List Clickbank Products With Recurring Commissions [2022] Get Paid Over And Over Again

10 Best Clickbank Products With Recurring Commissions [2023] New Get Paid Over And Over Again

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Why promote a lousy $10 or $20 Clickbank product and get paid once when you can promote Clickbank products with recurring commissions.

Successfully referring sales for Clickbank products with recurring commissions and you will get paid over and over again.

How does getting paid month after month, and year after year, for bringing in one sale of these potentially lucrative recurring commissions Clickbank products sound to you?

If you answered GREEEAAAATTTT while swinging your arms in the air like Tony the Tiger!

Then keep reading, you are going to love this blog post on Clickbank recurring billing products and services.

One thing I really regret early on in my internet marketing career was choosing to jump on the Clickbank bandwagon and promote Clickbank products with low commissions.

When you do this you have to keep bringing in new customers over and over again to get a low-paying affiliate commission.

It is just not worth it if you want to build a long-term thriving affiliate marketing business.

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Why promote low-paying Clickbank products when you can promote these high-paying Clickbank products with recurring commissions where you bring in a customer once, and you can potentially be getting recurring commissions from that one Clickbank sale month after month, and year after year, as long as that customer remains a paying customer.

Sounds great, huh?

This is what I mean by working smarter, not harder!

Learn all about how to make money with Clickbanks recurring commissions products and services inside this blog post for affiliate marketers.

Let’s dive into my list of Clickbank products with recurring commissions that will help you fatten your bank account.

Clickbank Products With Recurring Commissions.
Clickbank Products With Recurring Commissions

Here Is The List Of Clickbank Products And Services WIth Recurring Commissions For You To Promote As A Clickbank Affiliate Marketer

Clicking on the big red links below will lead you to the Clickbank product page for that particular Clickbank product with recurring commissions. I will also leave the JV page link as well, so you can find out more information on these particular Clickbank recurring billing products and services I have in my list below.

1. Mend The Marriage

Mend the marriage is one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions because it has a pretty decent Clickbank gravity score of almost 20 and it is in a niche that absolutely crushes it in terms of conversion and is a huge pain point for people in this particular situation.

When a couple’s marriage is falling apart people will do anything to fix it before it is too late and that is where this product comes into play.

Mend the marriage is the #1 selling save your marriage product on the Clickbank marketplace and the fact that it offers numerous upsells to earn recurring Clickbank commissions is a big bonus to boost.

You can earn 75 to 90% Clickbank affiliate commissions on the front end as well as multiple ways to sit back, relax, and earn those juicy high-paying Clickbank recurring commissions this blog post is all about.

Mend the marriage is a really good product to promote in a really hot niche with an extremely high pain point or people that need their problem fixed.

Check out the Mend the marriage JV page is below.

Mend The Marriage JV Page: Mend the Marriage – Affiliate Centre | LoveLearnings Media Inc

2. Cosmic Energy Profile

Cosmic energy profile is another one of the great Clickbank products with recurring commissions attached to it in the astrology and numerology niche.

Affiliate marketers can earn up to 75% commissions on the front-end products and get paid over and over again on the Cosmic Energy Profile recurring offers as well.

The average conversion sale of this particular Clickbank recurring income product is a mind-blowing $406.47 cents per conversion.

So, if you are in this niche or just want to promote this particular Clickbank recurring income product the JV page is below for full details;

Cosmic Energy Profile JV Page: The Cosmos CEP | Product & Affiliate Tools (

3. Backlink Beast

Now, this is a really cool SEO tool for backlink building that pays a nice recurring commission on a monthly basis if you can send affiliate sales their way.

The backlink beast sales page is very well done and offers a 7 day trial to the Backlink beast SEO software for $7 bucks which is cool, so you can actually see if you like the backlink beast software, and if it is worth promoting as an affiliate, before committing to the one-time payment of $397 dollars or the $67 dollar monthly cost.

Backlink beast claims to be the best SEO software for link building, that is safe from all Google updates to outrank the big boys if you are in a more competitive niche.

Backlink beast has enormous link diversity and is packed with features to help out your link building more or less on autopilot so you can concentrate on creating great content for your visitors.

Backlink Beast Average Sale Value: $145.74

Backlink beast is one of the better Clickbank products with recurring commissions in the SEO space.

Backlink Beast JV Page: Click Here For The Backlink Beast JV Page

4. Whale Won Sports Betting System

The whale won has a huge recurring commission model of up to $500 a month!

Yes, you read that right in one month from one customer you can best Clickbank products with recurring commissions.

The Whale won is a genius when it comes to sports betting as he has won well over $30 million dollars betting on sports games.

If you ever wanted to bet on sports games like a seasoned master then you may want to check out this recurring income Clickbank product.

The Whale won sports betting system is a patented sports betting system that was completely updated for 2022, and one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions to boot.

Average Conversion Per Sale: $44.95 + Recurring Clickbank commissions.

Whale Won JV Page: The Whale Picks

5. Sports Cash System

This is another one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions in the sports betting niche that pays out on average for every sale you send their way $528.72 cents plus recurring Clickbank commissions.

Offer converts at 3 to 6% when sending targeted traffic to the sales page so conversions are high ( Which is good for your pocketbooks )

Number #5 may have number #4 on my list beat in the sports betting niche.

According to the sports cash system JV page customers can try out the sports cash system for only $4.95 which is the price of a cup of coffee and from there they teach the customers a system based on sports betting obviously that has a 95% chance of making the buyers money every month.

95% of the customers who buy Sports Cash System love the product so I am guessing the refund rate is only 5% which is pretty solid.

Customers of the sports cash system are charged $149.00 per month after the $4.95 trial and decide to invest in the sports cash system.

The best part is that you keep 60% of the recurring Clickbank revenue for yourself month and month and year after year as long as the customer sticks around.

Average Conversion Per Sale: $528.72 + recurring Clickbank commissions.

Competition for this product in the SERPs etc. should not be too stiff if you are going to promote VIA organic SEO.

This is definitely one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions on our list.

Sports Cash System Affiliate JV Page: :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

6. Video Tours 360

This is a newer and very innovative product to the Clickbank recurring billing scene that made a real splash on the JVZoo affiliate network as well so it converts well.

Video Tours 360 is an A.I.-powered software where you are building really cool interactive experiences for customers.

[ Watch the video on the link above for full details on how the video tours 360 software works, but trust me, it is groundbreaking and very cool ]

You can use this A.I. based software for virtually anything from product reviews, eCommerce, getting email opt-ins, live video calls, and the list goes on and on.

Video tours 360 makes the list of one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions to promote in 2022.

Video tours 360 is a new, innovative, and high converting Clickbank recurring product with a kick-ass modern sales page to help you maximize your affiliate commissions.

This is one of my favorite Clickbank products with recurring commissions in 2022 due to the products demand and all the cool features business owners would pay you great money for that this software can do.

Fun Fact About Video Tours 360: The first version of this software did over $250k when it was first released in only 5 days, and this version is a whole lot better, which means more recurring income for you the affiliate.

Video Tours 360 is definitely one of the best Clickbank products to promote 2022.

Video Tours 360 JV Page: Partners – ClickBank – VideoTours360

7. CB Engine

Clickbank engine is in the business of finding Clickbank products that are converting and converting very well to make any Clickbank affiliate more money and save Clickbank affiliates valuable time and energy in the process.

If you want to know the highest-converting Clickbank products inside the Clickbank Marketplace and make more money with Clickbank, then the CB Engine is just what the good DR ordered to make that dream a reality.

The CB Engine offers a free trial so you can check it out for yourself and see why the CB engine is one of the best Clickbank products to promote in 2022.

8. Neuro Balance Therapy

This is a physical offer with a therapy tool that is sold in a high converting VSL format.

Neuro Balance is a balance strengthening system designed to help elderly people with balance issues prepare and prevent falls.

This offer is perfect for men and women over the age of 50 who suffer from balance issues.

Average Conversion Per Sale: $45.35

This is a nice niche that can be very profitable, and one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions.

Neuro Balance JV Page: Affiliate Resources (

9. Turnkey Advertising Business

Want to make an ongoing 40% recurring affiliate commission every month plus earn excellent money on all the upsells if a customer upgrades at any time?

Sounds like one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions to me that you can promote as a Clickbank affiliate.

The Turnkey Advertising Business is a plug n play viral adboard system that lets you launch your own advertising business in the next 10 minutes.

Members give away free ads and make money on the backend of the Turnkey Advertising Businesses system.

See the sales page and JV page for full details and why this is one of the best Clickbank products with recurring commissions on the Clickbank marketplace.

Turnkey Advertising Business JV Page: Affiliates |

10. Wrap Him Around Your Finger

The name of this Clickbank product with a recurring income attached to it says it all and we all know what niche this is in.

Wrap him around his finger pays 75% on the front-end offer, 50% on the upsells, and 50% on the recurring offer as well.

Wrap Him Around Your Finger is being sold by a high converting VSL to maximize your commissions.

A lot of people are taking the recurring income offer which means more recurring commissions for you the savvy Clickbank affiliate.

Average Conversion Per Sale: $276.29

Wrap Him Around Your Finger JV Page: Angie JV | Welcome to Angie JV Site There are 3 high converting offers on the JV page from this Clickbank vendor.

Free Tip To Find More Clickbank Products With Recurring Income Attached To Them: In the find products box at the top of the results type in the word recurring and you will see a bunch of suggestions for the best Clickbank products that pay a recurring commission to affiliates.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the 10 best Clickbank affiliate programs for recurring income in 2022 that you can go out there and promote with your next Clickbank affiliate promotions.

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