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Top 6 Proven and Effective Amazon Online Marketing Strategies That You Should Know

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Building your empire on Amazon entails different elements. Some of those include creating your own Amazon online marketing strategies that will help you reach more customers. This giant eCommerce platform has been widening its reach beyond the boundaries of the world wide web.

Competition is tough among online sellers, especially the ones who built their business on Amazon. Some sellers find it tough to outsmart their competition with most of them using the same strategies. However, there are various reading materials about digital marketing strategy that you may apply to your business.

Using the right strategy, you’ll reach out to more customers, get more leads and clients, and even convert those to sales. Are you ready to learn?

What are the top Amazon online marketing strategies you need to know?

Many people got affected by the pandemic and most shifted their businesses online. A lot shifted to the digital platform and felt puzzled about what SEO is. Some wonder how they could reach more customers with the tools that they have.

Lucky for you, we wrote this article! Now, shall we begin?

Learn about Amazon SEO

Surely, you’ve heard about search engine optimization or SEO. When you hear the term, what comes into your mind?

Search engine optimization is known to be the process of editing and revising your seller profile and your store page in order to reach a larger audience. You’ll probably see SEO connected to Google but Amazon also improved their system and created its own algorithm.

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When you optimize your product listings, more and more interested customers will see and interact with them. If more people will see your listings, then surely you will convert more visitors into buyers.

How will you improve your Amazon SEO?

  1. Improve your product titles

When optimizing your product listings, make sure that your product titles are specific. Put in details that will make customers click your product when they see it on search results.

Maximize the 200 character limit that Amazon gives. Put in details like brand, color, size, type of product, and the year it was manufactured. However, be careful not to put too much details as it may negatively impact your listings.

  1. Insert relevant keywords

One of the most important strategies that you need to remember about Amazon SEO would be including relevant keywords in your listings. The more specific keywords you incorporate, the better your listings will perform.

You may use tools for your keyword research such as Keyword Scout, Google Keyword Planner, and Ahrefs Site Explorer. There are a lot of tools out there that would fit your needs. Make sure to read and check what you need!

  1. Create readable product descriptions

Do you like what you see on your listings? One important thing about writing your product descriptions, this is the place where you’ll convince your customers to buy your product.

Include the features and benefits of your products as this will help your customers see if they will need it in their lives. Make sure to use bullets to make the listings easier to read. Refrain from using lengthy paragraphs with terms that will just drive your customers away.

For example, instead of using “juxtapose,” just phrase it like this: put them beside each other.

  1. Categorize your products

Another thing that sellers need to remember about optimizing their listings would be classifying their products. This is vital especially for sellers who have a broad range of items on sale. If you feel like putting up a one-stop shop on Amazon, make sure you segregate them into categories such as:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Medical supplies
  • Home and Living
  • Clothes
  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids

If you sell handcrafted items, then create another category for them too.

5. Showcase your customer reviews

One thing about Amazon, they allow sellers to showcase reviews on their product page. This is one of the notable online marketing strategies that you need to remember!

Positive reviews affect how your customers react to your items. The more good reviews you have, the higher your chances of converting those leads into sales. Other than that, the more reviews you have on your product page, the more it shows that customers trust your business and should help you rank higher on search results!

Amazon Vine

As previously mentioned, good reviews help your products rank higher online Amazon. Moreover, you need to consider that as one of the most essential strategies you need to incorporate in your business.

The Amazon Vine program aids sellers by giving legitimate and good reviews for your products. It works when you send Amazon a free sample of your items and they will provide you with their review.

However, Amazon is the one sending out invites to potential members. Since reviews help boost your ranking on search results, this will help you get the ball rolling, especially if you’re new to Amazon.

Amazon Lightning Deals

How do you feel about conducting promotions or sales? Other sellers think it’s one of the best ways to entice people to buy products. They set the price lower to attract more customers. But how will it affect your business?

An Amazon Lightning Deal is a sale that you launch for a limited amount of time. You’ll need to use the Amazon profit calculator to monitor how much profit you made despite lowering your prices.

When you have active Lightning Deals, you’ll see it on the Today’s Deal page and on the Prime Day page. But before you make it to those pages, there are qualifications that your deals must pass before Amazon gives you a green light.

Picture Amazon lightning deals woman on cellphone.

You need to receive at least five reviews in a month and your overall rating must be at least 3.5 stars. The item that’s subject to the Lightning Deal must have at least a 3-star rating.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Before we take a deep dive into this, we’re sure that you’re familiar with the Amazon advertising mistakes and want to avoid them.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Amazon Marketing Services or AMS is the marketing or advertising platform that Amazon made. It is via a pay-per-click (PPC) scheme, which means that how much you spend depends on how many clicks your ad receives.

There are various options for the ads so you need to be careful which to choose so that will fit your needs. AMS ensures that your products will be shown to customers who are interested in your niche. Boosting your products widens your reach and even yields more leads and sales.

Amazon Giveaway

Do you love getting free things? Do you like joining raffles or giveaways? One way of enticing more customers is to create a promotional event called an Amazon Giveaway.

This way, interested parties need only to provide their names to join. Naturally, if their names are drawn, they then will get the free items from the seller.

When you host a giveaway, you increase your chances of reaching more people, especially those who haven’t heard about you. Most people tell each other about free items or giveaways happening.

This strategy gives you the easiest way to attract customers. The more rewards you’ll give, the more people will be enticed to join, and more people will engage with your business. Now, isn’t that promising?

Amazon Influencer Program

Social media has taken things to different heights. People use different social platforms to connect with their peers or colleagues. Others monetize their platforms to earn more and collaborate with different brands. Now, the same thing is true with Amazon.

Through its Influencer Program, content creators put a link to a product on Amazon that will yield profit when someone orders through that link. For sellers, you may collaborate with these influencers and convince them to link your items in their content. So, not only do you reach their audience but also expose your business to more people.

Just remember, work with influencers that are in the same niche as your store. Otherwise, it will be a challenge. If your store sells mainly tech products and you try working with a mom blog, that would be hard especially if the tech products may not be helpful for a mom.

What happens next?

The giant eCommerce platform that we know today continues to grow and collaborate with more sellers. Along with its own A9 algorithm, it helps online sellers market their products with ease. Moreover, it’s quite advantageous for sellers to put their items on Amazon as it widens their reach by a lot!

In case you’re unsure where to start with your Amazon marketing, you can always read about Amazon seller account handling to help you get things going. These marketing strategies help you broaden your audience, increase your engagement, and spark more sales to your customers.

Doubling your efforts on how you craft your Amazon online marketing strategies means you are determined and invested in your future. Achieve your goals of financial freedom through your business. Grow it through Amazon!

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Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, an Amazon marketing agency in Canada dedicated towards helping brands grow on Amazon. His content marketing expertise has led him to work with brands such as Toyota and GoDaddy, producing content that reached over 20M views in a month. He is on a journey to help D2C brands scale their business on Amazon.

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