USfreeads Free Classified Site Review Is It Legit Or A Scam? Find Out Here!


Free ClassifiedsFirst off I want to say I have been using usfreeads since I first started out as a newbie Internet marketer back in 2006 ( So going on 7 years now! )

I was referred to USfreeads from the bum marketing method taught by Travis Sago back in the day.

Bum marketing is still around today and it works it is just a little harder than it used to be due to increased competition, and all of Googles nonstop algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Orca, Polar Bear, etc…

Alright you caught me the last two I made up:) but I am assuming they are in the works until they get through with every animal on Noahs Ark:)

Back To My USFreeads Review How This Free Classified Site Works? ( Watch The Video Below! ) Like The Saying Goes A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words, And Keep Reading My Review Under The Video!


  With this free classified site obviously you can place free classifieds but you are limited in the number of free classifieds that you can place.

  With the USfreeads premium membership you can place unlimited classifieds in any category that you like that is available on the site for only $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime. ( They have a ton of sections to place your ads. )

Screenshot Below Of What USfreeads Offers With It’s Premium Membership!

  Premium classifieds are placed above all free ads so you get better ad placement on the site.

Tips From Me Using USFreeads To Get The Most Out Of It And Why I Think It Is A Great Low Cost Advertising Solution ( Especially In This Day And Age! ) 

  If one of your premium classifieds ads is performing well in terms of traffic, sales, etc… Feature that ad for $12 dollars for a 2 month term with an option to place a featured classified ad for as long as you want. Featured classifieds get the most attention because your ad is highlighted and it is shown front and center in the category that you place it in and it goes live on the other free classified sites that USfreeads owns such as Bizzwizz if your ad is in the business opportunity section. ( You also have the option of paying for your ad to redirect to the website of your choosing etc ….. ( Cool Feature I Really Like That Works Great For Listbuilding, Or Whatever You Want To Use It For!  )

  Usfreeads is one of the few free low cost classified sites left where you can advertise very cheaply. Craigslist is free but your ads tend to get flagged and taken down a lot of times for no apparent reason just because some idiot on the site feels like flagging your classified ad for whatever reason he or she may have, or maybe they just want to flag it for no reason just because they feel like messing with people:(

  Backpage is free but you cannot place unlimited classifieds that really stand out like you can with USfreeads, and with Ebay classifieds the same general rule applies but even more so.

  USfreeads is really the last of the Mohicans online today that has a loyal readership where your classifieds will get real views, from real people, for literally dirt cheap at $9.99 a month.

  Usfreeads is great for listbuilding, and getting more views to your website, or blog where you have related affiliate offers to send your traffic to.


Final Review Of USfreeads

While you will not get rich by using usfreeads and placing unlimited classifieds, on the other hand, for the price of $9.99 a month it is literally peanuts for some cheap effective advertising for your online, or offline business when used correctly.

I have a been a customer like I said for almost 7 years now and it continues to bring me pretty good results for the little bit of money that I spend to place unlimited classifieds advertising my various business ventures.

  4 Out Of 5 Stars For USfreeads due to the fact that I feel it is the best advertising platform for the money on the Internet for people on a budget that want to get the word out without killing their pocketbooks in the process.

You Can Check Out USfreeads And Grab Your Premium Membership By Clicking Here!

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