7 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Next Product

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Most affiliates eventually become product creators so that they can actually create and launch their own affiliate product.

However, when you launch your first or even your last product, there are tons of mistakes that you need to avoid. These are sometimes simple mistakes, and other times they are profit-changing mistakes that can seriously hurt your expected revenues.

As long as you avoid some of the mistakes I have listed below, you should be in good shape for your next launch.

  1. Not Knowing the Other Products Launching

This is the biggest mistake that people make in my opinion. They pick a random date because it seems good even though they are not aware of all the launches that are happening during that time period.

You could go to a website like JVNotifyPro.com and other websites that are similar and find out every product that will be launching within months from now. If your product is not on this list and you just plan on launching it and competing with super affiliates, then you are making a big mistake.

My tip for you is to be aware of other product launches and the attention that they are gaining. If you are launching a product that seems similar to a competitor’s product, then move your date either up or back several weeks. The main goal for you is to maximize your sales within the first several days and not being aware of a super launch can hurt that goal.

  1. Thinking Your Product Sucks

Have you ever tried to sell something that you really don’t believe in? It is a lot more difficult than one would think.

Just make sure you truly believe in your product and the price you are selling it at. Don’t rehash the same old “make money online” information and then sell your product for $97, because your refund rate will be through the roof.

Instead, give out several review copies and pay people to give you their honest feedback about your product. You could spend less than $100 and probably find multiple issues or problems to fix. Once you go back and do some editing, then you can be more confident in your product and the price you are selling it at. This confidence will come through in your sales copy and in your communication with potential buyers.

  1. Not Testing Your Sales Page and Conversions

Ever create a landing page and find that your conversion rate sucks? Many times you are selling people on the design of your page and the quality of your copywriting rather than on the quality of your product. This is why design and your sales pitch are extremely important.

My recommendation is to follow what the super affiliates are doing. Look at some of the top “gravity” products on ClickBank and study every aspect of their sales page. Many sales pages are now just incorporating video instead of the long text pages you used to see everywhere.

  1. Thinking Your Affiliates Will Do All the Work

Once you get a decent amount of affiliates then the work is pretty much done, right? This is the worst viewpoint you can have about your product launch. Your affiliates are just trying to make a few bucks and if your product does not sell then they will move on.

Therefore, it does not matter the amount of affiliates but rather the overall quality of affiliates that you have recruited. It also helps if you have built a relationship with the people who are selling your product.

Lastly, incentives can typically help you keep certain affiliates for the long haul, especially when you offer a new iPad or Mac Book.

  1. Not Doing Sufficient Market Research

Markets are constantly changing and you need to stay updated. If you understood the ‘web design’ market a year ago then you have fallen behind. This means you need to do your research and be properly informed before entering any market.

I currently know nothing about the weight loss market, which is why I would never even consider launching a product in that niche without proper research.

Some might wonder what exactly they need to understand, and this is an important point. The most important thing to understand is ‘Why do people buy in a certain niche’ and ‘What is the biggest problem that people are currently having?’ After that, you need to aware of certain trends in the niche and that comes with knowledge.

  1. Thinking Your Idea is Perfect

To continue on with market research, the perfect idea usually comes from a very strong understanding of your niche. Right now, you might offer a tremendous solution to a problem with your new product, but you might not be reaching the right people.

Otherwise, the people you are reaching might already have that problem solved without having to spend money on your product.

The main thing to focus on here is your selling point. What is it about your specific product that makes it worth buying rather than other alternatives? What is the problem I am having that your product will solve? If your buyer cannot answer these two questions then it will become very easy to keep my money in my bank account instead of supporting your product.

  1. Not Consulting Yourself

A lot of people never truly stop to analyze a situation, and launching products is no different. I see people who struggle with product launches and it always comes down to one mistake that they’ve made.

Many times, that biggest mistake is thinking they are more informed than they really are. People don’t realize just how competitive that product launches can be and it is not something that you can learn how to do successfully overnight.

There are thousands of merchants who launch products with a plethora of affiliates just waiting to promote it, and it’s hard to really compete. Therefore, ask yourself if you truly feel ready to launch your product and if you truly believe it will be successful. Then, prove to yourself some reasons on why you feel it will be successful.

In Conclusion – Product Launch Mistakes

You can definitely avoid some of these common mistakes when launching an affiliate product. Just go through this checklist and make sure that you have done everything on it. It might take you longer to launch your product but pushing something back is worth it for the long-term profits. Never sacrifice your revenues just to get something out there!

Please leave your comments about the article below. If you have any experiences I’d be glad to hear about them. You can also debate with me if you’d like.

This article is contributed by Priya Nagrale who is a blogger at MoneyConnexion.com where she writes about make money ideas.

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