How To Start A Business Online Cheap In 7 Drop Dead Simple Steps

How To Start A Business Online Cheap In 7 Drop Dead Simple Steps [2023]

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Learn how to start a business online cheap in 7 drop-dead simple steps and build yourself a powerful passive income stream that can bring you revenue for years to come.

with Covid-19 sweeping nations around the World and the unemployment rates soaring to record heights in all free countries Worldwide today is the perfect time to learn how to start a business online.

Let me be brutally honest for a minute.

People are freaking out about there financial futures, but also getting smarter about it in the process!

Smart people are looking for more financial safety nets and options.

No longer can you count on your 9 to 5 to support you and your family for the next 40 years.

Those days are long gone, as you have seen with your own eyes with covid19 related business closures and shutdowns Worldwide that are hitting World economies harder than Joe Rogan kicking a heavy bag.

The simple truth remains that is sad but truer than Jim Carey in the movie Liar, Liar!


Nothing is guaranteed in this World besides death and taxes.

The fact of the matter is!

You need multiple streams of income to catch you when you fall, like when a crisis hits, and your finances hit the ground and crumble into a million tiny pieces.

These passive income streams that you build will be your financial safety nets that will keep you afloat in hurricane induced waters when a financial crisis occurs.

When your main income stream dries up to virtually zero do to a job loss or other unforseen circumstance.

Hopefully, one day soon you will have your online businesses revenue there to gracefully swoop you up in it’s loving arms like Fabio in one of those mushy romance novels.

With all that blood, sweat, tears, and energy that you put into your passive income stream is there to fill in some of that financial gap.

If not all of it when the shit really hits the ceiling.

Ask yourself this question?

Would I rather sink or swim?

The answer is painfully obvious, as people from all walks of life in this day and age are finding out.

People are asking themselves this vitally important question?

How do I start a business online that is cheap and does not take Elon Musk and a degree in rocket science from Space X to get off the ground quickly?

People are also starting to see all the powers and benefits that starting a business online brings to the table.

  • No annoying traffic and 30 minute rides to and from work each day.
  • You can set your own hours and work when and where you want.
  • You control your own destiny not some corporate big wig.
  • You can earn a nice residual income stream part time that can potentially turn into a full time business determined only by your work ethic and the time you take to learn and invest into your business.
  • The sky is literally the limit when you learn how to start a business online – and you usually get out of your business what you put into it.
  • Your working from home need I say more:)
  • All you need is a comfy chair and an Internet connection to get started with an online business when you are going through the motions of learning how to start a business online from the comforts of home.
  • When the right systems are set up and in place you physically do not have to be present to make money online like your traditional 9 to 5 type job where you trade your time for money.

Sounds appealing right?

That are some of the many benefits that starting an online business brings to the table that a traditional 9 to 5 job or even an offline brick and mortar business simply can’t match.

So, what is the perfect online business to start from home?

How do you as someone who is interested in starting an online business learn how to start a business online?

What is the cheapest and best way for someone with limited funds to start a business online cheap that is not too difficult?

Yet, is rewarding and has an earning potential that is basically unlimited?

Well, hold onto your purty britches!

The answer is, drum roll please!

Affiliate Marketing!

I am going to show you step by step how to start a business online, and show step by step how to set up your very own online business promoting other peoples products or services as an affiliate marketer, and earn commissions ranging from 50 to a whopping 100% commissions for every visitor who clicks on your personalized affiliate link and hits the buy now button for whatever product or service it is that you are promoting.

Interested in learning more?

Well, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

This is going to be one fast ride that Vin Diezel and the cast of the Fast and the Furious would be jealous of.

Ready for your 9 second quarter mile?

Let me show you how to start a business online in the multi-billion dollar business model that is affiliate marketing.

But let me start with this quote that hangs on my home offices wall to kick you in the ass and give you a little motivation.

” If You Want Something You Never Had, You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done. “

Let’s get this party started shall we, and show you how to start a business online cheap promoting other people’s products and services online?

But first let us dive more into affiliate marketing and the different types of affiliate marketing that you can incorporate into your new online business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly And How You Can Start A Business Online As An Affiliate Marketer?

Traditional affiliate marketing as stated above previously is when you promote a product or service [VIA] your personalized affiliate link.

When someone clicks on your personalized affiliate link for whatever product or service it is that you are promoting and buys that particular product or service then you get an affiliate commission.

Affiliate commissions can range from 40 all the way up to 100% for digital products and services.

Affiliate commissions can range from 3% to 10% for physical products and services like the Amazon associates program for example.

It all depends on what type of affiliate program that you are promoting whether it be digital or physical and the commission percentage stated to determine how much you are being paid for referring a sale to that vendors particular product or service.

You will know all these details before you even promote any product or service as an affiliate marketer via whatever affiliate network that you are signed up for and find your affiliate offers to promote.

I will cover my favorite affiliate networks under step 2 directly below that you can sign up for free and find affiliate offers to promote when your starting your business online.

C.P.A. Or C.P.L. Affiliate Networks What Are They?

These types of affiliate business models differ from traditional affiliate marketing when you are only paid for referring successful sales via your personalized affiliate links.

With C.P.A. or C.P.L which means cost per action and cost per lead, you are paid when someone fills out say a survey or an email opt-in form instead of being paid by sale you are being paid by lead or opt-in.

This sounds better in theory and it sometimes is for some people because it is easier to get someone to fill out a form, fill out a survey, or download something than it is to get them to buy a product.

The downside is the commissions are usually a lot lower but not in all cases if you getting leads for attorneys, real estate, insurance companies, or high paying high ticket clients and you think you can deliver the goods this model may be more lucrative than traditional affiliate marketing programs.

But, based on my experience most of these offers excluding my exceptions above pay a lot less than a traditional affiliate marketing sale would especially high ticket digital type offers.

But this type of affiliate marketing business model is easier to convert because your not getting paid per sale.

Which pays more per sale 9 times out of 10 but is technically a harder sell.

My advice: Do your testing and see which affiliate marketing model that you prefer to make money and monetize through.

I prefer traditional affiliate marketing when I am paid per sale, but i do both types.

Sign Up For My Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Here Complete With Video Tutorials

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Perfect Way To Start A Business Online Cheap For Most People?

When you learn how to start a business online and you decide you want to start your very own affiliate marketing business your costs are very low to get up and have your business running and online pretty quickly.

For 1: Joining affiliate networks and finding quality products and services to promote is free.

For 2: I recommend you do start a blog or website to start and build your online business but the cost is usually under $10 bucks a month.

For 3: I do recommend you get some training or coaching from someone who has been there and done that and has experience starting and running an affiliate marketing business for over 13 years making money online.

Tip: If your looking to speed up your learning curve and learn how to start a business online listen to someone who has already been successful at it, it can save you a ton of valuable time and time is the one commodity we can never get back.

If your interested in my free course on how to start an online affiliate marketing business click here for access.

For 4: Getting targeted traffic can be accomplished for free via social networking and through your blog if you are limited on funds when you do start your new online business as an affiliate marketer.

For 5: I do recommend that you start and build an email list of targeted prospects sooner rather than later, but learn the basics first, and get some sales under your belt and a basic knowledge on how affiliate marketing works. You can start an email list for free when the time comes in step 6 of this tutorial.

Basically, you can learn how to start a business online and have your own affiliate marketing business up and running for under $20 bucks a month with unlimited earning potential.

What other business model offers those kinds of perks to get started and run for that low of a cost?

This is what makes the affiliate marketing business model the perfect online business model to start, grow, and prosper with.

Here are some affiliate marketing statistics that i found useful that gives you an in depth look into the affiliate marketing industry in general.

In these 7 steps I am going to show you how to start a business online cheap as an affiliate marketer.

I am going to be relatively brief, and give you more in depth guides and resources from my blog where you can learn more about this particular type of online business model under each step.

Just click on the appropriate link under the corresponding subject to learn more affiliate marketing strategies.

Let’s get started on your journey on how to start a business online of your very own.

Here Is How To Start A Business Online Cheap In 7 Drop Dead Simple Steps!

The first step is choosing the perfect niche to build your business around and find related affiliate offers to promote to your potential customers.

How To Start A Business Online Cheap In 7 Drop Dead Simple Steps
How To Start A Business Online Cheap In 7 Drop Dead Simple Steps

Step 1: Picking The Perfect Niche When Learning How To Start A Business Online?

When picking the perfect niche to base your online business around i like to start with the 3 powerhouses where there is money to be made and a huge market like health, wealth, and love.

You want to be interested in the topic that you are going to base your business around but you also want to make sure that there is money to be made in that particular niche.

Picking anyone of the 3 major niches I mentioned above, and maybe drilling down to a sub-niche based around those 3 niches, will mean there will always be affiliate based products that you can promote and a lot of money to be made in any one of those 3 niches.

Example of a subniche in the dating industry would be dating advice for single women over 40 for example.

You get the picture:)

Then find high paying affiliate products and services to promote to that particular audience to start monetizing your new online business.

For more info click here.

Step 2: What Are The Top Affiliate Networks That I Can Join For Free And Find Products To Promote When I Am Learning How To Start A Business Online?

There are a ton of affiliate networks both independent and major powerhouse affiliate networks that specialize in both digital and physical type affiliate products and services.

There are also a few C.P.A. or C.P.L. affiliate networks that I recommend you join as well.

I will list my favorite affiliate networks that I use, or have used in the past, when i first learned how to start a business online many moons ago.

[ I will put what that affiliate network specializes in next to the networks name in the bulleted list below ]

  • Clickbank – This is a major powerhouse affiliate network that specializes in digital products and services but Clickbank does have physical products as well inside there huge marketplace of well over 10k plus products and services in all different categories and niches. Clickbank is an American affiliate network based out of Boise, Idaho that has been around since 1997 and has paid out close to $4 Billion dollars in affiliate commissions since it first burst onto the scene way back when. [ Mostly digital based affiliate network with some physical products i noticed in the health niche ]
  • Amazon associates Program – Amazon, Jeff Bezos, taking over the World like pinky and the brain need i say more? Yep, they have an affiliate program in place but they have lowered there commission structure so my advice if your going to be an Amazon affiliate would be to look at the 2 top paying categories that pay 10% and 5% respectively. You also get paid on multiple sales through Amazon so if a customer buys 5 products you get commissions on all 5 sales. Here is the Amazon associates commission structure you can check out. [ Amazon has it all digital and physical based products and services ]
  • JVZoo – This is a digital product and service affiliate network that mostly specializes in digital marketing and internet marketing related products and services. This is my niche so I like JVZoo a lot but if your not in that niche look elsewhere. You can learn more about JVZoo here. [ Mostly digital affiliate network ]
  • – This is a huge affiliate network with a lot of big brand names that you can promote that we all have heard of in all different categories and niches. This is not one of my personal favorite affiliate networks because you have to apply to be approved to promote products and services and wait for an approval etc… But needless to say there a big affiliate network worth checking out if they have products related to your particular online business niche that you can promote. [ Digital and physical affiliate network ]
  • Shareasale – They have been in business for over 20 years and a lot of people speak highly of shareasale with a lot of big names using this network looking for affiliates to promote there promote there products and services just like you. [ Both physical and digital based products and services ]
  • Maxbounty – This is a huge c.p.a. and c.p.l. affiliate network that you can sign up with and get paid per lead, per action, or even per sale like a traditional affiliate marketing.
  • Peerfly – This is also a huge C.P.A. and C.P.L. affiliate network with a ton of quality products and services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer and get paid per action, per lead, and per sale depending on what you choose to promote.

These are all great places to find potentially lucrative products and services when you do start an online business as an affiliate.

For a crash course in affiliate marketing go here.

Step 3: How To Start A Business Online You Can Start A WordPress Blog As An Affiliate Marketer?

I feel everyone should start a self hosted WordPress blog to build the basic foundation of there online business around.

WordPress is the gold standard of all webhosting platforms with close to 40% of all websites online being wordpress sites.

Having your own website or blog gives you the ability to create blog posts, build an email list, advertise your affiliate products, and start building a massive following, when you are learning how to start a business online and building an online business to be more and more profitable.

The Benefits Of Having Your Own WordPress Blog:

  • You can promote what you want when you want.
  • If you start an online business based around a wordpress blog you are building the basic foundations for success in the long run.
  • You can start to build free traffic from the search engines when you learn basic SEO skills.
  • You have a professional place to send potential leads.
  • Starting a self hosted wordpress blog is a low cost cheap way to start an online business that can generate massive returns one day for your online business.
  • You can build your email list from all the free traffic that your blog generates.
  • You have a place of your own to share your thoughts and create epic content for your readers that generates traffic, leads, and ultimately sales for your online business.
  • It’s just smart business sense to have your own website.

For a complete tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog from scratch click here.

Step 4: How Do You Drive Targeted Web Traffic To Your Affiliate offers And Services So You Can Make Money When Learning How To Start A Business Online?

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any business online or off.

Without targeted traffic that you generate for your affiliate marketing business then your online businesses revenue will dry up faster than a bucket of water in the Sahara desert.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Drive Targeted Traffic When Your Learning How To Start A Business Online

  • Generate traffic via your blog or website by posting unique, helpful, long form content to attract traffic and ultimately sales.
  • Generate free traffic via social networking sites like FB by starting a fan page, building a FB group based around your online business, post on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other major social networking sites to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.
  • Start a Youtube channel and do helpful how to screen recording video’s showing people how to do something. You do not even have to be on camera for those of you who are camera shy it will only be you and your voice and your computer screen recording that will be recorded. With a little video SEO you can really start to get some targeted free traffic to your online business.
  • Join forums related to the niche that you started your online business based around and create a signature leading back to your website or affiliate offers. You can then answer questions that members post or create your own questions to get more eyeballs on your signature which usually appears below every post you answer or create in a forum.
  • Run Paid Ads To Generate Free Traffic – FB ads, Google ads, Bing ads, Youtube ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, the list goes on and on. If you have the budget to spare run some paid ads to generate traffic to your online business. Tip: When i run paid ads I like to send traffic to my squeeze page and build my email list because this is traffic that you own and control.
  • Comment on related blogs that are similar to the niche that you started your online business based around for free targeted traffic.
  • Be active by joining, posting, and commenting on related FB groups related to your niche.
  • Read some books on seo or search engine optimization it will pay dividends when you are starting and growing your blog.

Step 5: Why You Should Get A Mentor Or Coaching To Drastically Cut Your Learning Curve When Your Learning How To Start A Business Online?

I decided over 13 years ago to start and base my online business around the affiliate marketing business model and learn everything that I could about promoting other peoples products and services online in exchange for a commission.

I worked for years in my spare time and soaked up as much info as possible like a sponge and started building my online business.

I started seeing some great results after a few years, and eventually started seeing multiple daily affiliate sales on a regular basis.

But, in hindsight it was dumb.

There was a lot quicker way.

I took the slow lane when I should have been in the fast lane.

Yes, I am very proud with what I have accomplished through hard work, motivation, and trial @ error.

But, I wasted a ton of time needlessly when all I had to do was get a mentor!

I would have probably started seeing the same results years prior if I would have invested in the proper training like a smart lad.

So, don’t be a dumb lad!

Learn from someone who is a lot farther ahead of you and is where you want to be and invest in the proper coaching or training so you can reach your destination a lot sooner.

You can check out my free course on how to start an online business as an affiliate marketer by clicking here.

Step 6: How To Start A Mailing List Of Interested Subscribers And Promote Your Products And Services When Learning How To Start A Business Online?

Based on my personal experience somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of all my online businesses earnings are directly attributed to my email list.

Building and growing an email list of targeted subscribers based around the niche you started an online business based around should be your #1 goal ultimately when starting and building an online business.

Here Are Your 3 Main Skills You Should Learn When You Start An Email List:

  • Your first step is just starting an email list you can do so for free by clicking here. This is who I have been using for over a decade to build my online business and I am very happy with them.
  • Your 2nd step should be learning how to put together a professional landing page or squeeze page that ultimately converts well and sends targeted leads into your email marketing funnel. Aweber has a free landing page creator if your on a budget. I use leadpages and I recommend them if you have a bit of extra money to spare and invest into your online business.
  • Your 3rd step when starting an online business and growing your home based business is learn how to write emails and put a proper email marketing funnel in place so you can start turning your email leads into a nice source of income.

After you start learning the basic skills needed when it comes to affiliate marketing and you have a few sales under your belt start an email list a.s.a.p. this is where the majority of the money that you make online will directly come from.

Email marketing is the #1 skill that anyone starting and running an online business should learn A.S.A.P.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Step 7: What To Expect Throughout The Years When You First Learn How To Start A Business Online And Grow Your New Online Business

Starting an online business can be a lot of hard work and there is a learning curve involved.

But, can you really chance you and your families financial future by not starting an online business and building a 2nd revenue stream for you and your family?

Learning how to start an online business, whether it be affiliate marketing related or non affiliate marketing related, is a smart smart move for anyone in this day and age.

Building yourself a 2nd passive income stream that one day runs virtually by itself and brings in a nice source of recurring revenue for years to come.

All your hard work will ultimately bring a huge smile to your face this is guaranteed!


” Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations”

You will one day be saying to yourself.

” Yeah, Hard Work Really Does Pay Off”

I took that first step and ultimately built the online business of my dreams.

Mission accomplished!

What To Expect? My Final Thoughts On Affiliate Marketing And Learning How To Start A Business Online In Your Spare Time

Affiliate marketing is a business model that generates billions of dollars in revenue on a yearly basis Worldwide.

Affiliate marketing is a smart business model to choose for people searching for ways to learn how to start an online business cheap.

With the proper know how, coaching, and a strong work ethic in place.

The sky is the limit in terms of earnings that an affiliate marketing business can generate for you and your family.

Here is a nice article on 104 affiliate marketing statistics that you may want to check out that I found useful.

Here is a nice 30 minute tutorial on affiliate marketing that I created for you if you are interested in starting an online business based around affiliate marketing.

Grab my free affiliate marketing training course on the link directly below the video.

Looking To Start A Business Online And Learn More About Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing Is The Perfect Low-Cost Online Business To Start – Let Me Help You Get Started Today!

Sign Up For My Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Here Complete With Video Tutorials

I hope you enjoyed this in depth blog post on how to start a business online cheap in 7 drop dead simple steps as an affiliate marketer in the new gig economy World that we are all living in today.

The time is now for you to take action and finally start and build that business online that you have secretly wanted to do but kept putting on the backburner for all these years.


The early bird never catches that worm if he never gets out of his nest!

The balls in your court now;

Will you take action or sit on the sidelines?

For those of you who are action takers, and have learned how to start a business online.

This question is for you!

How did you start an online business? What online business model did you go with? Is your online business generating revenue?

Was your online business low cost to get started?

What would you recommend to newbies out there reading this blog post looking to learn how to start a business online cheap in todays economy?

Your comments are appreciated below.

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