Acti-Kare Senior Care Franchise: A Leading Senior Care Business Without The Hefty Startup Costs

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Acti-Kare Senior Care Franchise: A Leading Force To Reckon With

Are you planning of starting a business on your own but you are worried about the cost and risks involved? At the moment, you could find the right option that is good for you by getting involved with a franchise. One good thing with franchise ownership is that those costly mistakes that are commonly observed at the early stages of a business life have already been resolved.

What is Acti Kare all About?

As baby boomers continue to age, it is evident that the act of giving care to seniors in their own homes would be an ever growing opportunity. If there is any franchise that can get this done aright, it is Acti-Kare. This type of franchise has proven to yield positive results as more and more senior citizens are opting to remain at home to receive the care they need and deserve while in their comfort zones.

Acti-Kare is set to become the premier provider of In-Home Care in every local area in the country. The franchise tries as much as possible to employ the services of highly qualified, compassionate and trustworthy caregivers to get the mission accomplished. These caregivers who are specialists in various sectors of health care have undergone thorough background and reference checks.

By offering high-quality home care service to senior citizens and other customers who require non-medical care, Acti-Kare has rapidly risen to become a leading force to reckon with in the industry. The franchise is committed to providing outstanding service which has often exceeded the expectations of most senior citizens. Caregivers at Acti-Kare are known to treat every family member as if they were one of their own.

Acti-Kare utilizes a variety of settings to provide senior citizens with a complete suite of care services including retirement communities, in-home, in assisted living facilities and even the general public.

Acti Kare Senior Care Franchises Opportunities 2016

No doubt, one of the lowest-cost ways to get involved in the ever increasing senior home care market today is by getting involved with the Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care franchise system. It offers you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. As an Acti-Kare franchisee, you will learn how to organize caregivers and train them with the requisite knowledge needed to provide elderly clients with the help they need to live safely and comfortably in their own homes.

Most senior citizens are beginning to see the importance of choosing Acti-Kare as It helps to save them from the stress and cost of moving into a retirement center or nursing home. No prior experience is required for anyone desiring to start their own senior care business as a franchisee in the industry because Acti-Kare carries out proper screening and distributes all caregivers.

Services offered by Acti-Kare are broken down into 3 main categories which include

– Home services

– Companionship

– Personal care

Home services rendered include

– Laundry assistance,

– Light housekeeping

– Dry cleaning

– Shopping and

Pet care

If you are planning to purchase the franchise and receive a license to operate in your area, note that you can enter the Booming Senior Care Market for under $20,000 as a start up cost. Unlike other senior care franchises, you can get started on your own territory with several unique service offerings from Acti-Kare. No doubt, you will surely be on the right on the path to experiencing many success years with Acti-Kare in the future.

Depending on your choice, you can receive Acti-Kare training at your location or at its home office. Getting yourself acquainted with the program of the franchise is a very easy thing to do as you will be provided with a list of pre-tested and approved applicants who might just be beginning. This list can be used to organize your staff and get started in less than no time. Caregivers have access to continuing on-line training.

Benefits of Participating in Acti Kare Senior Care Franchise

For customer acquisition, you can gain access to a national referral network through Acti-Kare. The franchise also provides also organizes a caregiver recruiting and training program and a call center with the sole aim of handling all your business calls in a professional way. These and many more are part of the great benefits you stand to enjoy with Acti-Kare.

Unarguably, this franchise business offers great community benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. As a lucrative and satisfying business, Acti-Kare is one franchise that can help to keep expenses down as it can be operated from right from your home. In most cases, you will not be required to rent out an office space or have to construct a physical location.

As a franchisee, you will not only be allowed to use the name of the franchise but their innovative design center, as well as their graphic artist team with no extra charges to pay. Should you have questions along the way, you can make use of any of their toll-free numbers.

Apart from material benefits, you also stand to enjoy some financial benefits too. However, this depends on how many clients are paying for your service and the number of people you have working for you. At this time, patients who are interested in receiving home health care service pay about $18,000 – $22,000 annually.

With Acti-Kare, you will understand that it’s not just spending time with your clients (senior citizens) or their family members that counts, but it is the amount of quality time and effort you put in place to assist them in carrying out physical and mental activities for their well being that matters.

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