Wealthy Affiliate Verse Affilorama K.O. Boxing Commentary

Wealthy Affiliate Verse Affilorama K.O. Boxing Commentary

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Want to know who wins in an all-out no-holds-barred super-heavyweight boxing match between wealthy affiliate verse Affilorama?

Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are no strangers to the affiliate marketing game they both have been teaching beginners how to become an affiliate marketer for the past few decades.

Wealthy Affiliate Verse Affilorama Ding, Ding Let’s Get Ready To Ruuummmmmbbbbblllllleeeeeeee!!

Wealthy affiliate comes out swinging throwing haymakers but cannot connect with the speed, versatility, and overall morals in the affiliate marketing game that Affilorama brings to the table.

Swing and miss by Wealthy affiliate

Another hard swing and miss by Wealthy affiliate.

Affilorama bobs and weaves like the great Muhammed Ali and lands a combination to the midsection and then to the head of Wealthy affiliate who is rocked and stumbling backward into obvious despair.

Affilorama goes down and comes up with a vicious uppercut straight to the jaw of the wealthy affiliate that would make Mike Tyson blush, and the Wealthy affiliate hits the canvass in a dazed and bloody mess.

The referee jumps in and begins the count!


That’s it K.O. by Affilorama as the referee comes in and raises Mark Ling’s hands in victory!

Wealthy affiliate is down for the count and has to be carried out on a stretcher.

What I Do Not Like About Wealthy Affiliate And Why They Got K.O. By Affilorama?

They have a bad moral compass over there at Wealthy affiliate and the reason I say this is because I have seen it over and over again time and time again until I finally could give the guilty verdict about Wealthy affiliate.

I have been an affiliate marketer for 15 years so I have had a lot of time to see Wealthy affiliates in action dogging every product regardless if it is good or bad and saying but if you want great affiliate marketing training click this link to Wealthy Affiliate.

I can almost guess these days when I see a review-type blog post on the web and they are linking to a wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliates all do the same thing talk bad about every else’s product and service and say Wealthy affiliate is the holy grail when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Which is far from the truth BTW.

You can get the same info on sites like the Warriorforum and by watching how to become an affiliate marketer Youtube-type videos these days.

It is bad business and bad Karma in my opinion.

I would never go out there and intentionally talk badly about any product that I had not personally bought and reviewed.

With that being said Wealthy affiliate is not a scam it is a legitimate affiliate marketing for beginners’ training platform with bad affiliate ethics in my opinion.

There are better options to learn affiliate marketing for free out there.

What do I like About Affilorama?

I have no dog in this fight I am only writing from my 15 years experience on the Internet and my 1k’s of hours of research.

Affilorama has great affiliate marketing training and the morals for affiliates are there so they do not post negative product reviews around the Internet about every product under the sun and commence to say but if you want a great affiliate marketing training program join the Wealthy Affiliate cult, it is the greatest thing under the sun.

On the contrary.

Affilorama has been around forever having great training for beginner affiliate marketers and good ethics to boot.

Wealthy affiliate has mediocre affiliate marketing training and bad ethics on how Wealthy affiliate marketers promote the Wealthy Affiliate program.

I do not like how affiliates promote Wealthy affiliate, and I can bet 1k’s of other affiliate marketers would agree with what I am saying inside this blog post.

In My Battle Between Wealthy Affiliate Verse Affilorama Affilorama Lands The Knockout Blow And Is The Better Affiliate Marketing Training Option For Beginner Affiliates.

In your battle between Wealthy Affiliate Verse Affilorama Who Wins? Do You Agree With My Conclusion?

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