How To Speed Up Your WP Blog

3 Free WP Plugins I Use To Speed Up My WordPress Blog

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Faster than a Cheetah chasing a gazelle in the African Savannah these are the 3 free WP plugins I use to speed up my WordPress blog for free.

Google is going to be doing a core update that revolves around page experience so making your blog as fast as you can is vital to higher rankings in the search engines and obviously a better user experience for your visitors, which translates into more sales for your business.

Let’s get right into business, after a lot of trial and error trying different combinations of Wp plugins for caching and optimization.

Here is my 0-60 m.p.h. version of the Cheetah that I use to speed up my WordPress blog that has worked best for me.

3 Free WP Plugins I Use To Speed Up My WordPress Blog

  1. Jetpack – Starting with Jetpack, this is gonna come pre-installed on any fresh WordPress install. And these are the settings, you’re gonna want to activate jetpack. And you’re going to want to go to the optimization one load pages faster optimize images and speed up your visitor’s experience. You’re going to want to enable site accelerator, you’re going to want to enable speed up the image, load times. You’re also going to want to enable speed up static file load times. And you’re also going to want to enable lazy loading for images because they use their own servers. Jetpack uses WordPress coms servers so it’s going to load really fast enable all these settings and you will be good to go, that’s only really the thing that you have to worry about as far as speed goes when it comes to Jetpack. Have all these recommended settings enabled for maximum WordPress speed.
  2. Autoptimize – The next one is one of my favorite WordPress plugins, and it’s called auto-optimize and these are the settings I use for this particular WP plugin. The first setting is optimized JavaScript code, you’re going to enable that on aggregate JS files, enable that setting and, leave the rest blank. The second function is CSS options for auto-optimize, you’re going to want to auto-optimize CSS code, check that on, you’re gonna want to aggregate CSS files keep that checked on. You also want to aggregate inline CSS keep that checked and you are also going to want to check to optimize the HTML options you’re going to want to optimize the HTML code. And that’s it for that, and then you’re good to go. As far as images go. You want to leave these off. You have one or two options, as I just showed you in Jetpack, they’re good, they’re optimizing your images for you. I would go that route, but you can also optimize your images through auto-optimize, and then leave jetpack off. I think it’s better with a jetpack on but play with the settings and see what works best for you as far as speed goes. So, I have these options turned off because Jetpack is doing these two functions. So, auto-optimize doesn’t have to do it. So, that’s my second recommended WP plugin to speed up your WordPress blog. Onto the speediest WP plugin for caching your WP blog.
  3. WPfastestcache – Faster than a Cheetah is the free WP plugin Wp fastest cache – My third WordPress plugin I use to speed up my WP blog is a caching plugin. And this is the best free caching plugin on the market in my opinion, and I’ve tried a lot of WP caching plugins. Hands down, my winner is called WordPress fastest cache and these are the main settings that I enable that are really easy to use in this WP plug-in. So you’re going to want to go to cache setting obviously and click enable that’s your main setting. Enable Preload I got on a new post on update post on combined JS and browser caching on, disabled emojis on, and the rest of these settings are in the premium Wp fastest cache plugin, as they do have a paid plugin with a little more functionality. So if you want to go that route you can. This works for me. So I’m just using the free option. That’s up to you though obviously. Delete cache this is cool, so whenever you want to clear all your cache just click a button and it clears your cache fast, and your cache is deleted. Delete cache and minified CSS @ JS you can enable those options as well. image optimization. Don’t need that, because we already have that taken care of, I’m gonna show you what I’m using for that. So that’s it, those are the three plugins that I’m using to make my WordPress blog run a lot faster. Try it out for yourself, and see what results you get. My WP blog runs a lot faster when I use these three WP plugins together to maximize my WP load time and speed.

Shortpixel To Optimize Your WP Blogs Images, Create A Better User Experience, And Make Your WP Blog Load Faster All For Free

Shortpixel is another great free Wp plugin that you can use to speed up your WordPress blog and optimize all those resource heavy images on your Wp blog.

Shortpixel optimizes all the images on your Wp blog without sacrificing picture quality, and speeds up your WP blog in the process giving you a boost in the search engine rankings, and a better all around user experience for your blog visitors.

Fact: Image load time is one of the main culprits when it comes to slowing your Wp blog down.

Optimizing your WP images on your blog is a key ingredient when it comes to having a fast loading WP blog.

Shortpixel gives you 100 free image optimization credits a month that you can use for free to optimize your Wp blogs images.

If you have a top heavy WP blog like me.

I had well over 5k images to optimize with shortpixel and it only cost me a one time fee of $10 bucks, not bad at all.

If you have a new WP install, or a very lightweight Wp blog 100 free credits will be plenty.

If you have a lot of images to optimize just pay the 1 time fee and get it done with, it is peanuts for having your Wp blog run faster and the after effects of more conversions, and higher rankings on the search engines.

Now, it’s more important than ever to have a fast loading WordPress blog.

Google is having another core update to its search algorithim, I am hearing, in May of 2021 and page experience is taking center stage.

So, if your WP blog takes longer than 2 old people doing the horizontal shuffle.

You are in trouble!

You are going to pay a price in the search engines, and a loss of organic traffic.

My Point: Optimize your WP images, and install these 3 free WordPress plugins, to speed up your Wp blog and reap the rewards for your efforts in terms of more organic traffic, and more sales to boot.

No-one likes a slow loading WordPress blog.

Make your WP blog faster than a Cheetah with my 3 recommended WP speed plugins for slow loading Wp Blogs.

Watch The Video Below On My 3 Free WP Plugins I Use To Speed Up My WordPress Blog [ Easier To Follow And See The Settings For Yourself ]

P.S I did buy WP Rocket which was a great WP Caching plugin but it did not agree with my hosting for whatever reason so these 3 free Wp Plugins are the next to the best thing that I have found to speed up your WP blog for free.

If you have the money and your webhsoting agrees with it I do recommend WP Rocket and the free wp plugin autoptimize for maximum speed.

Anyhow, this is what is working for me, and it is 100% free.

Try it out for yourself, and see the speed difference on your Wp blog.

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