Youtube Affiliate Marketing - My Favorite Videos 2021 Rock-Solid Info

Youtube Affiliate Marketing – My Favorite Videos [2023] Rock-Solid Info

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YouTube affiliate marketing here is a list of my favorite videos that I put together that I have personally watched in 2021.

I was going through my feed and actually I watched my YouTube videos on my smart TV in the living room.

Yes, I have a Youtube button I like to watch Youtube video’s on affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, and anything in between that teaches me something and makes me a better man.


You can never learn too much!

So, I was going through all my favorite videos through my YouTube account that I was watching on my TV, and I put them all together for your convenience on this page.

So, What Are My Favorite YouTube Affiliate Marketing Videos For 2022?

These do not have all to do with affiliate marketing directly.

There are some videos on entrepreneurship, which go hand in hand with affiliate marketing.

The right mindset, and all the other skills that you’ll need to succeed in life in general or any business online.

So, without further ado let me go through some of these videos.

P.S. there’s going to be a list right below where you can click on the video and you can watch it right on this site, without having to go to YouTube, it’s great.

The first video is about how to create the ideal blog homepage by one of the best internet marketers on the planet.

This guy ranks for literally everything, on Google page #1. He’s number one or two for affiliate marketing which is extremely competitive.

He’s pretty much a genius when it comes to Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurship in general and his name is Neil Patel.

And that’s a video right there, where he’s going to go over the ideal blog homepage setup. Every affiliate marketer needs to know how to put together the ideal home page for more traffic, sales, leads and MR. Neil Patel is going to show you how to do it properly.

The second video on this list here is titled: The Secret billionaire mindset learn how to think correctly, it’s with David Rubenstein, and Lewis Howes.

B.T.W. Lewis Howes has a really good podcast, I really enjoy his podcast.

Lewis Howes is a very good interviewer, and he has some very intelligent and intriguing guests on his podcast so definitely check it out, That is probably who him and Joe Rogan have such popular Youtube channels they ask the right questions, keep the audience engaged, and are likable characters.

The third video is my free affiliate marketing course and coaching.

I made a cool little cartoon video, you could pick up my free course, just by clicking that link underneath the video, and you can watch a cool little cartoon video I put together using a software called TOONLI.

but it’s pretty, pretty neat but if you want to check out my affiliate marketing course click that link.

The fourth video is another video by Lewis Howes, He has a lot of very successful entrepreneurs that he interviews on his podcast and the title of this one is The Seven Skills Millionaires Master.

You can check that out right there, a very good video.

The next video is another one by Lewis house, the 10 steps to becoming a productivity master today.

Lewis Howes is interviewing an expert in productivity that he has featured on his podcast.

The next video that you can check out that is related to Youtube affiliate marketing in the series is How To Make Money With ClickBank In 2022.

This affiliate marketing-related video will cover how to get started with ClickBank, this is my video it’s just a simple video tutorial it’s about a.

Let’s see here.

This Youtube affiliate marketing-related video is pretty in-depth and it goes over how to make money and get started with ClickBank, so be sure to check that out.

The next video is how to 10 times your productivity today it’s another one by Lewis Howes.

This video talks about the billionaire’s habits that they use every day to master productivity.

Here’s another good entrepreneur and affiliate marketer the Alex Becker’s channel.

I really like is the title of this video.

This isn’t fun but it makes me $2,000 an hour?

That makes you $2,000 An hour dude?

Shit, anything would be fun earning that kind of loot.

The video is awesome and Alex Becker put’s out some great Youtube affiliate marketing video’s so, check it out!

Continued My Personal Favorite Youtube Affiliate Marketing Related Video’s Of 2022

The next video on the list here is by Anthony Morrison another very successful affiliate marketer, and this one is called my new $20,000 a week affiliate method not using Clickbank and it’s perfect for beginners. [ This is highly related to Youtube affiliate marketing ]

The next video on the list is this shit matters by Gary Vee.

He’s awesome, and he’s very high energy and very motivating.

This guy knows how to get stuff done and knows how to make money online, or off.

And this one’s titled How to take full advantage of the internet in 2020.

Gary speaks to a group of mortgage brokers and real estate agents about the current state of their industry, how they can start leveraging the internet to elevate their personal businesses.

B.T.W. you don’t have to be in real estate to listen to his tips to apply to your own online business, obviously, another really good one by Gary Vee is an entrepreneurial mindset where he talks at USC.

This is one of Gary’s most valuable chats in a long time and it is very good.

He spoke with a gentleman named David Belasco he’s an executive director of the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, etc. and you can check that one out there.

The next video on the list is how to create a digital product that generates at least $100,000 per month by one of the best internet marketers and affiliate marketers on the planet Mr. Neil Patel again who is going to teach you how to create a digital product that generates at least $100,000 a month and the steps you need to take, to go out there and, you know, do it.

So, he’s definitely somebody to listen to who knows what he’s talking about.

This Guy dominates Google-like he came down from an alien race and took over the Google algorithm.

Lol, he is good at SEO and internet marketing.

I got a nice video here is how to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2022.

This is very helpful if you’re new to affiliate marketing, and you’re just getting started. This is really helpful is these tutorial videos not as fancy as these other guy’s videos, you know these mega multimillion-dollar billion-dollar marketers that I have a list of here.

But the Youtube affiliate marketing video is very helpful if you’re starting out affiliate marketing, and it gets to the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to get started.

So, check it out.

B.T.W. my free course is right underneath that.

The last two on this list and more are going to be added to this list.

You know you’ll just see the added Youtube affiliate marketing-related video’s on the list here, and I’ll update the page as time goes on.

Youtube affiliate marketing-related video featuring Dan Lok.

There are two videos here by Dan Lok.

The first one talks about how he retired at the age of 27 – Which B.T.W. must be nice.

Yeah, that’s what’s possible.

And if you’re young and you’re you know in your early 20s reading this and you have a good mindset and a good work ethic, it is definitely possible.

I’m in my 40s now so I’m way over that age.

But, it’s if you have the right mindset and the right work ethic, and you have the right ideas, and you take the steps to do the right things.

Anything is possible, and never let anyone crush your dreams and tell you differently.


Dan Lok is somebody who shows you, he did it, so why can’t you write?

Check out the video.

The other Youtube affiliate marketing video’s featuring Dan Lok and The seven things poor people do that the rich don’t.

This is something that you can apply in your daily life.

Like if your poor friend down the street is telling you what he does.

Don’t listen to him.

Obviously, he’s poor and he’s poor for a reason.

He or she is not doing the right things.

So, get all the things that the poor people say and don’t listen!

Poor people don’t have any money for a reason.

Listen to people that do have money, and have a lot more than you, they have what you want, and are where you want to get eventually.

These are the kind of people that you want to listen to.

Anyhow, Dan Lok goes over the seven things poor people do that the rich don’t.

So you want to do the seven things the rich people do, obviously, to be rich eventually one day.

Anyhow; this is a very good video by Dan Lok hit play and check it out.

Ah, that’s it for right now and I’ll be updating this post as time goes on, these are my YouTube affiliate marketing, favorite videos for 2021.

They’re not only related to affiliate marketing they’re related to entrepreneurship. They’re related to billionaire mindsets, and everything in between.

I just found all these videos, you know, very cool, very interesting, and of high value so I decided to post them on my blog.

Check them out.

i Hope you enjoy these Youtube affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship-themed videos.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Take care, and peace out!

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