Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses

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If your business or service helps your clients get transformational results, then charging low prices will never help them. In fact it hurts them, hence I call it a scam!

Here is the challenge we’ve seen in most of our clients at ClientsValley; most service professionals don’t realize their real value when pricing their services or programs. So they bail when it comes to charging what they are really worth. This is because they don’t feel confident enough.

This leads to tons of negative outcomes.

The disservice

The first thing to know is that you’re doing a huge disservice to both yourself and to your client.

Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses

Selling at low-ticket prices means you’d have to sell to a lot more people than you would at premium prices.

Let’s say you have a monthly financial goal of $50,000, with a pricing of $500 per client. 100 clients must walk through the door to meet your goal. This means you have to sell to a ton of people and serve a ton of them. And, this can easily lead to burn out and poor quality service.

This brings us to the next point.

Only a tiny amount of people who buy from you at these low prices get any tangible results.

The reason is two-fold;

  1. Usually, when people buy things at low prices, they don’t take it seriously… which means they don’t take real action.
  2. You also won’t be able to give that huge number of people the best support. This is because your time is on the line. Personalized support is what brings your clients results.

Contrast this to a scenario where you serve just 10 clients, at $5,000 each.

This means you get to hit your income goal faster, with fewer number of clients.

And, you’re able to give them a world-class support.

Hence, nine and half in ten times, these people are sure to get results.

When you sell at low-ticket prices, folks will take you up on your offer faster, and get excited for the next couple days that they bought your service or program.

But this also means that most people taking you up on your offer could be people who won’t be committed to taking action.

Most of them turn out to be impulsive buyers who didn’t think things through before making the leap.

Hence, a further decrease in the number of people who get results from their investment in you.

So, clients buy your low-ticket programs, gulp it down, sing your praises and that’s it. No results! And if your clients are not getting results, you will never feel fulfilled as a business owner.

I’ve been on both sides of the divide, so believe me, I know.

I have loads of materials accumulating dust on my hard drive.

I may never look at them, study or use them.

In fact I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in some courses, and never even downloaded them. This was me as a client.

Flipping the script…

Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses scam service businesses
Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses 1

Back in 2010, I fixed computer hardware to survive and earned about $10/hour.

I did this until I decided to look into online marketing. I had it in my head that I could write, and all I needed was some training.

So, I honed this skill by learning from the best. I started out as a copywriter, writing sales copy.

But nobody knew me, so I started offering my services on Fiverr — that was at Fiverr’s inception.

When people were offering similar services for $5, I was offering mine for $100. And people were buying in droves.

I mean, I couldn’t keep up with the orders coming in.

I helped clients write and build landing pages for their marketing campaigns.

But you see, there’s a cap to offering services. So, in addition to this, I decided to sell digital products.

I put some of my knowledge together into eBooks and tried selling them.

After weeks of waiting, I sold my first couple eBooks and other digital materials. I was ecstatic!

But overtime, I realized that most people who bought my eBooks and other digital content go through them and dump them without taking any real action.

Hence, no real results come in. They didn’t care to implement, because it didn’t cost them much.

And, there wasn’t any one-on-one support through the process. They got no tangible results, and this didn’t feel very good.

So, I decided to transition into high-ticket selling.

The sure plug

High-ticket selling is a win-win for you and for your clients.

You get to hit your income goals faster with fewer number of clients.

Unlike with low-ticket offers where you need 100 clients to make $50,000/month for instance.

You need only 10 clients at $5000 and 5 clients at $10,000 to make same amount.

With fewer number of clients, you could give world-class support through the process.

You’re better focused on clients to give them the best you can offer.

And, you usually don’t have to worry about getting your next client.

Your clients have more respect for you, because they spent more on you and perceive you as the expert.

I don’t know about you. If I pay $200 for a course, I’ll only get around to it when I feel like. But if I invest $10,000 in a coaching program, best believe I’d show up ready to grind hard.

When I transitioned to charging premium prices, clients showed up. They stay committed to the program until they get results. That was when results started showing up.

How to command premium prices

Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses scam service businesses
Why Low-Ticket Selling Is a Scam For Service Businesses 2

In the end, it’s not just about making money and hitting your financial goals. It’s about making impact.

People have more than enough information already. In fact on YouTube or Google and you’re sure to find information on anything you’re looking for.

What your clients need now is transformation, and they need it like yesterday!

Your clients can only get the transformation they’re looking for from working one-on-one with you, getting the absolute best support in the world.

There’s a technique to charging premium prices.

A method only a handful of coaches and service business owners use to attract their best clients and get transformational results for them.

Ready to learn how this works?

We’ve put together a training that shows you how to do this.

On the training, you’ll learn the three-step process we use to enroll premium clients in as little time as 24 to 72hrs.

Watch the training here now.

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