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How Much Does A Balloon Arch Cost? Ballon Pricing You Asked, And We Answered

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We have curated a general price guide to provide you with a sense of how much does a balloon arch cost. In this guide, you will come across all the factors and situations that can affect the total costs of a balloon arch.

Balloons are a lot of fun. They have so many different forms, including balloon letters and numbers. An exciting and fantastic method to add décor for your special occasions is using balloons. Any occasion can benefit from a balloon arch or garland as the ideal final touch. You might be wondering how much does a balloon arch cost if you’re planning special events for any occasion.

Based on the size, intricacy, and design of the balloon arch, prices can range from $250 to more than $1200 for a balloon arch. Despite the fact that the majority of air-filled balloon garlands cost between $10 and $20 per linear foot, additional fees can vary from as little as $5 for straightforward helium arches to as high as $90 for certain natural balloon arch decorations.

A balloon arch pricing guideline will often be accessible from the majority of balloon decor businesses. Normally, shipping, installation, staging, disassembly, and cleanup are not part of this fee. An additional charge may be added by some balloon companies for the “green removal” of the balloons.

How much does a balloon arch cost
How Much Does A Balloon Arch Cost?

Factors that Affect How Much Does a Balloon Arch Cost

The Size, Complexity, and Style of the Balloon Arch

How much does a balloon arch cost will depend on the balloon arch’s minimum size and degree of complexity? To give you an idea of price ranges, a classic balloon arch of typical size for a small gathering such as a small birthday party may cost as little as $50, while a more extravagant arch for a ceremony or business event might cost as much as $500.

These are only figures, obviously; the final price will vary on the intricacies of your function. If your party is indoors, just ensure the arch’s elevation does not surpass the level of the roof. Your ceiling height is the total altitude of your archway for indoor gatherings.

The given price quote may change based on your vendor and the extent of the order. Just keep in mind that there can be a minimum order quantity according to the order size. The number and type of balloons you order could also affect the price.

  • Materials

How much does a balloon arch cost will also depend on the materials utilized! Balloons come in a plethora of varieties. The cost of latex balloon archways will be cheaper than that of Mylar or foil balloon arches.

Since Mylar balloons are stronger and can be stretched to a greater pressure than rubber balloons, they will preserve their form better. But they also cost more money.

  • Venue of the Event

How much does a balloon arch cost will further rely on where the special event will be held! More footing and reinforcement are needed when arches are erected outside for outdoor events, which raises the price. Indoor balloon columns, bunches, and arches are often less costly because they do not have to be as strong.

What to Consider When Shopping for Balloon Arches
What to Consider When Shopping for Balloon Arches

What to Consider When Shopping for Balloon Arches

The cost of shipping, assembly, and any balloon accents, like a string of pearls, should be included in your balloon arch budget.

Think about lights too, like if you want your arch to be lighted. Depending on how hard the balloon decorator or balloon artist works, the cost will vary.

There are a few methods to lower the price of a balloon arch if you have a limited budget. First, think about using fewer balloons; a smaller arch will cost less and work well in smaller spaces than a bigger one.

Second, choose air-filled balloons over helium-filled balloons because they are less expensive and will last longer. Lastly, if you just want an arch for a single event, renting a balloon arch rather than purchasing one may be a more affordable option for you.

No matter what your budget is, there’s a balloon arch for you. With a little forethought and research, you can uncover an arch that will stand out at your special event and will not break the bank.

Here’s a brief on how you can get a balloon arch on a tight budget:

How to Get a Balloon Arch on a Low Budget

There are so many alternatives for balloon arches! Here are a few strategies for balloon design arch cost savings:

Pick a less complex design: A less complicated balloon arch will cost less than one that is more intricate.

Use rubber balloons: Use latex balloons to reduce costs because Mylar (or “foil”) balloons are pricier than specialized latex balloons.

Use a balloon arch pack: These can be a cost-effective choice and often come with everything you require to make the arch, from balloons to steel wire. The balloon arch will then need to be put together by you, which is the sole drawback. But there are a ton of bundle offers available!

Compare prices: Before hiring an arch for your event, compare pricing from various vendors. Before approving an artist for the job, you might wish to take a look at their previous work to make sure it lives up to your standards.

To help you visualize the finished product, you can even request that your balloon décor artists draw out what they have in mind for your event space.

Ask for price reductions: If you get many services from a vendor, they might give you a discount, so it never hurts to inquire!

There are many different types of arches available for balloon décor events. Your event’s arches can be traditional decor, helium or gas-filled balloons, or even balloons made of organic materials like organic balloon arches are. Even though these represent the majority of the balloon arches people usually ask about, there are different sorts of arches that individuals may demand that have customized prices. So talk to your local balloon decor companies about your specific requirements to get a better idea of how much does a balloon arch cost!

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