Fiverr Affiliate Program Earn $1k Per Sale Really?

Fiverr Review – Is Fiverr Legit? Shocking Fiverr Secrets

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This is going to be a Fiverr review of the top freelancing website in the World that started out with the simple motto back in the day of what would you do for $5 dollars?

Hence, the name and brand of Fiverr was born.

Obviously, motivated freelancers from around the planet jumped at the opportunity to showcase their freelancing skills, around the simple concept of what would you do for $5 dollars.

Fiverr has since grown into the internets leading freelancing website in the World, where you can hire basically anyone Worldwide, with a certain set of skills to perform tasks for your business.

Fiverr gigs range from $5 dollars all the way up to hundreds of dollars per gig depending on what the Fiverr gig is, the skill level being performed, how popular the Fiverr freelancer is, and the time it takes to perform the gig requested.

You can still get quality work done for as little as $5 bucks, but the real freelancing value of Fiverr will come when you spend a little more money and get the top quality freelancers in the World working on your gigs, saving you time, and helping your business to make more money.

Click Here For Fiverrs Official Site And Search For Your Next Freelancing Gig

Join me as a long-time user of Fiverr inside my Fiverr review.

You are going to find out inside my Fiverr review if Fiverr is legit, and a good place to find the right freelancer for your next project for your business or even hiring a freelancer for something fun that is non-business related.

You will also find out the best Fiverr gigs to buy if you run a business online in any way shape or form.

Well, at least the Fiverr gigs I have bought as a very Important Doer, better known as VID on the Fiverr freelancing site.

I am also going to answer a bunch of questions that are all Fiverr related that you may find useful as a potential Fiverr freelancer or potential Fiverr outsourcer.

What is Fiverr? Find Out In My Fiverr Review

Fiverr is the largest place in the World for freelancing gigs, where you can hire anyone for as little as $5 bucks to perform a certain task or gig for yourself personally, or your business.

Fiverr has literally been around for years, and it is a well-repected marketplace for freelancers who are looking to sell their services inside the Fiverr marketplace and make money.

Fiverr is also the #1 freelancing website in the World where business owners from around the World look for quality talent Worldwide that they can outsource and have the work performed in a timely matter for literally pennies on the dollar.

Especially if you live in the USA, U.K, Australia, Canada, or any first World country where the cost of hiring highly talented freelancers can get very expensive.

With Fiverr, you can hire freelancers from countries like India, the Phillippines, and every country in between where your dollar or Euro is stretched a lot farther for these skilled freelancers.

You save money buying Fiverr gigs, and the freelancer makes money selling their services on Fiverr.

It is a win, win, for all parties involved.

Based on my Fiverr review and a very long time Fiverr customer with hundreds and hundreds of Fiverr orders under my belt.

Fiverr is truly a one-stop-shop to find the very best talent and the most highly regarded freelancers in the World looking to help you and your business to make money by performing your gig in a timely fashion.

Fiver is legit and my go to place for all my freelancing needs for my affiliate marketing business.

Who better to explain Fiverr outsourcing services to you than the Fiverr team themselves.

Here is a nice little Fiverr explainer video that tells you about some of the outsourcing services Fiverr offers its customers.

This Is How Fiverr Works! Click Find Your Freelancer To Browse The Fiverr Marketplace.


Is Fiverr Legit? Find Out In My Fiverr Review

Fiverr is legit and it is the #1 Freelancing website in the World that I have been using for years where I have literally bought hundreds of gigs throughout the years for my affiliate marketing business.

Most of the Fiverr gigs that I have bought in that time frame were a great investment.

Others not so much.

My Recommendation: Only go with the Fiverr top-rated sellers, who have a very high rating, when looking into potential Fiverr gigs to buy for your business.

Look at all the Fiverr reviews from customers on any gig that you are thinking of buying.

Ask yourself these questions before hiring a Fiverr freelancer?

Are the Fiverr reviews positive? Are the Fiverr reviews negative? Do the Fiverr reviews look computer-generated and very general? Do the Fiverr reviews look legit?

And finally, do the overwhelming majority of reviews on that certain Fiverr gig seem legit and positive and actually come from legit Fiverr buyers?

If the answer is yes to these questions then go ahead and buy that Fiverr gig.

Chances are you will be very happy with that particular Fiverr freelancer’s work.

Fun Fiverr Fact: Did you know Fiverr also ran it’s first Super Bowl ad this year promoting the Fiverrs freelancing services?

Yep, very cool!

Fiverr is not only legit, but Fiverr is also a huge money maker being able to pay for super bowl ads means Fiverr is very profitable, and a great place to find your next freelancer to do business with,

So, if you’re a freelancer looking to offer your services on Fiverr, traffic will never be a problem considering Fiverr is one of the most popular websites in the World, and steadily growing in popularity.

Outsourcing your freelancing needs with Fiverr is always a TD!

Just ask Tom Brady;)

Fiverr Freelancing Categories To Buy Gigs

There are literally hundreds of Fiverr categories for you to buy Fiverr gigs through.

I am going to go through some of the main freelancing categories available on Fiverr but keep in mind there are tons of categories inside these main categories to narrow down your search for the perfect Fiverr freelancer.

  • Graphic @ Design with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Digital Marketing with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Writing @ Translation with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Video @ Animation with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Music @ Audio with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Programming @ Tech with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Data with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Business with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.
  • Lifestyle with many sub categories inside the main category for you to find freelancers.

You can do a quick search for your next Fiverr freelancing gig in the search box below to find exactly what you are looking for.

What Is Fiverr VID? Are You A Very Important Fiverr Doer?

This is something relatively new to the Fiverr marketplace, for very important doers or frequent users of Fiverr, who buy various freelancing gigs off the Fiverr marketplace and spend a certain amount of money.

Basically, if you use Fiverr for a lot of your freelancing needs than you will probably get the VID badge as a Fiverr very important doer.

Are you a very important doer?

Fiverr is a great place to find quality gigs that skilled professionals can perform for all your freelancing needs.

What Are The Best Fiverr Gigs? Find Out In My Fiverr Review

The best Fiverr gigs are the gigs that will directly benefit your business in one way shape or form.

Ask yourself these questions?

Do you need a freelancer to design a logo for your business? Do you need SEO work performed? Do you need digital marketing freelancing work done that will save your business time and money? Do you need super techy work outsourced that you simply do not have the skills to handle on your own?

No matter what your personal scenario entails;

The best Fiverr gigs are the ones you order from Fiverr top-rated sellers 9 times out of ten that will indirectly or even directly help to make your business more money.

Spend a little money on Fiverr outsourcing and potentially make a lot of money from the gigs you order in the long run from the direct impact they will have on your business’s long-term success.

Try find a freelancer in the Fiverr box below – What Fiverr freelancing service are you looking for? How fast do you need your Fiverr order delivered?

Best Fiverr Gigs To Make MoneyFind Out In My Fiverr Review

If you are a freelancer and you are looking for the best freelancing gigs that you can perform on Fiverr and potentially make the most money.

First off, you are going to have to know your skillset, and which Fiverr freelancing gigs you can perform effectively, and potentially make the most amount of money outsourcing your freelancing skills.

Fiverr has levels ranging from a new seller to a top-rated Fiverr seller. This article explains the Fiverr seller system pretty well to learn further.

Fiverr Tip: I would look at all the Top rated Fiverr sellers based around whatever gig you are thinking of offering your freelancing skills to and try to do more or expand on what the top-rated Fiverr seller is offering to build up your Fiverr reviews, build up your business, and help you rise in the Fiverr leveling system, making you as much money as possible in the long run.

If you are a Fiverr VID like myself, who is just looking for quality freelancing gigs to buy for your business, that you simply do not have the talent, time, or energy to do yourself.

Then Fiverr can be a great resource to find the very best freelancers in the World at your fingertips that can save you all of your 3 major resources time, energy, and money.

My advice to you is to go for Fiverr top-rated sellers with a ton of Fiverr reviews from customers that are positive to make money with Fiverr building your business outsourcing your work to quality top-rated sellers on Fiverr.

Fiverr top rated sellers have the most to lose by getting a negative Fiverr review from a customer.

99 out of 100 times you will be happy with the work performed by a Fiverr top rated seller, especially if they have hundreds of positive reviews.

If you follow these tips you should have no problem making money as a buyer or a seller on the Fiverr marketplace based on my Fiverr review.

Moving onto some of the Fiverr gigs I have ordered with the best SEO Fiverr gigs.

Best SEO Fiverr Gigs Based On My Fiverr Review

Here are some of my most recent Fiverr orders that were related to Fiverr SEO that I was happy with below [ See screenshot ]

  • Fiverr SEO Gig 1: This one was about finding some high-quality high domain authority domain names for SEO purposes [ Gig description find 3 expired domain backlinks that have 90 DR websites linking to them like Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, Wikipedia, and other very quality backlinks. After my Fiverr order was complete mission accomplished seller was able to find some great domain names for me so Fiverr review of 5 stars for that gig.
  • Fiverr SEO Gig 2: This is just a monotonous task that is time-consuming and most people do not want to do and for $20 bucks and submitting my P.D.F. for me for some high-quality backlinks and traffic this Fiverr gig is always a home run. 5 start Fiverr review for this SEO gig. Do pdf submission manually to 30 high authority doc sharing sites by Seom0nster | Fiverr
  • Fiverr SEO Gig 3: This was a more expensive Fiverr SEO gig but you get what you pay for and to create and submit a press release that drives traffic and gets you a lot of high-quality backlinks in return this Fiverr gig is a no-brainer! Fiverr review 5 stars for this SEO gig to bring more publicity to my money blog. she was a very polite Fiverr freelancer to boot highly recommended.
  • Fiverr SEO Gig 4: This girl is amazing at creating unique and quality content for your blog or website. She is from Pakistan, but speaks fluent English and writes like she was born and raised in the U.S.A. She is my go-to girl for all things content writing, when I do not have the time to do it myself I hire Be an SEO content writer and article rewriter by Momnaikram970 | Fiverr 5 star Fiverr review every time for her content writing skills she is one of the best Fiverr outsourcers on Fiverr when it comes to content marketing at a fair price. I have spent hundreds with her as my go to Fiverr content writer.
Best SEO Fiverr Gigs I ordered Pic
Fiverr Review - Is Fiverr Legit? Shocking Fiverr Secrets 1

Fiverr Best Selling Gigs

Fiverr’s best-selling gigs will be broken down by categories and rated by Fiverr top sellers, and top-rated Fiverr gigs in certain categories based on Fiverr reviews from customers who have ordered the particular Fiverr gigs.

Obviously the best selling Fiverr freelancing gigs are the ones with the highest rated Fiverr reviews from customers.

I like to go through a lot of Fiverr reviews before placing an order on Fiverr to make sure I am buying the very best Fiverr gig for my hard-earned money.

Should You Tip Your Fiverr Freelancers? Based On My Fiverr Review It Depends

I personally always like to tip my Fiverr freelancers especially if I am happy with the work performed from the gig I ordered.

A lot of the Fiverr freelancers come from poorer countries where your dollar is stretched a lot farther than it is here.

Selling Fiverr gigs and doing the best possible job is these freelancers’ livelihood.

It is how they feed their families and pay their bills.

So, tipping your Fiverr freelancers is totally optional buy a nice gesture on your part and I assure you the hard-working Fiverr freelancers will appreciate your generosity.

On the other hand, if you are not happy with the freelancing work performed, then a tip would be out of the equation.

Fiverr freelancers have to earn their hard-earned money through a job well done.

Fiverr Pro ReviewWhat Is The Difference Between Fiverr And Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a premium freelancing service where the best of the best freelancers congregate and offer more advanced and higher quality premium Fiverr gigs.

If you are the kind of person that prefers quality over quantity and only buys the best of the best in your personal life.

Fiverr pro is where you are going to want to look for your next freelancing or outsourcing gig to buy.

If you have exquisite taste, and only the best outsourcing gigs are good enough for you and your business, then Fiverr pro should be your go-to category.

Fiverr pro is handpicked premium freelancing gigs selectively chosen by Fiverr themselves for quality and top-of-the-line freelancing work.

Fun Fact: Only 1% of freelancers who apply to be Fiverr pros are chosen – it is almost like an elite club of the best of the best freelancers on the planet.

This is great for you as a Fiverr pro buyer.

Fiverr Pro Has Pros In These Categories;

  • Fiverr pro-social media marketing services
  • Fiverr pro cybersecurity and data protection services
  • Fiverr pro articles and blog posts from only the best in the business.
  • Fiverr pro voiceovers
  • Fiverr pro website mobile design
  • Fiverr pro SEO services only the best search engine optimization specialists in the business chosen.
  • Many, many, more Fiverr pro’s at your service to bring you the best freelancers in the World all on the Fiverr platform.

My Fiverr Pro Final Review;

If you want the very quality freelancers bringing your business more visibility and traffic then buying a Fiverr gig

Highest Paying Fiverr Gigs

The highest paying Fiverr gigs for freelancers will be the gigs that you can perform and that are within your skillset.

You could have the highest paying Fiverr gig on the entire Fiverr marketplace but if you do not have the skills to perform that particular freelancing gig then you obviously will not make any money.

Looks for high paying skills within your skillset if your a freelancer looking to offer potential Fiverr services to customers.

Or, if you do not have the highest paying Fivver skills, then be prepared to get the skills necessary, before helping other people with your Fiverr gigs.

Fiverr Affiliate Join The Fiverr Affiliate program

If you are an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur who loves Fiverr services and you use them for all your outsourcing needs then why not join the Fiverr affiliate program.

Fiverr offers industry-leading affiliate commissions along with a 10 percent revenue share on the first year as well as a CPA model that pays you affiliate commissions depending on the Fiverr service a customer orders on the Fiverr network.

Watch the Fiverr affiliate review video below and sign up by clicking the start promoting button inside the video.

The Fiverr affiliate program gets a perfect 5 star Fiverr review from me a long time user of Fiverr, and a long time affiliate marketer of 15 years.

Fiverr Review - Is Fiverr Legit? Shocking Fiverr Secrets Fiverr VID

Fiverr Review 2021: Final Thoughts:

What is my final Fiverr review?

As you can see from my Fiverr review I am a big fan of Fiverr as it helps my online business grow without breaking the bank.

I get quality work outsourced through my favorite Fiverr freelancers while saving me time, energy, and ultimately money.

Fiverr frees up my valuable time where I can outsource the tedious tasks that I just do not have the skills to do myself or I just plainly do not want to do.

My Fiverr review is a perfect 5 stars.

Fiverr is the perfect place to find the very best outsourcers and freelancers in the World who are willing to do the work you need to be done at the very best prices in the industry.

The best thing about Fiverr is they have a category where you can hire the perfect freelancer for a gig you want done and have it delivered in under 24 hours.

How is that for effective marketing?

See you inside the Fiverr marketplace!


Click The Picture Below And Find The Perfect Fiverr Freelancer For Your Next Outsourcing Gig That Can Benefit You Or Your Business.

Fiverr Review - Is Fiverr Legit? Shocking Fiverr Secrets Fiverr VID

Fiverr Competitors

There are other Fiverr competitors out there but they are just not in the same league as Fiverr or have the same traffic levels as Fiverr

Here are a few Fiverr competitors that offer outsourcing or freelancing work similar to Fiverr.

  • Freelancer – This is the parent company of the site that bought the popular internet marketing forum the Warriorfoum back in the day.
  • Upwork – This is another top freelancing site that is a Fiverr competitor.

These are the only 2 well-known outsourcing sites, where you can find quality freelancers similar to what Fiverr offers, but not in the same league as Fiverr in my opinion.

NO-one in this list has advertised on the Super Bowl as far as I know.

Case closed!

Final verdict: Fiverr is guilty of winning, winning, winning, the freelancing wars for the best platform to find the best talented outsourcers at the best prices.

You can find a good list of some Fiverr competitors here.

Thanks for reading my review of Fiverr and all the Q+A

I hope this blog post was helpful, and I helped answer all the questions you may have on Fiverr.

Feel free to re-share on your favorite social network if you enjoyed my Fiverr review.

What is your personal Fiverr review?

Do you enjoy buying and selling gigs on Fiverr?

How was the quality of the gigs you have bought on Fiverr been?

Are you a long-time Fiverr customer?

Let me hear all your Fiverr reviews below.

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