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I am approaching my 1 year anniversary with and I wanted to write a quick post on my experience with Aweber up to this point. Is this marriage between email marketing service provider and Internet marketer working out as expected? Or will I be cutting my losses and filing for a divorce?

Update after 1 year: My autoresponder lists are into the thousands and are growing at a nice pace daily. So is the money really in the list as all the well to do Internet marketers say? After a year I can say that is a very truthful statement and I am speaking from personal experience.  But make sure you take care of your email list and treat them like real people not just dollar signs.

I have been building a relationship with my email list and my thousands of subscribers this year. This is how you make your money by giving out great free information and periodically recommending a paid product every now and then that can benefit your subscribers.

I have done very well this year and expect to do much much better next year. This has a lot to do with starting, building, and maintaining a quality email list. And has helped me pave the way!

Let’s move onto my review and see what Aweber has done for my online business in terms of generating hot new leads for my affiliate marketing business.

Aweber.Com Review – What Has Done For My Online Business?

Aweber autoresponder service has made my income levels rise dramatically by giving me a quality platform to build a responsive email list. Like I said I have thousands of email double opt-in subscribers and whenever I send an email 99.9% of them are delivers consistently to the customers email inbox. I had 2 that bounced my last email broadcast I sent. And only 1 the time before that and it is pretty consistent from broadcast to broadcast.

This means your customers or opt-in subscribers will actually get to read your autoresponder messages, newsletters, or affiliate recommendations whenever you send an email.

This means more money for you at the end of the day. makes me happy and gives me a good piece of mind in that regard. Awebers control panel is also very easy to understand and maneuver around without any problems. This is a big plus for any beginning email marketers who are finally thinking about starting their own autoresponder email service and taking their earnings to the next level. Which you should very seriously consider if you have a blog, or website online that is generating even a little bit of traffic.

I got started on my journey trying to find an autoresponder after frequenting the Warrior forum which I am a very active member. I kept reading the money is in the list, the money is in the list, yadda yadda yadda! I made $1,000 from one mailing to my email list of 10,000 subscribers and sometimes even a lot more.

I also noticed that a lot of Internet marketers with big email lists were doing this on a consistent basis with their Aweber lists, or Getresponse lists. These are the two most popular autoresponders out there. Review Verse Getresponse.Com Review Let The Battle Of The Email Marketing Titans Commense is number 1 and getresponse is number 2 . That is the general concensus in the Internet marketing field. I also read on a few posts about the true power of having a big Aweber list. John Chow a popular Internet marketer, and influential blogger, and Shoemoney also a very popular Internet marketer, and blogger can generate $5,000 dollars on a consistent basis from a majority of the emails they send because their email lists are so large. Probably into the 100,000 plus range or more would be my educated guess.

Anyway you cut it I seen the power of building an email list a while back and took the plunge with my best feet forward full steam ahead! I started with Aweber.coms $1.00 trial for the first month you can try it out for yourself by clicking this link. And I have never looked back since. I have been with this Autoresponder for going on  1 year now and I expect to be with them till hell freezes over, or email marketing goes extinct, whichever comes first lol.

I made a joke but in all honesty that is the gods honest truth. I make good money by using Awebers autoresponder service and it is a vital part of my online business. This is a service that I am more than happy to pay for on a monthly basis. Because lets face the music. Having an email list is vital to any online business especially in this day and age! It is an asset I will never live without now that I know first hand how powerful it is!

Fact: Most Internet surfers that stumble on your blog, or website will leave within the first 30 seconds without buying a thing! Why not try to capture these Internet surfers by having them opt-in to your email list? If you are not using Aweber, or have not started an email list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

In Conclusion: My Review: I would highly recommend Aweber to my mom, sister, best friend, and anyone else that wants to know my opinion on who is the best email service provider out there?

My answer will be Aweber everytime. And I plan on making this a happy, healthy, and profitable long term marriage for both parties.

I added some Youtube video’s below so you can see some other positive reviews and you can also see how starting your own email autoresponder account can help you and your online business?

Enjoy the video’s below and your comments are always greatly appreciated!

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