also some nice Dan Lok type high ticket affiliate commissions to boot.

This is Clickbanks’ own affiliate marketing training so you know the product is top-notch with Clickbanks reputation on the line.

9. Authority Site System – If you want to learn how to grab tons of free traffic from major search engines like Google, and Bing.

Then build your dream authority site that siphons free traffic from Google by the truckloads, then this is the Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate program alternative for you.

If search engine optimization and building authority sites interest you in one-way shape or form.

Then this is one of the best courses on the market.

Great to buy and promote as an affiliate marketer.

This is a highly recommended affiliate marketing course that is taught by people that actually know what they are doing.

What a breath of fresh air.

Highly recommended Dan Lok high ticket closer programs for all affiliates.

Click Here To Watch The Training Webinar And See Why.

10. 1k A Day Affiliate Marketing Training – This Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate program alternative is hosted by Clickbank as the payment processor and you can make $500 per high ticket sale [ VIA high converting webinar ] You can check out the webinar by clicking here. The 1k a day affiliate marketing was the top converting high ticket affiliate program hosted on Clickbank for the year. It boasts a 6 percent refund rate which is excellent considering the niche and a testimony to the quality of the product that super affiliate marketer Merlin Holmes has put together using his 15 years experience and $150 million dollars in earnings over those 15 years from his various internet businesses. The 1k a day fast track affiliate system is perfect for affiliates who really want to fast track their affiliate success. This is also the perfect high ticket closer affiliate program to buy not only for yourself but promote to your audience as an affiliate. Here is the high ticket closer affiliate page for the $1k a day system by Merlin Homes.

11. Jamie Lewises  Launch Creator System – This is a great product to buy and learn from if you really want to make the big money and you are interested in learning how to create and sell your own digital products quickly, profitably, I think it pays $350 roughly per sale and you are not allowed to buy through your own affiliate link if you are interested in buying the course, software, and tools that Jamie offers. Do so through my link:) because you want to that’s why lol it’s not good etiquette seriously, and most vendors do not allow it anyways.

I have been an affiliate for 14 years and have never bought anything via my own affiliate link.

Anyways, the webinar is really well done and Jamie Lewis has been around for even longer than me + he has been doing very successful product launches for over 15 years. I can vouch for that because I have promoted quite a few of his products in the past, and I have seen some of the sales numbers on some of his products that he has launched on JVZoo, and Clickbank in those 15 years.

He definitely knows what he is doing, and if you are interested in learning how to create your own digital product like everything about launching your own digital product the whole ins and outs of product creation then invest in his course.

I highly recommend it.

Or, if you are just interested in signing up as an affiliate for this high ticket affiliate offer it is going to be evergreen you can do that as well.

Or do both buy and promote and get the best of both Worlds.

Totally up to you I am just telling you about this high ticket offer.

I did a little review of the Launch Creator System here if you are interested in learning a bit more about how you can create your own digital products, done for you sites, software, resources, etc…

Jamie Lewis is basically giving away everything and all his knowledge as well on product launches.

Ok, so there is the list of Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs that I personally promote as an affiliate.

So, if you are a Dan Lok high ticket closer, or you are just a  smart internet marketer, who realizes why not get paid a lot more money from the same amount of work, then these are some affiliate programs that you may want to add to your arsenal to make more money online through.

12. Join My Master Of The High Ticket Universe High Ticket Affiliate Programs FB Group And Share Your Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Type Offers By Clicking Here!

Talk to you later.


Your comments are appreciated below:)

What type of Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs are you promoting with great success? 

P.S. If you have any questions on these Dan Lok high ticket closer type business opportunities, or any high ticket affiliate programs in general, then feel free to reach out to me at affiliatelessons@jaysonlinereviews.com P.S. you can subscribe to my email list and get a list of the best Dan Lok high ticket closer affiliate programs and services by +.

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Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Affiliate Programs List Of The Best Of The Best!

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