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Write For Me AI – Best AI To Write Blog Posts Winner [2023].

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Looking for the best AI to write blog posts tool and the best write for me AI software on the market today in 2023? How do 2,500-word unique blog posts that are created in minutes on average sound? Articles that are SEO optimized and publish-ready with all the bells and whistles when it comes to SEO that are written better than a top Fiverr freelance writer can do without all the time-consuming edits involved on your end afterward.

Oh, it gets better! Much better! Save massive amounts of time and money and scale your content marketing 10x!

Watch the video below and be prepared to be literally blown away as the best AI to write blog posts winner that beats 37 out of 40 top freelance writers in a head 2 head battle!

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Write For Me AI – Best AI To Write Blog Posts Winner Text Version Of Video Above

Hi, everyone in this video I am going to show you the best AI content writer that creates unique SEO-optimized content that dominates the first pages of Google.

you’re going to be able to scale your content marketing effectively and efficiently using this AI software now forget all the high-priced freelancers that you might hire I have sites like Fiverr and all the other outsourcing sites that are out there as there are tons of them,

I’ve been hiring a content writer on Fiverr for outsourcing my content writing a lot of it these days and I have a few good writers on Fiverr they do a good job don’t get me wrong but the drawback of that is you gotta wait you know three days up to a week to get your content back.

I find myself doing a lot of editing that takes me a few hours adding all the pictures doing all the SEO for my blog posts like adding the keywords, and descriptions, and just printing everything up where they made where they may have made mistakes you know you got to change words, so it’s time-consuming.

I do like it it saves me a lot of time but it gets expensive obviously the more content that you’re ordering on a weekly or monthly basis.

Why Content At Scale Is The Best AI To Write Blog Posts By Far And I Have Tested Many AI Tools For Content Marketing

So, what I’m going to show you right here is a great alternative to hiring expensive freelance content marketers and its actually better than any of the Freelancers that I hire on Fiverr, as far as the readability of the content goes, and not taking up your time doing tedious time-consuming tasks like editing your content before you publish your blog post.

Content at scale is going to save you a ton of time and money I absolutely love this AI writing software, and I’m going to be using write for me AI software a lot on my new blog that I’m launching in the coming months.

I’m going to be using a lot of this new AI content writer that’s how well I like this software, I highly recommend it and before I dive into my review of content at scale I want to show you exactly what it is exactly and how you can use this new write for me Ai software to ramp up the content production on your blog.

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There’s going to be a link above where you’re going to get 20 more post-credits to try this AI writer out for yourself. To help you and your business scale your content marketing.

This AI to write blog posts is perfect for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and obviously, if you run a digital marketing agency and you’re creating content for customers this is going to help speed up the content production process dramatically.

So, with that being said let me dive in here and show you a few articles that this write for me AI software has created. The Ai content writing software I am talking about is called content at scale and I am going to show you some of the content here that it created and how impressed I am with this AI software.

Best AI To Write Blog Posts My Demo And The Results Using Content At Scales AI Writing tool

Why will I be using content at scale going forward and why I think this is the best AI content-writing software on the market hands down.

But first, let’s dive in here this is one of the blog posts I created for a test and it’s called the best fish finder for pontoon boats a buying guide. I want to see what can come with what kind of buying keyword article that this AI software could create and this is what it created for me.

You got the word count right here close to 2000 words. 1854 words to be exact. Then it tells you paragraphs. Content at scale tells you how much media is in there like a YouTube video or whatever and headings et….

Then it shows your SEO checklist, the title is optimal length, the title includes primary keywords, the meta includes the primary keywords, the meta is optimal length and the URL includes the primary keyword.

The first paragraph includes the primary keyword as a subheading includes the primary keyword now the primary keyword twice in the first four paragraphs.

Note: If you want to do that yourself you can always go in there and edit it it’s not a big deal and it takes just a few seconds to do that and you can get a green check mark,

The primary keyword after the last subheading is periods at the end of long list items so you can go through there and check out the long list items make sure your period is in the right spots outbound links exist in paragraphs with three sentences or fewer future names plus media added.

You can do that when you go to WordPress and you can add your featured image and all that cool stuff like the placeholder images replace no images within the first or last three paragraphs the table of contents is in place and then there’s a click to tweet added.

Some of the articles are getting these click-to-tweet buttons which is really cool some are not it’s uh pretty much I guess what your content revolves around but you can see it’s all there’s a whole SEO-optimized checklist here that tells you the words’ paragraphs heading etc.

Content at scale basically tells you everything. There’s a brief here and there’s a review that tells you how unique the article is I think this article is 98% unique, it’s almost 100% unique now the best part of this write for me Ai software that I found with content at scale is how readable the content is.

I’ve tried a lot of AI content software out there and a lot of it I’ll use to get backlinks or something when you’re trying to get a backlink the content doesn’t have to be perfect but if you know you can edit a little bit and it can be passable and you know you don’t care too much in that regard but as far as publishing something on your own blog I have to make sure my contents you know Top Notch.

I have to make sure my blog posts are very well written and readable and the headings are where they are the keywords are where they are and it helps people that’s what having a Blog is all about.

How I Am Going To Be Using Content At Scale The Best AI To Write Blog Posts On My Blogs Now And Into The Future

You want to help you know the visitor to your blog answer specific questions or give only all the best buyer guides for example like this one and you know help them solve a problem in a one-way shape or form.

So, I have a problem publishing any kind of AI content on my blog except this one. Content at scale is really good and I’m going to show you why and I’m going to show you how I’m going to use it on my personal blog to scale my content marketing, especially with my second blog that I’m just starting out in a few month’s time.

Okay let me dive into this review and let me read this to you and I can show you exactly how good this write-for-me ai content was created in five minutes. Literally five minutes!

I put the keywords inside the dashboard here all you do is put your keywords in creating a project. I’m not going to go through that because it’s so simple that anyone can do it, it’s not complicated whatsoever!

Put your keywords in it keywords in whatever you’re trying to rank for or whatever you’re going after and you had some tags and it generates then it says to generate the article.

You click the generate article button and it came up with this like I said five minutes and here’s how it reads once again the title of this post is the best fish finder for pontoon boats a buying guide.

Are you searching for the best fishfinder for pontoon boats that money can buy great then you’re in the right place but first things first you need to know exactly what to look for when finding the perfect Fish Finder for your pontoon boat?

First and foremost you need to think about what kind of features are going to be most important to you do you want a fish finder that’s easy to use or do you prefer something with more bells and whistles once you’ve decided on that then it’s just a matter of finding a model within your budget range it’s also important not to forget about portability since pontoon boats aren’t exactly known for being small vessels.

You’ll want something compact enough so that it doesn’t take up too much space or add too much weight down low where it could potentially affect your boat’s performance finally don’t forget accessories a lot of times fish finders will come with GPS capabilities built right in but if yours doesn’t be sure to grab yourself a handheld GPS unit as well so you can easily Mark hot spots and navigate the table of contents I already set up for you inside this which I saw some you know for SEO purposes.

Here’s the first heading here it came up with the best fish finder for pontoon boats a buying guide. If you’re in the market for a fish finder for your pontoon boat there are a few things you want to keep in mind first you’ll need to decide if you want a portable or a permanently mounted unit.

Portable fish finders are less expensive and can be moved from boat to bolt but they’re not as durable as permanently mounted units next you’ll need to decide what type of transducer you want.

Transducers emit sound waves that bounce off of fish and other underwater objects and then the fish finder interprets those waves to give you a reading on the depth and location of the fish there are two main types of transduced transducers the flush mount, the Transit Mount, and you can read here on your screen how well put together.

The End Results Of Using Content At Scale The Write For Me AI That Is Taking The SEO And Blogging World By Storm!

Content at scale produces great human-like content so good right out of the box that literally can be published on your blog as is! I do recommend you personalize your blog posts a bit and add a little human touch to your articles for even better readability, and better SEO.

Think of how much time and money this AI to write blog posts can save you?

How fast can you scale your content marketing?

I bet to the moon and back!

Just do some good keyword research and a nice human touch to your blog posts for that wow factor that can dominate your competition and help you and your business grow by leaps and bounds.

I highly recommend content at scale as it is the best tool I have ever come across to date that produces scary good content where you will be asking yourself this question?

Was that content written by a high-end freelancer or a machine?

The future of content marketing is here and it is called content at scale.

Give it a try and grab 20% more FREE post credits on the link below the video above.

Good luck scaling your content marketing using the best write for me Ai software on the market to date that blows Jasper away.

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