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7 Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers #1 Will Shock You [ 2023 ]

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Find out the 7 best affiliate programs for Youtubers where you can find lucrative affiliate products and services to promote as an affiliate marketer and earn affiliate commissions by creating Youtube videos mixed with affiliate marketing.

If you run a Youtube channel and you want the best affiliate networks to sign up with for FREE and create another revenue stream for yourself, then these affiliate programs are the best of the best for Youtube video creators to join.

My 7 best affiliate programs for Youtubers will be a mix of both digital and physical affiliate products and services, in all niches, that any Youtube creator who wants to monetize their Youtube videos with affiliate marketing is sure to find useful.

Youtube content creators let’s dive into the easiest way to find great affiliate products and services that you can promote so you can make your Youtube affiliate marketing a huge success now, and many years into the future.

7 Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers My List Of The Best Of The Best

7 Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers #1 Will Shock You [ 2023 ] youtube affiliate marketing
7 Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers #1 Will Shock You!

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This is the perfect mix of some of the best affiliate programs for Youtubers to promote in a blue ocean space that has never been taught before, until now!

This is a new strategy in a blue ocean space that is not saturated at all and is highly scalable for any Youtube affiliate marketer or content creator.

This is by far my #1 pick for the best affiliate programs for Youtubers due to the blue oceans it has created in the marketplace showing people step by step how to make money with Youtube affiliate marketing without showing your face or even your own voice.

Click the big orange button below and see how this super affiliate marketer is using this brand new groundbreaking strategy to earn $10k a week using the powers of Youtube affiliate marketing and this groundbreaking new A.I. technology.

With that being said let’s jump into my 7 powerhouse affiliate programs for Youtubers where you can sign up for free and find excellent digital products and services to promote on your Youtube channel to monetize your Youtube videos.

1. Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank based in the great state of Boise, Idaho is a great affiliate program that is American-based and has been around since 1997.

Clickbank started way back in the day and has grown into the affiliate program powerhouse it is today with over 10,000 digital products and services at your fingertips for Youtube content creators to promote.

Clickbank Affiliate program Categories For Youtube Creators

  • Arts @ Entertainment
  • As Seen On TV
  • Betting System
  • Business / Investing category
  • Cooking food and wine
  • E-marketing
  • Education
  • Self Help
  • E-Business/ E-Marketing
  • Health and Fitness category
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Many, Many More….

There are currently over 10,000 digital products and services as well as quite a few top-selling physical products that are top-selling affiliate programs as well in the health and fitness category with high affiliate commissions for Youtubers.

This is one of many top-selling health affiliate programs in the health @ fitness category for Youtube product creators to promote on their Youtube channels.

Youtube creators can earn up to 75% on all front-end sales this does not include all the upsells and downsells in the product funnels that you will get commissions on as well when you are doing your Youtube affiliate marketing on your channel.

So, no matter what kind of Youtube videos it is that you create regardless of the niche that your Youtube channel revolves around you are bound to find the perfect affiliate programs to promote to your Youtube subscribers [ VIA ] Youtube affiliate marketing mixed with Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Clickbank Affiliate Program Stats

Clickbank is a World leader when it comes to affiliate programs and it is a number #1 destination for affiliate marketers Worldwide to find relevant and high-converting affiliate programs to promote using Youtube affiliate marketing or any other medium that you so desire.

  • More than 100,000 affiliate marketers use the Clickbank marketplace to find related products and services to promote including a ton of Youtube affiliate marketers.
  • Reliable and on-time weekly affiliate payments once your account reaches the affiliate threshold and you successfully selling the Clickbank products that you are promoting on your Youtube channel
  • Biggest digital products and services affiliate program in the World.
  • Clickbank has paid out over $5 Billion dollars to affiliates from around the World since it was first born in 1997.
  • Clickbank is available in over 197 countries for Youtube creators to find products and services to promote as affiliates Worldwide.
  • Clickbank is always on my best affiliate programs for Youtubers list and it is my go to place to search for relevant digital products to promote to my Youtube subscribers.

Clickbank How Affiliate Payments Work For Youtube Creators

When you have a few affiliate sales under your belt and you reach the Clickbank payment threshold then you are set to be paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on what country you reside in.

Clickbanks payment threshold is a set amount Youtube affiliate marketers and video creators must have in their Clickbank accounts before payment is sent to the affiliate.

Clickbanks’ payment threshold is set at $100 dollars by default but you can switch it to anywhere from a low of $10 dollars to a maximum payment threshold of $1,000,000 dollars.

  • Check – Youtube content creators can opt to have a physical check mail to their residence.
  • Direct Deposit – If you live in the U.S.A. or other select countries you can opt to get paid VIA Clickbank through direct deposit directly to your bank account.
  • Wire Transfer – This Clickbank payment option is available to affiliates who do not have the option of international direct deposit.
  • Payoneer – Similar to Paypal Payoneer is a New York-based and fast-growing payment processor that is nipping at Paypals toes.

Clickbank Affiliate Network How To Get Started

Sign Up Here To Become A Clickbank Affiliate

*Clickbank is a great affiliate program for Youtube affiliate marketers to monetize their Youtube channel with quality-related affiliate products.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Tip: Just place the links of the best affiliate programs that you are promoting on your Youtube channel as the first link in your Youtube video description box and tell your Youtube viewers to click the link at the top of the video description box to learn more to maximize your Youtube video affiliate clicks and sales.

2. JVZOO Affiliate Program

JVZoo is a well-established American-based affiliate network that is well known for digital products mainly in the internet marketing space.

So, if your Youtube channel revolves around digital marketing software, making money online, affiliate marketing, or anything internet marketing related in general then your next step should be signing up for a free JVZoo affiliate account and finding relevant affiliate programs to promote for your Youtube channel and Youtube videos

You can earn very high commissions on the JVZoo affiliate network on a wide range of products ranging from 50 all the way up to 100% affiliate commissions.

This does not include the commissions you will get on upsells etc… [ That can really add up ]

You can check out my JVZoo best sellers list here to get an idea of some of the top-selling JVZoo affiliate products on the JVZoo affiliate network.

JVZoo Main Product Categories To Find The Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers

  • Internet Marketing
  • Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Software
  • Make Money Online

Here is one of my many videos on my Youtube channel that shows YouTubers how to get started making money with JVZoo

3. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

E-Commerce is exploding in 2022, and everyone loves Amazon, that is why Amazon has grown to be the biggest online ECommerce retailer for goods and services on the planet.

The Amazon affiliate program is the biggest affiliate network on the planet making Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos the richest man in the World in the process.

Amazon Affiliate program also known as the Amazon associates program is literally the perfect affiliate program for Youtube to find different products to promote and monetize your youtube videos with related Amazon affiliate products and services.

The Amazon associates program has a wide range of products for Youtube video creators to find and promote on their Youtube channel and video description boxes.

A lot of small Youtubers all the way to large Youtube influencers with giant Youtube channels do product reviews of related Amazon products that they are promoting as Amazon affiliates and tell their Youtube viewers and subscribers to click the link in the Youtube video description box to check out the product or to learn more.

These Youtube video creators then earn an affiliate commission for every sale that is generated by a Youtube visitor or subscriber clicking on that Amazon associates link and purchasing that product.

The cool thing about the Amazon affiliates program is when a buyer buys numerous products after clicking on your Amazon affiliate link you get paid on all those sales, as well from that initial click and purchase.

Amazon is the master of the upsell as you probably know as an Amazon customer.

These affiliate commissions can really add up and promoting Amazon products is one of the best ways to monetize your Youtube channel.

Here are the highest paying Amazon affiliate programs categories as of 2022

  • Amazon Games 20% commission per sale
  • Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, Amazon Explore 10% Affiliate Commissions
  • Digital Music, Handmade, Physical Music, and digital videos sit at 5% affiliate commissions
  • Books, kitchen, and automotive sit at 4% commissions

*Remember as an Amazon affiliate when you are doing Youtube affiliate marketing you are paid on anything that customer buys when they click your affiliate link inside Amazon so that is a big benefit.

Amazon Associates Program Commission Structure For Youtube Affiliates

Best affiliate programs for Youtubers in 2022.
Amazon associates program commission structure.

How Does Amazon Affiliate program Pay Affiliates?

Affiliates who generate sales through their Amazon affiliate links are paid by direct deposit in approximately 60 days at the end of the month for which they are being paid. You can see how Amazon pays affiliates here.

*Amazon associate is a great place to find the perfect affiliate products and services to promote and start creating a nice passive income for your Youtube channel.

A quick video that shows Youtubers how to make money with Amazon in [ 2022 ]

Amazon Influencer Program Is This Going To Be The Next Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers?

The Amazon influencers program is the next best thing coming to the affiliate marketing world and it is looking like it is going to be a total godsend for Youtube affiliate marketers and Youtube content creators who are running a Youtube channel.

The Amazon influencers program allows Youtube content creators and affiliates to get their own online presence on Amazon.

Yes, please!

Youtubers and Instagram influencers can customize the affiliate products and services that you recommend inside your Youtube videos and Instagram pages.

You can then promote your Amazon online shop verbally [ VIA ] your Youtube videos to your followers.

When your followers then go to your Amazon influencers page and shop for the Amazon products that you recommend, you then get affiliate commissions for every sale that is generated, like the traditional Amazon associates program.

Super, super, cool!

The Amazon influencer program may be the next best thing for Youtubers and affiliate marketers now, and well into the future.

Let’s move on to our next best affiliate programs for Youtubers in [ 2022 ]

4. CJ.COM Affiliate Program formerly known as commission junction founded in 1998 is based out of Santa, Barbara California and they are a huge affiliate program that Youtubers can take advantage of and find great affiliate programs to promote as affiliates from the most well-respected brands on the planet.

CJ.Com Affiliate Network Statistics

  • is a powerhouse affiliate program that generates over a billion dollars monthly in revenue.
  • generates over $14 Billion dollars annually in revenue.
  • is the perfect affiliate network for people that run a Youtube channel to find big brand name products and services to promote to their Youtube audience.
  • Some of the Worlds most well-known brands partner with like Barnes and Knobles, Turbo Tax, Blue Apron, Priceline, Overstock, Godaddy, and J Crew just to name a few of the many top affiliate programs out there that you can promote on the affiliate network.
  • has 3,800 global brands availabel to promote on their network.
  • is a great choice and is one of the best affiliate programs for Youtubers to join who are looking for big brand name affiliate programs.

How Does Pay Affiliates?

  • Direct deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer

Let’s move onto our next best affiliate programs for Youtubers in [ 2022 ]

5. Shareasale Affiliate Program

Shareasale is another popular affiliate program where you can find relevant affiliate programs to promote inside your video content with your Youtube account.

Shareasale is based out of Chicago, IL and it is a major powerhouse in the affiliate marketing space with big brand names like Etsy, Groupon, and Retail Me Not calling this affiliate program home.

Shareasale Statistics

  • 16,550 merchants at your fingertips Youtube creators
  • $182 million dollars in sales generated in 2020
  • 225,000 publishers on the shareasale affiliate network.
  • $1 Billion dollars in affiliate revenue earned by affiliates last year
  • 260 new affiliates join the shareasale affiliate program each and every day
  • Partner with big brands you know and trust
  • Shareasale is definitely one of the best affiliate programs for Youtubers to join

How Does Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Network Pay Affiliates?

  • Physical check
  • Direct deposit
  • Payoneer

You Can Sign Up For Shareasale For Free Here

Let’s move on to our next best affiliate programs for Youtubers in [ 2022 ]

6. Maxbounty Affiliate Program

Maxbounty is another popular affiliate program that specializes in C.P.A or cost-per-action affiliate marketing where Youtubers can find a lot of top brands that are willing to pay you per every action that a Youtube visitor takes when he or she clicks on your affiliate link in your Youtube description box.

CPA marketing differs from traditional affiliate marketing where you are paid per sale and this is where Maxbounty separates itself from the other affiliate programs on this list.

With cost-per-action affiliate marketing Youtubers are paid for every action that a user takes, not the sale, like filling out an email address, downloading software or an app, filling out a survey, etc.

*Your commission rate will vary depending on the C.P.A. offers you decide to promote on your Youtube channel and Youtube videos.

You can sign up for the Maxbounty affiliate program here.

How Does Maxbounty Pay Youtubers?

  • Maxbounty releases affiliate commissions when an affiliate accrues $100 in there account initially
  • After the initial payment is made to you the referring affiliate you are then paid weekly
  • Maxbounty pays affiliates in a wide variety of ways like a check, PayPal, intercash, E-check, ACH, bank wire, and even with cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
  • Maxbounty is a great way for Youtubers to earn extra money promoting CPA offers in the video description box of their Youtube videos

Let’s move on to our last best affiliate programs for Youtubers in [ 2022 ]

7. Independent High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Youtubers

High Ticket Affiliate Programs that pay huge commissions of $1k per sale and more are not a dream, but a stone-cold reality, for a lot of affiliates including myself who have sold quite a few high ticket affiliate programs through my Youtube channel, email list, and this blog.

Check out the link above for my list of the best affiliate programs for Youtubers in 2022 that pay the big bucks.

Gift For My Readers: Be sure to check out my exclusive Youtube affiliate marketing training on the link below to learn how you can your Youtube channel and affiliate earnings to the next level and then some.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Bonus Training: Click Here To Sign up for a FREE Youtube affiliate marketing workshop from a super affiliate who is literally crushing it with Youtube affiliate programs where her best day was over $1,500 dollars.

Hit Play! Video from my Youtube channel where I show you exactly how to do Youtube affiliate marketing properly using my best affiliate programs for Youtubers. [ Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more Youtube affiliate marketing-related content ]

Final Conclusion And My Final Thoughts On The 7 Best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers

I hope you enjoyed my 7 best affiliate programs for Youtubers and you found a few affiliate programs on this list where you can find great products and services to promote on your Youtube videos, and to your Youtube subscribers, and make a lot of money in the process.

Video marketing is a great way to promote relevant affiliate products and services when you create Youtube videos and promote your affiliate products inside your Youtube video description box.

Granted you choose the right niche, and the right affiliate programs to promote when you are building your online business and applying your Youtube affiliate marketing strategies.

The sky is literally the limit to how far you can take this business.

Good luck with your Youtube channel, I hope you kill it!

If you want to sign up for my FREE! How To Make Money Online: The Definitive 10,273-Word Guide! to learn a lot more about Youtube affiliate marketing do so on that link.

If you found this best affiliate programs list blog post helpful please re-share it on your favorite social networking site.

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