Is Clickbank Safe? Urgent Must Read Q+A

Is Clickbank Safe? Urgent Must Read Q+A

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Find out in plain English the answer to your question is Clickbank safe? Learn all about Clickbank and Clickbanks safety as an affiliate network for potential new affiliate marketers who are thinking about signing up for the Clickbank marketplace as affiliates.

We will cover the safety of Clickbank in this article where I cover these topics. Is Clickbank safe? What makes Clickbank safe? Is Clickbank the safest affiliate marketing network in the industry?

Let’s dive in and learn all about the safety of Clickbank.

Is Clickbank Safe? Urgent Must Read Q+A Clickbank
Is Clickbank Safe? Urgent Must Read Q+A

Is Clickbank Safe?

Yes, Clickbank is safe! Clickbank has been around since 1997 and is based in Boise, Idaho in the U.S.A., It has literally processed $5 billion in payments to affiliates Worldwide who have successfully generated sales [ VIA ] their Clickbank affiliate links.

Clickbank has processed millions of affiliate transactions to date and is known for being one of the safest and most trusted affiliate marketing networks in the industry and a one-stop shop to find high-converting digital products and services to promote in all the major niches, and hard-to-find sub-niches.

What Makes Clickbank Safe?

Clickbank has been around since 1997 is based in the USA and has built a reputation around safety and timely payments in the affiliate marketing industry.

Clickbank as an affiliate network is not only safe but it also has the widest selection of digital marketing products and services to promote in the affiliate marketing industry under 1 platform that you can sign up and promote for free on Clickbank platform.

Clickbanks safety has also expanded in regards to opening up new opportunities for affiliate marketers to earn commissions on physical products as well, mostly in the Health and fitness niche and diet and supplement niches.

This is opening up crazy new opportunities for beginner affiliate marketers and seasoned professional affiliates alike to promote some of the hottest selling physical products in this multi-billion dollar industry.

The Safety Of The Clickbank Marketplace Boils Down To These Areas:

  • Clickbank is super well established being around since 1997 and is the oldest and largest affiliate network that specialized in digital products and services.
  • Clickbank is USA based and located in the beautiful U.S.A. state of Idaho which is known for potatoes.
  • Is Clickbank safe? Clickbank is rated an A+ by the better business bureau
  • Clickbank has been in business for over 22 years establishing itself as one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the World
  • Clickbank is the go-to place for 9/10 affiliate marketers to find lucrative affiliate products and services to promote in every niche under the sun.
  • Clickbanks payment processor is iron clad
  • Clickbanks safety extends to every buyer with a 60-day money-back no questions asked guarantee for customers.
  • Clickbank has paid out billions of dollars to affiliate marketers Worldwide who generate sales [VIA] their Clickbank affiliate links.
  • After Clickbanks payment threshold is met affiliates will be paid on a weekly basis direct to their bank accounts or a check by mail for all the affiliate commissions they earn [ How is that for Clickbank trust? ].
  • Clickbank also offers the option for wire transfers last time I checked.
  • Clickbank has well over 10k digital and now physical products to promote as an affiliate that are all backed by Clickbank’s industry-leading payment processor for secure payments.
Clickbanks better business bureau rating and screenshot
Is Clickbank safe? The better business bureau rates Clickbank an A+ business

Is Clickbank The Safest Affiliate Network In The Industry?

Yes, Clickbank and Amazon associate program in my opinion are the 2 safest affiliate networks in the World that I never worry about as far as safety and timely payments are concerned.

Why? Because Amazon is Amazon and Clickbank is perhaps the most trusted major affiliate network in the World having paid out billions of dollars in affiliate commissions to their affiliates since the business was first created way back in 1997.

I have been an affiliate marketer for 16 years and I can personally vouch for the safety of Clickbank as an affiliate network as a whole and the timeliness of payments I receive being a long-time Clickbank affiliate.

I always receive my Clickbank payments direct to my bank account on time every time so I can say with 100% certainty as a long time user of Clickbank.

Is Clickbank safe? Yes, Clickbank is a very safe and secure affiliate network.

My Final Conclusion On The Safety Of Clickbank

See my full Clickbank review here to get all the answers to your questions about the Clickbank marketplace and sign up for free to find tens of thousands of affiliate products to promote for free and earn 50 to 75% commissions per sale on average promoting some of the hottest digital marketing products and services in the industry.

Check out my free affiliate course that expands on affiliate marketing and Clickbank.

Now, that you have learned about the safety of Clickbank go sign up for a free account and find some products to promote as an affiliate and make your first affiliate sales.

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