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7 Shocking Reasons Why Your SERP Ranking Sucks! How to Improve it?

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You’ve worked so hard so your website can successfully improve its Google ranking. But how many of us go into a real panic mode when your website starts to stop enjoying the coveted top SERP rankings? 

The goal in SERP ranking is to maintain a high ranking position, of course. When a significant drop takes place, it means you have to check the different factors that lead to a decline in the SERP position.

Displaying highly relevant content to web users is one of the top priorities of Google. Here are the possible seven reasons why your website SERP position drops:

7 Reasons Why Your SERP Ranking Sucks

1. When you have to deal with Google updates.

A drop in your SERP ranking may not be directly related to your website issues. Every SEO professional knows that algorithm updates take center stage when it comes to declining in rankings

Moreover, Google updates make it challenging for SEO professionals to compete in the SERP rankings.

But you have to understand that Google makes significant updates for the interest of online users. After careful analysis of user behavior, Google wants to improve the online experience of every web user.

Although Google algorithm update can sometimes be a headache to many SEO professionals, you can take this as an opportunity to improve your website rankings

2. Your website has server issues.

Every web user hates it every time they come across that “Server Error” error message. And oops, something went wrong and something can really go wrong with your website ranking because of this. Admit it, nobody wants to refresh a page every now and then.

This problem might be difficult to fix but you have to work with your team tasked to do server maintenance. On the other hand, server issues happen because of caching function issues or empty marked up which is usually served to Googlebot.

It may also help if you check with your website host. If you exceed the limits of your bandwidths, this will take your website down. Remember that when your site is going through a lot of downtimes, your search rankings may suffer from this server issue.

3. You have a problem with your keyword targeting strategy

Ask yourself this question: How much time have you invested to ensure that the keywords you’re targeting are what your audience is looking for?

If you just rely on short-tail keywords, you’re going to deal with tough competition that will affect your conversion rate. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, assist your online users to get the content they exactly need.

This point boils down to establishing effective keyword research. This will surely yield better results your website and company will benefit from. It won’t do any good if you just generate opinions about what your audience wants. Reliable numbers matter, remember that.

When you get to understand the type of your audience, you’ll come up with content strategies that will increase traffic to your website.

4. Your website contains lost links

Losing quality links is one of the reasons why your site ranking has declined. Check if the whole site is affected by lost links. 

A decline in rankings takes place when you have site pages that repeatedly have lost links.

Moreover, the backlinks of your website can heavily rely on quality backlinks. So what may happen if these backlinks are lost or removed?

Your website suffers from the ranking plunge. This also results in taking a toll on your website’s domain authority.

Do a regular analysis of your backlinks based on your SEO strategy. There are available tools you can use for those lost backlinks.

5. Your website takes forever to load

Your website visitor does not have an internet connection problem. Your website just doesn’t meet the number of seconds your web page should load. Grr! And if it takes longer than three seconds to load your web page, the visitor is likely to abandon your website.

Don’t expect your website visitors to read or explore your content if they encounter problems loading those content pages. 

6. Your Recent Website Changes affect your page rankings

Redesigning your website is inevitable for many good reasons. But this attempt can also affect your website page ranking. This is somehow difficult to deal with because what is at stake is the traffic and rankings your website has enjoyed.

Dropping in page rankings is also the result of having no 301 redirect plan. Ask the team that handles your website developmental changes to notify your team if they have plans to do site structural changes.

Remember the important things to take into consideration before doing any changes or launching your new website. Page URL mapping, site audit, rank tracker, and traffic are parts of your baseline metrics report that you have to rely on.

7. Your website lacks quality content

Content is king and you will reap the benefits if you’re doing the right thing. Doing the right thing means having quality content while having a great website design. As a result, Google will shower you with the traffic love your website needs.

Quality content is a vital component in improving your website ranking. It also helps your website gain traffic and increase your conversion rate.

But how can you measure the success of your content that eventually drives a significant boost in your page ranking? You must be able to produce quality content that would make your avid readers share with other readers. 

If your content creates loyal linkers who spread your content around the world of social media, success is in your hands.


Be updated with the latest and best practices so you can improve your website visibility. It takes courage and endurance because the road to successful website traffic and a high SERP ranking position is not that easy.

You can always grow your business to the next level. Learn from mistakes and implement the procedures to avoid a drop in search rankings. As you can see there are helpful ways to fix the issues that affect your website ranking.

Author: Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian Social Media Agency and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at an Email Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, Best PSD to WordPress, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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