More94 The Patriotic Clothing Affiliate Program

More94 The Patriotic Clothing Affiliate Program That Pays 18 To 50% Commissions

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Specializing In cool Patriotic Attire and apparel more94 is the one stop shop niche where you can show your patriotic colors, and support the 45th president of the United states of America while simultaneously pissing off your liberal friends.

Show your U.S.A pride and piss off half the country.

More94 is a win, win, for all.

The best part of the more94 affiliate program is it kicks its competitors asses in terms of payouts.

The More94 affiliate program commissions pay at the least 18% per item sold, all the way up to 50% affiliate commissions for the whole basket, not just one item.

Customer you refer as an affiliate orders 5 items and you earn commissions on all 5 items.

Easy, cheesy, Japanesey.

While Amazon is lowering every affiliates commissions, and Jeff Bezos sails the seven seas on his billion dollar yacht.

More94 is upping there commissions in a cool niche, that caters to a huge market, that is the patriotic clothing niche with potential buyers at 110 million people.

Try getting 18 to 50% commissions on physical products that caters to the huge, huge, raving market of conservatives who love there country and support there president Donald J. Trump.

That is what it means to be a real American.


You can kill 2 birds with one stone with the More94 affiliate program by making your favorite snowflake cry, and making 18 to 50% commissions for every sale that you generate as an affiliate.

Be proud to sell to all the real Americans that love there country and there president the 45th president of the United States of America Donald J.Trump.

Who would be happy to show there patriotic clothing and American pride to anyone and everyone.

Categories for More94’s patriotic clothing include Mens patriotic clothing, womens patriotic clothing, childrens patriotic clothing, accessories, and homewear.

From patriotic Donald J. Trump tshirts, jackets, mugs, and everything in between that is patriotic.

To Womens tank tops, sports bras, hoodies, jackets, flip flops, and everything in between.

All the way to baby patriotic attire and cell phone patriotic accessories.

They even have patriotic stickers to show you love on your laptop, SUV, or car.

When it comes to patriotic clothing and accessories the more 94 affiliate program has it all and more and caters to a loyal massive market.

If you want to check out all the cool patriotic clothing, attire, and accessories that more 94 offers you can do so by clicking here.

B.T.W. the owner of the more94 website and affiliate program reached out to me to check out his website + affiliate program.

I loved the patriotic Donald J. Trump attire and the niche in general is awesome!

Huge market!

So, I decided to hop aboard and sign up as an affiliate, and let my blog readers know about this affiliate program, so you guys and girls can make some extra money.

Ever go on Fb these days? Political posts and covid19 posts fill up half of my fb feed.

The patriotic clothing niche is a good market to be an affiliate for, and it is pretty much recession proof if you ask me.

Anyhow; Let me show you how you can make some money.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of joining the More94 patriotic clothing affiliate program and finding cool patriotic clothing to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Benefits Of Joining The More94 Affiliate Program

  • Industry leading affiliate payouts of 18 to 50% on physical products that caters to the patriotic clothing niche which has tons of buyers and raving loyal supporters.
  • You as an affiliate of More94 can market any way you deem fit as long as you do not damage the more 94 brand name which goes without saying.
  • Ways you can promote the more94 affiliate program include social networking, blogging, ppc ads, FBads, and your email list to name a few marketing suggestions.
  • More94 offers affiliates a 5 day affiliate tracking cookie. So, if a customer comes back and buys something else in those 5 days you get credited for the affiliate sales. Sure beats Amazons 1 day affiliate cookie.
  • There are over 1500 items of clothing and accessories in the patriotic category that you as an affiliate can earn money by promoting.
  • You do not need a website or blog to promote More94 as an affiliate if you do not have one. If you do own a website or blog it is helpful though!
  • Affiliate payments are made by Paypal, bank transfer, or debit card giving affiliates a variety of ways to get paid when they refer products via there affiliate tracking links.
  • There is a one time small $10 fee to be a more94 patriotic clothing affiliate that keeps the competition down for affiliates so you can make more sales + weeds out the serious affiliates from the casual do nothing affiliates. In all honesty most affiate programs are free to join but I like the small charge for the reasons I just stated. This makes the More94 affiliate program exclusively for serious affiliates and paying customers. B.T.W. If you cant afford $10 bucks you probably shouldn’t be in business for yourself anyways.

Sign Up By Clicking Here To Join The More94 Patriotic Clothing Affiliate Program

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