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10 Best Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain [2024]

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Find out the absolute 10 Best home Remedies for shoulder pain that they do not want you to know about that help heal shoulder pain naturally and effectively.

Pain in any part of the body can be quite devastating as it affects your entire body. But shoulder pain, especially excruciating, can lead to a lot of irritation and painful discomfort because it literally obstructs everything you do in your daily life. 

You cannot perform many everyday tasks that life throws at you without moving your shoulder, so it should go without saying that it is essential to have a pain-free shoulder.

But the thing about shoulder pain is that it can arise due to multiple possible issues, so if you do not know what caused it, it is practically impossible to determine the exact reason or reasons that can be contributing to your chronic pain. 

So when you don’t know the reason behind your injured shoulder, you cannot take the correct medication for it because you do not know a suitable treatment plan.

Therefore, it is safer to go with the best shoulder pain relief home remedies because they do not contain any side effects and in most cases are just as effective.

Plus, the most important part is the pain relief home remedies that are listed below are safe and won’t be detrimental to your health in the long run.

This article has curated a list of the ten best shoulder pain relief home remedies.

Most of these natural remedies mentioned below can be done from the things you already have at your house, so you won’t have to go to your local grocery store, or local drug store,

While you suffer from sharp pain in your shoulder area in search of ingredients for these natural home remedies.

But before discussing these home remedies, we must first discuss some of the major causes of shoulder pain.

If you are suffering from similar muscle pain and cannot figure out the reason behind it, by going through the most common reasons mentioned below and the natural home remedies that help alleviate shoulder pain, you are well on your way to pain-free shoulders.

Congrats: These tips may help you spot the cause of the tense muscles in your shoulder and stop them dead in their tracks

Then, you can take matters into your own hands and treat your shoulder area at home without having to visit the hospital for potentially costly professional medical advice.

Let’s check out a few of the main reasons that can cause chronic shoulder pain:

12 Of The Most Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain 

12 Of The Most Common Reasons For Shoulder Pain.
Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedies These Are The 12 Of The Most Common Reasons For Shoulder Pain

As mentioned above, shoulder pain can originate due to several problems. Some are more serious than others, and if you do not have a lingering medical condition, it is less likely that your shoulder pain is a part of a severe medical illness. 

Therefore, with that being said these are some common reasons for minor shoulder pain to severe shoulder pain that can occur on a daily basis. See if you can spot the cause behind your shoulder pain in the list below:

  • An Injury in The Neck or Biceps

Also known as referred pain, this type of shoulder pain is often a result of an injury in another part of the body, most probably the neck or the biceps. Since these body parts are closer to the shoulder, 

your shoulders are most likely to be affected by pain in these areas. If your shoulder pain is not getting worse when you move it, the chances you are suffering from referred pain are significantly higher.

  • Swollen Tendons

Stiff shoulders and pain when moving your arms indicate swollen shoulder tendons. It can also cause a disturbance in your sleep patterns because the pain usually increases during the night with your shoulder injury. Swelling in the front of your arm is also a sign of swollen tendons. You can get relief by applying pain-killing gels to the affected area.

  • Pinched Nerve

Sleeping in the wrong position can often pinch a nerve in the shoulder or neck. Did you wake up with shoulder pain today? If so, then a pinched nerve might be the cause of your shoulder pain. While we were saving the home remedies for the next section, let’s just tell you that massaging the area with hot oil can get you rid of shoulder pain that has arisen due to a pinched nerve.

  • Broken Arm or Shoulder

While a broken arm or shoulder is less likely to go unnoticed, let’s just entertain the chances, even if they are quite thin. If you suffer from shoulder pain that does not seem to get better and gets worse, especially when you move, you might have a fractured arm or shoulder. 

Look for swelling around the area and try to recall if you might have recently broken your arm or shoulder while trying to do something. If that’s the case, rush to a hospital as soon as possible to get professional medical help so your fractured bones can heal as soon as possible.

  • Weightlifting

Have you recently joined a gym? Or did you climb stairs with your hands full of heavy grocery bags? Lifting something heavy out of the blue when your body is not used to doing such physical exertion can also lead to shoulder pain. 

Such sort of shoulder pain tends to get better with time if you stop or slow down with the activities that caused it. But it will be fine even if you keep lifting weight as your muscles will eventually adjust to your new workout routine and will get stronger and more flexible with time.

  • Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder can be cruel because it is one of the most excruciating types of pain a human can experience. Having a frozen shoulder means you can literally do nothing with the affected side. Sleeping on that side is a big no too. Neither can you hang a bag or lift something with that hand because the pressure will intensify your pain and make your life a living hell. 

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a common cause of pain in the shoulder joint. But if you have arthritis, shoulder pain should not be the only type of joint pain you might be experiencing, as arthritis can cause pain in the knees, knuckles, and even the wrists, along with other joints in the body. If this is something you are suffering from, consult a doctor so they can come up with a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medications accordingly. 

  • Heart Attack

Pain in the left shoulder is often your body’s way of warning that a heart attack might be on its way. But do not be too concerned because that’s not the only symptom of an upcoming heart attack. 

If your cholesterol levels are high or if you are obese, the chances of you having a heart attack are significantly higher. If that’s the case, you should rush to a doctor and get help before the situation worsens as we all know heart attacks can be a serious risk to your health and can be potentially fatal!

  • Dislocated Shoulder

Even a minor injury to the shoulder can dislocate it if you do not have strong bones. Sometimes a dislocated shoulder can result from such a little thing that there’s no way you could suspect it unless the pain gets a lot worse. A dislocated shoulder is nothing too severe to be worried about. It can be easily fixed with a little jolt or slight medical attention.

  • Injured Spinal Cord

An injury to the spinal cord can lead to all kinds of pains because your spine is situated in the center of your body. An injury does not necessarily mean something severe because it can be caused due to something as little as sitting in the wrong position for a long period of time. 

Usually, a minor spinal injury will heal on its own, and your shoulder pain will go away. But if the pain is prolonged, be sure to see a doctor, especially if you are certain that it is because of a damaged spinal cord.

  • Torn Rotator Cuff 

If your shoulder pain tends to increase during the night when you are resting, and you are experiencing difficulty raising your arm, these symptoms might show a tear in the rotator cuff. Steroid injections can treat such a condition as they can help with the pain and reduce the swelling around the area. Get lots of rest to ensure that the healing process is smooth and as quick as possible.

  • Torn Cartilage

A loss in the strength of your shoulder can be a sign of torn shoulder cartilage. Along with the loss of strength, you may also experience a reduced range of motion and also increased pain during the night. Healing a torn cartilage is also quite easy and often a smooth process, so if that’s why your shoulder is hurting, there’s not too really not too much to be worried about.

Now let’s have a look at the best shoulder pain relief home remedies so you have a way to overcome this pain and live your life to the fullest!

10 Best Home Remedies for shoulder pain.
10 Best Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedies

10 Best Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedies And Treatment Options

1. ArcticBlast The All Natural Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedies

As this is on the top of the list, it is one of the best shoulder pain relief home remedies in this article. The thing about ArcticBlast is that even though it is completely natural and contains zero side effects, the powers that be try to keep us away from it. Because, of course, if people started having access to such an inexpensive pain reliever, with no side effects, and one that is also a 100% effective pain-relieving product, who’s going to come to them?

Once you start taking this all-natural pain reliever, you will be stunned by the results. It vanishes your pain in 54 seconds like it was never there in the first place. Plus, it is 5% more effective than any pain killer worldwide.

Because medical professionals are against the usage of this drug, ArcticBlast is not readily available on the market. So you need to be secretive when you purchase it and use it carefully because you never know when it will run out and disappear again!

2. The Home Doctor The All Natural Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedies Must-Have Guide For All Of Your Most Common Ailments

If you are tired of going to the doctor for minor issues, even if it’s anything other than shoulder pain, then The Home Doctor is a guide you must consider purchasing. It consists of hundreds of home remedies for minor medical problems, so you have a solution for almost everything inside this guide. 

Plus, the best thing about it is that no one just writes it; it is a work of a licensed doctor, further approved by medical professionals. This means you can rely on this guide for professional medical advice. The Home Doctor is a must-have guide in every home, especially if you have children because a home with children is a hub of small medical problems!

Inside The Home Doctor, you will find the best shoulder pain home remedies whether you are experiencing pain in the shoulder joint or the shoulder blades. The home remedies inside this guide are super effective, so you can expect to get rid of whatever pain that you have in no time!

3. Anti-Inflammatory Medications Can Beat Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can often be caused due to inflammation in the rotator cuff, the group of tendons and muscles around the shoulder. So in most cases, shoulder pain can be treated by taking anti-inflammatory medication or NSAIDs. Over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen can be taken daily to get relief from chronic shoulder pain. 

4. Cold Compresses Are A Great Shoulder Pain Relief Home Remedy

If you are experiencing swelling along with pain in your shoulder, applying a frozen gel pack to the area can reward you with instant pain relief. But, let us warn you that cold compress therapy can be tricky and result in frostbite if not carefully done. 

If you do not have a medicated cold pack at home, there’s no need to step outside in search of it. You can simply create one yourself. To do so, all you need is some ice cubes and a soft cloth, preferably a thin towel. Wrap the ice cubes in the cloth and apply them to your shoulder. 

The coldness will not only reduce the swelling but will also numb the pain. But remember, do not overdo it. Doing cold therapy once a day is more than enough for treating chronic shoulder pains. 

5. One Of The Best Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain Is Heat Therapy

Sometimes, shoulder pain can result from exhaustion or extra physical exertion. If you are not someone who is usually a victim of sore shoulders, ask yourself if you have been not getting enough sleep lately or if you have been lifting a lot of weight

If that’s the case, applying heat to your shoulder can be the ideal method to eliminate the pain in the affected area. Heat therapy is not as tricky as cold compresses, yet you need to be careful not to burn yourself with an overheated heat pack. 

You could buy a heating pad or hot water pack from your nearest pharmacy. But if you are not in the mood to go out, we can help you create one at home too. Simply grab a clean sock, fill it with a cup of rice, and microwave it for around 2 minutes. Your heat pack is ready! 

Apply it to the affected area until it loses its heat, and if you still need further heat therapy, you can reheat the sock and repeat the process. Although, be sure to check that it is not too hot before you press it against your shoulder!

6. Muscle Relaxants For Shoulder Pain

Muscle tensions or spasms can be easily treated with muscle relaxants if that’s the problem you are experiencing. But consuming muscle relaxants should not be a form of self-medication because you will need to consult your doctor before taking these drugs. Without a prescription, you won’t be able to get a muscle relaxant from the pharmacy. 

But we wouldn’t recommend taking muscle relaxants if you have a hectic day ahead, especially if it involves driving or operating complicated and sensitive machinery. These medicines can often cause drowsiness and tiredness. Plus, only take the dose as suggested by your doctor. 

7. Pain Medications Can Help Alleviate Shoulder Pains

The easiest and simplest method of getting rid of shoulder pain is by taking pain medication. Drugs like paracetamol, acetaminophen, and aspirin can give you a lot of relief from shoulder spasms and pains. 

Taking medication once in a while will only temporarily get you rid of the pain. Still, if you wish to seek a permanent solution, you must schedule the time to take pain medicine at regular intervals. For this, you should consult your physician or a doctor who would be able to prescribe what’s best suited for you.

If you do not feel like consuming pills, you can apply pain-relief creams and gels to the affected area. Rub it on your shoulder while the fan is off so the gel can work its magic, soothe your muscles, and cover the area afterward so the cream can penetrate all of your skin and muscle layers effectively.

8. Activity Modification and Resting Tips To Help Stop Your Shoulder Pain

Sometimes shoulder pain can be due to a cause unknown to you, but sometimes, a patient knows what has caused their shoulder muscles to hurt. If you know the activity that might have been the cause of your pain, consider stopping doing that activity for a while. 

Move your shoulder with caution, but don’t stop using it altogether, as that might create problems in your regular movement when the pain does go away. Give your shoulder muscles some rest and try to change your daily activities a bit. Hopefully, this will help you feel better sooner.

9. Bad Posture Can Cause Shoulder Pain

The adults were not wrong when they constantly scolded us for our bad posture as children. Having bad posture can literally invite all kinds of body and muscular pains, and shoulder pain is one of them. While changing your posture is more prevention than treatment, it can still help you recover from your pain with time. Plus, it will also save you from future neck and shoulder pains. 

Start by improving your posture while standing. A perfect standing position can be practiced while standing against a wall. Ensure that your head, buttocks, and shoulder blades are in contact with the wall but keep the heels at least 3 inches away. 

Place your hands behind your back’s curve and touch the wall with the palm of your hand. Tighten your stomach muscles if you feel they fit to be too loose, and arch your back if the fit is too tight. Now that’s the posture you should always maintain while standing. 

Once you have mastered your standing posture, it is time to move on to the sitting posture. This is especially important if you spend a major part of your day sitting in front of a computer or at a desk at your office. Here are a few tips that you should implement to modify your sitting posture:

10. Tips To Improve Your Posture And Help Alleviate Shoulder Pain Naturally

  • Try not to cross your legs as much as possible. 
  • The ankles should always be in front of your knees, so make sure your feet stay flat.
  • Do not tighten your shoulders. Keep them relaxed to avoid pulling them behind. 
  • Try that your elbows are always at a right angle with your sides. 
  • Use a pillow or cushion so that your entire back touches the back of the chair
  • Sit on a cushioned seat, so the surface below your hips and thighs is not hard. 
  • Try to sit in a position where your hips and thighs are always parallel to the floor.
  • Change Your Sleeping Position
  • Check out these shoulder exercises in the video below. 

If you mostly find that your shoulder is in pain right after you wake up, and it tends to get better during the day, chances are that your sleeping position is hurting your shoulder muscles. Try changing the way you sleep. Use a different pillow or try sleeping on a different mattress. Keep your neck and back straight, and you will surely notice a huge difference in your shoulder pain and overall health.

Best Shoulder Pain Home Exercises.

10 Best Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain Relief: My Wrap-Up And Final Thoughts

These 10 best home remedies for shoulder pain are the most effective in relieving chronic or mild shoulder pain. All the home remedies mentioned above are tried and tested.

They are scientifically proven, so you should not doubt their effectiveness. 

Another great thing about using home remedies for treating shoulder pain is that they are completely safe and do not contain any side effects. You can feel safe using them without worrying about any other type of health issue.

It is time to bid farewell to a life of discomfort, so consider trying any of the home remedies mentioned above.

Hopefully, you will be able to beat your shoulder pain quickly and efficiently.

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