How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps?

How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps: Mini Guide [NEW]

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Learning how To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps is not just another marketing gimmick; it’s your ticket to the big leagues!

Imagine swapping your way to a beefed-up email list that skyrockets your sales.

Yes, ad swaps are the secret sauce, and we will dish it all out.

You won’t be disappointed!

Get ready to flip the script on list-building and say hello to a whole new level of email marketing bliss.

How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps?

How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps?
How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps: Mini Guide [NEW] 1

Ad- swapping is on of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to your website and build your list in no time flat!

Here is how ad swapping works.

Basically, you will agree to send an email for another marketer in exchange for them emailing their list for you.

There will be an agreed minimum number of clicks that will be agreed upon and each marketer will send at least that amount.

Then both marketers will send each other their email swipes and agree on dates to mail the swipe out.

And that’s it you just got new leads onto your list for free!

However, it isn’t quite that easy. There are some things you need to ensure before you go out and start ad-swapping.

First you will need to have your squeeze page set up correctly.

The best way to set up your squeeze page for ad-swaps is to give away something for free.

This could be a video, ebook, simple tips, or even a website. As long as you can sell them in why they want this free gift, it will work.

But there is no use in stopping at the squeeze page! You want to make money right?

Now you have to set up an OTO (one-time offer). This can be an affiliate product, your own product, or even a webinar.

If the leads opt-in to your squeeze page try will be taken to this OTO, and just like that, you made money while adding people to your list and all of it was for free!

Ok, now that you have your squeeze page and OTO set up you need to know where to find ad-swaps.

The best place to find ad-swaps is: here you will be able to schedule ad-swaps and find other people who will swap with you.

The great thing about this site is that you can see the swappers’ ratings and see if their swap will be worth your time and energy.

Okay so we have our squeeze page and OTO and know where to find ad-swaps.

All you need to know is what kind of email you should be sending to the other marketers list.

What I have found works best for me in my testing is to write the email as a recommendation from the list owner.

This is because the list owner should, if a good list owner, have nurtured and created a relationship with his/her list.

And by creating an email that sounds like the list owner is recommending this product or website it gives the new site some additional authority and trust without having to build it on its own.

This is really powerful, not just in email marketing does this work, but think of the last time you tried a new restaurant or the last new wine or beer you bought.

Most of the things we buy have been recommended to us in one way or another. And this will help greatly increase your conversions!

Some Basic Tips To Increase Your Listbuilding Results:

How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps: Mini Guide [NEW] Listbuilding tips
How To Build Your List With Ad-Swaps: Mini Guide [NEW] 2

1. Your first OTO should be less than $10

2. You should split-test each squeeze page you use to always try and increase conversions

3. Only use ad-swappers that have good reviews and reputation

4. Don’t over-swap your list or they will become unresponsive

5. If someone buys a product from you take them off of your main “swap list” and put them in your buyers list

Now of course, this method will only work if you already have a decent size list, which gets pretty good clicks.

If you don’t, then you have nothing to swap with.

I suggest you check out this method to get your first 100, 500, or even 1000 people on your list with little work.

It will show you how I get multiple people to send me traffic and leads simultaneously and then thank me for being able to do it!

This is a powerful method for getting those first subscribers or adding tons to your list for bigger ad-swaps.

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