Easy Ways To Build A Big Buyers List Fast [2023]

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How To Build A Big Profitable Buyers List? ( Listbuilding Tips ) In case you didn’t already know, a buyers list is considered to be like the Holy Grail in list building.

The only difference is that it is more easily obtainable than the sacred chalice! Anyone can build a buyers list if they know how and then start taking the required steps themselves.

I’ve built buyers lists in several niches, both within and outside of the internet marketing niche. Here are a few ways that you can do it.

How To Build A Big Buyers List As An Affiliate Marketer

If you don’t yet have your own products then you can still assemble a buyer’s list of your own but these buyers will have to come from one of your own lists in the first place.

When you send an affiliate offer to your list, you can also offer them bonuses (PLR or your own reports, for example) if they provide you with a receipt as proof that they purchased after using your link.

When they do this, they’ll identify themselves, and you can then segregate those particular emails on your list into a new list, a buyers list.

How To Build A Big Buyers List As A Product Owner ( Product Creation )

The best way to build a buyers list is as a product owner/seller yourself rather than as an affiliate.

One of the easiest ways is to force the buyer to sign up for your buyers list in order to download their product.

This practice is common within the internet marketing niche, and most people do not mind.

Some take exception to it but will usually opt-in and then unsubscribe.

Very few will demand a refund without even subscribing, but this is rare, and, despite the threats, few people go through with this action.

You should know that some say that a forced opt-in is said to be against the terms of service of some payment processors, possibly including Paypal.

Nevertheless, many marketers still use this technique.

An alternative way to collect email addresses is to do it voluntarily. Your download page should start with a prominent offer to subscribe to register the purchase and become eligible for discounts and bonuses.

I strongly recommend offering something that is highly relevant and ideally complimentary to the purchased product and showing a cover.

The purchased product should be available at the bottom of the page.

Using this technique, you can convert between 50% and 90% of all your buyers. This is obviously worse than the near-100% you can obtain from forcing the subscription, but it’s a lot more ethical technique.

These methods work well even if you do not have a list to drive traffic to your product in the first place.

If you have an affiliate program, you effectively leverage others to build your list for you.

Many savvy marketers offer a whopping 100% commission when this is their only objective.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to build an opt-in form of this type then you can also manually segregate subscribers in the way described earlier so long as the traffic originated from your own list.

You can do this by comparing the email used at the time of purchase with the email addresses on your list.

Unfortunately, these email addresses do not always match so you won’t be able to segregate all of your buyers in this manner.

How To Build A Big Buyers List Choosing Good Profitable Niches Not Bad Niches For Buyers

One final thing worth mentioning – not all niches are suitable for building buyers lists, and I have learned this through personal experience.

There are some niches where your product may actually do a good job of solving their problem.

In such niches, it is rare for people to need to develop themselves and purchase many different products over time.

This means that a buyers list can be very difficult to monetize and is, unfortunately, almost useless.

Whatever niche you decide to list build in, always make sure that there is plenty of scope for selling over the long term.

You can still be profitable in niches that are not but you will find life much easier in broader developmental niches.

This is how to build a buyers list in your email marketing campaigns.

Guest Post By: Chris Kent is a power list building marketer with large lists in several different niches.

He teaches new or failed list builders how to build their first profitable list of at least 1,000 subscribers and start enjoying thousand-dollar paydays.

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