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JVZoo Pay Problem Vendors Not Paying Affiliates

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I am starting to see a huge problem moving forward with JVZoo vendors from products that I have sold that are not paying there affiliate commissions in a timely manner, if at all when I am promoting JVZoo affiliate products with the JVZoo pay option set as the payment method..

This is for me personally and I am a premium affiliate and have made thousands of sales throughout the years from the JVZoo affiliate network.

So, if I am having problems I am assuming other affiliates are probably experiencing the same thing.

So, I decided to write a quick blog post to inform potential affiliates of what is going on in my case.

To make sure it does not happen to you when you successfully start making affiliate commissions through the JVZoo net work.

Here is a brief backstory on why JVZoo pay and other payment processors were integrated into the JVZoo network in the first place.

Paypal Armageddon or the Paypal apocalypse they were calling it.

This was in the last year or two when Paypal was going gangster on a lot of internet marketers accounts and closing them down one by one for whatever reason.

Maybe to much money at one time every day, I have no clue what Paypals reasonings were for banning accounts.

P.S. My Paypal account is still going strong I have personally never had any problems.

Anyways, JVZoo had to come up with a solution to keep there network viable, and that was add Payoneer as a payment processor, and add the option of JVZoo pay to the network as well.

Paypal is still an option as well b.t.w.


These new options guaranteed everyone gets paid on the JVZoo affiliate network vendors and affiliates alike.

You do not have to be chained to Paypal.

There are alternative payment processors and ways to get paid, and JVZoo integrated these new choices into there network.

Kudos to JVZoo it was a very smart move on there part.


Back to my JVZoo pay problem:)

Enough about Paypal!

JVZoo Problem Vendors Not Paying Affiliates Set To JVZoo Pay

This is for the JVZoo pay affiliate option, and has nothing to do with the JVZoo affiliate network at all.

JVZoo is one of the best affiliate networks out there, and I have been with them for years.

This rant has to do with the JVZoo pay setting, and the vendors who are not paying in a timely fashion.

So, I am just bringing it to JVZoo’s attention if they read this blog post, or any affiliates who are thinking about promoting an affiliate product with the payouts set to JVZoo pay.

My advice to affiliates: Make sure it is a reputable vendor, and ask questions before you even promote that particular affiliate product, would be my advice to you.

I am not going to call out any vendors personally this time just because I am feeling nice.

At the moment I have 3 vendors who have not paid me at all, and we are going on 45 days, and I have sent them all messages individually with no response from any of them.

P.S 30 days is the maximum for payments to be sent out after the refund period has expired through JVZoo pay.

I also had a commission that was for $300 for one sale that took me 3 months to get finally after 3 emails to the vendor asking him when affiliate payments are paid out.

I got no response from him on all 3 occasions, and after a nasty email to him from me, I finally received my affiliate commission after 3 months.

But again with no response.

P.S. JVZoo is still a great affiliate network with a ton of great products for affiliates to promote, but I definitely see a problem moving forward with them losing long time affiliates, because of shady vendors who do not want to pay affiliates and are trying to game the system.

I think JVZoo needs a system in place to make sure vendors are tracked and contacted if commissions are not paid to there affiliates in a timely manner to keep the quality of JVZoo where it is supposed to be top notch.

And if vendors keep not paying affiliate commissions to there affiliates when they are supposed to, they get a strike sort of like YouTube does it.

When you hit 3 strikes you and your product are booted from the JVZoo affiliate network.

Or 3 strikes you are out just like in baseball.

It is just not a fun experience when affiliates have to go chasing there commissions from vendors and wondering if they will ever be paid there commissions.

Going forward;

I am only going to promote instant commission products on JVZoo and only work with vendors I personally know.

I will also be seeking out other in house affiliate networks with viable companies that offer recurring, or high ticket affiliate commissions.

Which I have been doing for a long while now anyways.

Rant over!

So, let me ask you affiliates.

Have you had problems getting paid from a vendor when the payment method is set to JVZoo pay?

Share your FB comments below.

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