5 Ways To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Ways To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

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These are unprecedented times to say the least.

I personally have never thought in my wildest dreams, that virtually the whole country, and the World for that matter would be on lockdown to prevent the spread of a highly infectious respiratory virus in 2020.

I am sure you have thought the same thing!

Weird times we are in with this coronavirus pandemic ravaging pretty much all the countries of the World.

Stuck at home with social distancing being the norm.

Stay 6 feet away and do not cough on my please 🙂 or else!

While social distancing is great, and a necessity, to prevent the spread of the highly contagious respiratory virus called covid-19 better known as the coronavirus.

It also leaves a lot of the World basically stuck or quarantined at home with little to do right?

So, I decided to write a blog post.

For one to keep my mind occupied.

For two;

I want to give you some good ideas to keep your mind active, or give you some new things to buy, if you have the money to spare that is.

To keep you from getting bored during this coronavirus pandemic that is rocking the World!

But, don’t worry like all things this coronavirus will pass, it is just going to be a rough ride in the meantime.

But; we will ultimately get through it!


Without further adue;

Here are some ideas to keep you from getting bored during this unprecedented time in the history of the World.

P.S. Watch the video at the end of this blog post to help stop the spread of the coronavirus! I shared it for a reason and you will too!

5 Ways To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Here are the 5 things that I am currently doing to prevent me from getting bored during this coronavirus lockdown.

I have also went ahead and ordered a lot of the products that you see below from Amazon!

I think you can figure out why!

Thanks Coronavirus!


Better safe than sorry!

Do not take unnecessary risks unless you absolutely have to!

That is my motto!

For me, it is just going to the grocery store and I make sure I have Lysol wipes with me to wipe off my cart, my hands, and everything I touch!

P.S. I am thinking about starting to do the preorder grocery shopping and just have my groceries delivered or pick them up curbside to reduce my coronavirus risk even further!


Let’s dive in here and see my tips for anti lockdown coronavirus boredom.

1. Coolest Video Game Consoles To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Truthfully, I have not had a video game console in years. I love video games and PlayStation was always my go to video game system but I was always busy working on my business or just working in general in my free time. Enter the cov-19 coronavirus lockdown and everything is closed, and I cannot work on my business at all times.

I need to have some fun

So, enter my new ps4 gaming system.

I know it’s been around forever but it is new to me damnt!

Lol! Blame my new fascination with gaming, and my new ps4 on boredom, and this coronavirus lockdown.


Yep, I decided to buy the slim ps4 bundle with Madden 2020 and 3 other ps4 video games to keep me from getting bored during the coronavirus lockdown.

Truth be told, I was thinking about buying another play station gaming system before this coronavirus lockdown.

This just sealed the deal so to speak.

Anyhow; the ps4 games I bought are Mortal Kombat 11 pictured below.

Street fighter 5 champion edition which was released in Feb of 2020.

I always loved me some fighting games and I am old I grew up on street fighter and mortal Kombat:)

Need for speed heat – I used to play need for speed back in the day [ Loved it ] This game is new, and has gotten rave reviews.

So, I am really going to enjoy playing this one during this coronavirus lockdown period and well into the future.

Having some good games and a gaming system like the ps4 is a good way to keep from being bored during the coronavirus lockdown.

2. The Best Workout Equipment To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

I love to workout, and I usually go to the gym, but all the gyms are closed during this coronavirus lockdown.

working out not only makes you look and feel a lot better.

Working out also curb depression and boredom.

Working out is of utmost importance when you are locked in your house suffering from boredom because of the coronavirus lockdown.

So, I have to workout at home, as do you.

But, the good news is you do not have to gain 30 lbs during the coronavirus lockdown you can workout at home.

I have 50 lb dumbells I do curls with. Yes, I am a beast! Applause later;)

I also have a workout bench and a tower 200 door gym.

Which I absolutely love b.t.w!

I also have;

A Chuck Norris total gym! Hey, if it is good enough for Chuck Norris, it is definitely good enough for us!

Chuck Norris kicks ass and takes numbers.

I know you have seen those Chuck Norris memes on Facebook!

Chuck Norris rocks, and so does his easy to use Total gym!

I also have a pullup bar on a door going to my garage.

The two things that I am lacking are an elliptical machine and a treadmill for home gym use.

Which are on my to do list due to the coronavirus lockdown.

I usually do my cardio at the gym, but because of the current Worlds climate, I am trying to get outside as much as possible walking, running, etc…

Gotta get my cardio in somehow!

While practicing social distancing in the process!

So, whatever workout equipment that is right for you!

Just do a search below, and see if you can find some gym equipment, to keep you in shape, keep your sanity, and keep you from getting bored during this coronavirus lockdown.


This coronavirus lockdown will not last forever, so you may as well make the best of this temporary lockdown, and get in shape, or stay in shape from the comfort of your own home.

With your existing at home gym equipment or some new workout equipment.

P.S. You can also do yoga from home or watch free YouTube video’s and get a pretty good workout from home as well.

3. Buy Or Play Some Board Games To Keep You From Getting Bored During The Coronavirus Lockdown

If you have a gf, bf, wife, husband, kids, mistress, or a friend with benefits!

It does not matter, I do not judge!

But, one thing is for certain!

Board games can be extremely fun when played in groups or with a few people.

And board games can really help pass the time, make you laugh, and really help you from getting bored during the coronavirus lockdown!

P.S. My personal favorite board game is cards against humanity.

What is your favorite board games?

Here are some suggestions below.

4. Read, Read, And Read Some More! To Keep You From Getting Bored During This Coronavirus Lockdown

We have all heard the saying that readers are leaders!

Or, if you haven’t you better read a book genius!

What a dummy you are!


Just kidding!

Ask yourself what interests me?

Do, I need to learn about a new skill during this coronavirus lockdown?

Maybe learn a new language.

Or, maybe you just want to take your mind to an imaginary place and cuddle up with your favorite book.

Fiction or non fiction what is your favorite type of book?

Anyway you slice it learning is earning.

And reading a good paperback or ebook can not only brighten your mood, but also enhance your mind.

Reading a good book can also keep your mind from getting bored during this coronavirus lockdown.

I like to read my Amazon kindle because I have an Amazon kindle unlimited membership as well as being a prime member.

What is your favorite books to read to keep you from getting bored during this coronavirus lockdown?

Here are some suggestions below or do your own search for more ideas.

5. Learn A New Skill Or Start A Business To Fight Boredom During The Coronavirus Lockdown

With a lot of people staying at home, with a lot of free time on their hands, now is the best opportunity ever to start your own business, or side hustle.

With a lot of people laid off, losing there jobs, or just plain sick of there current jobs.

Whatever situation that you may be in.

Now, is the perfect time to get some ideas to start your own business from home.

My home business is affiliate marketing which means I promote other peoples products or services online in exchange for a commission.

Learning how to start your own home business can keep your mind occupied, keep you laser focused, and keep you from getting bored during this coronavirus lockdown.

Whatever kind of business that you are interested in learning about during this coronavirus lockdown to work on whenever you have extra free time.

Now, is probably one of the longest stretches of free time that you are going to get for a long time if your like most people with jobs, kids, responsibilities, etc…

Why not spend it wisely by picking up a book, or doing your own research online, on how to start your dream business.

Whether it be on the side, or something that you dream about doing on a full time basis.

Coronavirus is a horrible virus so I do not want to be insensitive to anyone.

Coronavirus is definitely is nothing to take lightly, and it is definitely not a laughing matter.

People are losing there lives, getting very sick etc…

Yeah, I am with you when I say it is depressing and it sucks!

But, on the bright side it can also open up some doors that were previously closed.

That is if you decide to have a positive attitude, and take advantage of the coronavirus lockdown time, and use it to your advantage.

By starting your own home business, or side business, and keeping you free from boredom inside your house during this coronavirus lockdown.

So, let me ask you what is your dream business?

Now is the perfect time to start getting all the pieces in place.

**** I was going to throw Netflix and Amazon prime inside this blog post as a way to keep from getting bored during this lockdown but everyone is already doing that so it goes without saying. ****

This Is A Must See Video Straight From The C.D.C. Telling You Some Very Important Tips To Prevent You From Being Infected With The Coronavirus [ Extremely Useful ]

How To Protect Yourself Against The Coronavirus From A DR. On The Front Lines In NY.C. Sharing His Tips First Few Minutes Of Video Above – Hit Play!

For full tips on how to stop the spread of covid-19 the coronavirus see the experts at the CDC to learn more about stopping the spread .

I am always watching the news and updates being locked in at home like half the World so I thought I knew a lot about preventing and not getting the coronavirus just from educating myself.


This N.Y.C Dr. breaks it down in simple terms so that you will not be infected with the coronavirus.

Do these things to prevent getting the coronavirus!

Do not do these things to get the coronavirus!

I really found this advice very useful from this N.Y.C. DR.to help prevent the coronavirus that is why I am sharing it inside this blog post.

Your comments are appreciated below.

P.S. Please share the video above.

These are some of the most straightforward ways to help people from contracting the highly contagious respiratory coronavirus.

From a highly trained E.R. DR. on the front lines from a coronavirus hospital that has mostly all coronavirus patients.

It may help prevent someone you love from getting sick you never know.

P.S. Special thanks to all the Dr’s, Nurses, paramedics, firemen, police officers, and service workers like grocery store employees and gas station clerks. For putting themselves in harms way, so we can buy necessities, and for all the first responders for saving lives, and putting themselves in harms way do to the covid-19 coronavirus.

Hope this blog post helps!

Stay safe out there everyone!

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