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Guest Blogging: I Am Looking For Guest Bloggers On My Blog

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Guest blogging 2021 – I am looking for guest bloggers for anyone in the internet marketing niche who can produce helpful unique content for my readers.

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guest blog posters wanted!
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I am opening up guest blogging for anyone interested in being a guest blogger for my high traffic internet marketing blog.

Here is a little info about my blog: My blog has about 28k backlinks pointing at it, through years of hard work and a ton of great unique content.

My blog has a high domain authority and is also well established at 14  years old, and has thousands of quality backlinks pointing at it.

What My Blog Can Do For You If You Decide To Be A Guest Blogger?

You will be featured on the homepage of my blog for a while ( weeks in most cases ).

Guest blogging has the potential to bring you and your online business a lot of free targeted traffic, and a great homepage backlink in the process to help increase your Google page rank. 

You can also post a link back to your blog, website, squeeze page, and in some cases even an affiliate product. In your guest blog post, you are allowed one clickable link in the body of the blog as well as an author’s resource box.

Another option is 2 clickable links in the body of the article, with no author bio, if you decide to go that route it is fine.

Inquire for more details and guest blog posting opportunities at

2021 Guest Blog Post Requirements @ Submission Guidelines [ Updated ]

All guest blog posts must be at least 1,500 words or more and 100% unique content that is not found anywhere else on the Internet.

To guest post on my blog, you must know how to write and speak in native English. ( English is your primary language ).

You must have a little experience writing such as an article marketer, internet marketer, or an established blogger.

Guest bloggers must have at least 2 years of internet marketing experience so you are familiar with what you will be guest blogging about if it is anything internet marketing-related which is highly recommended.

I prefer how to type guest blog posts on anything internet marketing-related. Topics can include affiliate marketing, blog traffic tips, blogging, C.P.A marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, forum marketing, press releases, social networking, email marketing, blog commenting, backlink strategies, or anything in between.

For any guest blogging opportunities just make sure your guest blog post will be helpful to my blog readers and it will be approved to be published a.s.a.p.

To submit your guest blog post send me an email at with your guest blog post as an attachment with the email subject line stating guest blog post.

If the guest blog post is of high quality, I will publish it live on my blog usually within 24-48 hours, and email you the link back to the published guest blog post.

Happy Blogging Everyone!

P.S. Guest bloggers in the affiliate marketing niche be sure to grab my free affiliate marketing training guide + access to a free webinar.

List Of New Sites That Offer Self Publishing Added To The Guest Blogging List For 2021

I have a list of new sites for guest bloggers where I put together a self-serve platform where 2 out 0f 3 of the sites your guest blog post goes live a.s.a.p. after you hit the submit button.

On the other site, I have to approve the guest posting content first which will happen in under 24 hours and sometimes a lot sooner.

Without further ado here are 3 sites where you can add your own content and guest blogging is encouraged.

Help spread the word through guest blogging.

  1.  BLEEKEE.COM – This is a fun umbrella site where you can submit pics of pretty much anything and talk about pretty much anything as long as it is legal for obvious reasons. Want to submit a pic of your dog? Want to talk about your business? Want to show off your new car? It doesn’t matter just submit to the proper category and add a picture and hit submit and your guest post goes live for the World to see in minutes. [ Guest blogging form is at the bottom of the blog after every blog post for you to easily submit your guest post ]
  2. – This is a fun site and the name says it all if you want to talk about your product or service or have a funny marketing story to tell I want to hear about it. I will manually look at all guest posts after you submit them and as long as they are on the funny side and not straight-up spam I will approve them for publishing a.s.a.p. Remember: High-quality content will rank higher on Google so take the time to do it right this site is a great backlink. [ Guest blogging form is at the bottom of the blog after every blog post for you to easily submit your guest post ]
  3. A.I. Trials – This site is in the A.I. niche and there is a form at the bottom of the blog where you can submit your content. If it is related to the World of artificial intelligence I want to hear about it. All non-A.I. related content will be promptly deleted if you abuse my guest posting service. 

Have fun guest posting everyone.

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