Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review [ 2022 ] Clash Of The Titans

Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review Clash Of The Titans [2023]

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This is the ultimate JVZoo VS Clickbank review as a 15-year affiliate marketer and 1,000’s of sales under my belt throughout the years I am more than qualified to give you my take on JVZoo VS Clickbank so you can pick the affiliate network that is right for you and best suits your needs.

I will cover all the topics listed above in the table of contents as well as show you a complete how to get started with JVZoo video and make money as well as a complete how to get started and make money training video with Clickbank.

Let’s dive into 2 of these popular affiliate networks and see who comes out on top in this clash of the digital titans battle.

Put your gloves on and get to your corners let the JVZoo VS Clickbank battle begin!

Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review Clash Of The Titans [2023] Clickbank
Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review Clash Of The Titans [2023] 1

JVZoo Vs Clickbank – Affiliate Network Comparisons Side By Side

JVZoo is a large affiliate network that is known for JVZoo best-selling products in the internet marketing niche.

Think the make money online niche, affiliate marketing niche, software, and membership-type products.

JVZoo does have other categories in some other major niches but they cannot compete with the likes of Clickbank in the other major categories.

Clickbank is a much larger affiliate network with well over 10,000 digital products and services and growing every day.

Clickbank has also integrated quite a few physical type products that you can sell I have noticed mostly in the heath @ fitness category mostly in the supplement category which is nice.

Winner: Clickbank they have been around a lot longer and the Clickbank marketplace has products in every niche imaginable.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank Where Are These Companies Located?

JVZoo, as well as Clickbank, are both U.S.A.based companies.

Clickbank is based out of Boise, Idaho, and has been around since 1997 and continues to grow and prosper to this day.

Clickbank Fun Fact: Clickbank has paid out billions and billions of dollars to affiliate marketers Worldwide since its grand opening way back in 1997, and has well over 100,000 active affiliates on its platform.

When you think of digital affiliate marketing you think of Clickbank they are the titan in the digital marketing space.

JVZoo on the other hand has 2 offices one located in Myrtle Beach, SC, and the main office located in Orlando, Florida.

JVZoo Fun Fact: Over 800,000 affiliates inside the JVZoo affiliate network and the affiliate platform generates 6,085 sales per day on a regular basis.

Winner: Tie they are both located in the good ole U.S.A.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank Why Promote Digital Goods And Services?

JVZoo and Clickbank are both known as digital type affiliate networks where you can find the latest and greatest courses, ebooks, software, membership sites, etc. to promote and make money through.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider promoting Digital type affiliate products from major affiliate networks like Clickbank and JVZoo.

  • Digital products pay a lot more commissions than physical type products 99 times out of 100 think Amazon associates network.
  • Digital products usually pay 50 to 75% affiliate commissions for every sale you make [ VIA ] your personalized affiliate link on networks like JVZoo and Clickbank
  • Digital products pay commissions on all upsells. When a customer buys the original offer and decides to buy any of usually multiple upsells you get paid on everything.
  • Digital products sometimes offer recurring commissions like software, or membership type offers usually where you will get paid every month for as long as that customer stays a paying customer. [ Recurring commissions ] The holy grail for affiliate marketers.
  • High ticket affiliate programs – There are some digital type goods and services that can pay you $1k, $2k, or even $10k plus per sale generated.

Winner: Draw There is never a loser in this scenario if you are promoting digital products on JVZoo or Clickbank you win 2 times.

Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review Clash Of The Titans [2023] Clickbank
Best JVZoo Vs Clickbank Review Clash Of The Titans [2023] 2

JVZoo Vs Clickbank How They Pay You

Back in the day, JVZoo would have easily won this contest since they were known as an instant payout affiliate network.

It usually worked like this if you had a handful of affiliate sales under your belt usually 25+ or 50+ depending on the vendor then they would usually approve you for instant commissions.

JVZoo approved instant commission affiliates would then get instant commissions paid directly to their PayPal accounts after each successful affiliate sale.

Paypal for whatever reason put a stop to that and did a purge a few years back and started banning accounts etc.

JVZoo was forced to get rid of Paypal and the instant commission payout model and find a new payment processor.

JVZoo has since gone with the Payoneer payment processor and set every affiliate to delayed commissions meaning the refund period has to clear 30 to 60 days before the affiliate’s money is put in their JVZoopay account and ultimately paid out to the affiliate [ VIA ] Payoneer.

Clickbank on the other hand has a few different ways for affiliate marketers to get paid such as direct deposit, Paypal, and wire transfer

[ Direct deposit is only available to qualifying countries ]

Once you reach the Clickbanks payment threshold a payment will automatically be submitted and paid to the payment processor of your choice.

Clickbank handles everything inside their affiliate network so as long as you make sales and have reached Clickbanks payment threshold you will get paid automatically.

Winner: Clickbank has way more payment options and faster payouts making Clickbank the clear-cut winner in this department.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank Product Selection Comparison

Clickbank has 10’s of thousands of products in almost 25 categories from major powerhouse categories like health @ fitness, home @ garden, business – investing, cooking food and wine, as seen on TV, etc.

You name it Clickbank probably has it on their platform.

The list goes on and on if you cannot find it on Clickbank it probably does not exist.

The Clickbank marketplace has about 25 categories and literally thousands and thousands of high-quality products for affiliates to promote in virtually any niche under the sun.

So, if you are an affiliate marketer

Winner: Clickbank by a landslide

JVZoo Vs Clickbank Ease Of Use

Both JVZoo and Clickbank are very easy to use and navigate making both affiliate networks ideal for the beginner, intermediate, and seasoned veteran affiliate marketers alike.

JVZoo affiliate network is laid out in a super friendly user way making it super easy for even a beginner affiliate to find what they are looking for inside the JVZoo affiliate network.

Clickbank is also very easy to use and navigate around but their affiliate network is just a lot more robust so beginner affiliate marketers will take a little while longer to familiarize themselves with the Clickbank marketplace dashboard and platform.

Winner: JVZoo comes out on top in this area due to the simplicity of navigating the JVZoo affiliate networks platform.

JVZoo VS Clickbank Where Affiliate Network Is Easier To Make Money?

Both JVZoo and Clickbank have plenty of opportunities to make money promoting digital products and services on their platforms.

But there are some things that you need to know so you have the best chance of making as much money as possible on both affiliate networks.

With Clickbank, I would stay away from the high Clickbank gravity products that are on the first page they are just too competitive to compete, and too many affiliates are promoting these products in most cases.

It is absolutely vital and imperative nowadays to do your keyword research to see how competitive a keyword term is to see if you can rank for it. especially if you are blogging and have not built up your domain authority yet.

If you have a huge social media following then the high competition will not matter as much because your traffic is not coming from the Google SERPs.

With JVZoo the same basic principles apply the more affiliates that are promoting a product or service then the more competition it has for you to compete.

Watch the how-to videos at the bottom of this blog post for some great tips on what to look for and how to make money on both affiliate networks.

JVZoo VS Clickbank What Affiliate Network Is Best For You?

In this JVZoo VS Clickbank epic battle, it is going to come down to what niche you are in.

If you are in any of these 3 major niches the make money online niche, affiliate marketing niche, or the internet marketing niche in general.

Then JVZoo in my opinion has the more robust affiliate products and services for you to promote as an affiliate marketer to make money through.

If your niche is not in any of these 3 or you are just looking for digital products and services outside these niches to promote then Clickbank is by far the clear-cut winner because of the variety and sheer volume of digital products and services available for affiliates to promote on their platform.

Winner: Clickbank they are just too big and have a vast selection of digital products and services to promote for affiliates.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank Final Review And The Winner Is!

Who is the true Titan in this clash of the affiliate network titans JVZoo VS Clickbank?

Both Clickbank and JVZoo are excellent affiliate networks where you can find a ton of quality and related digital products and services to promote to your visitors.

But, there can only be one winner in this epic battle!

Winner: Clickbank is the true Titan of the digital marketing world for affiliates to find andy digital marketing products or services to promote under the sun. Payments are more hassle-free than JVZoo and Clickbank have been around a lot longer being born in 1997 and having paid out billions of dollars to affiliates worldwide they are a safe bet and my clear cut winner in my clash of the titans battle in the digital marketing world.

JVZoo Getting Started Training Video VS Clickbank Getting Started Training Video

I have put together 2 very in-depth training videos covering both affiliate networks Clickbank VS JVZoo showing you how to navigate these 2 affiliate networks and ultimately how to make money on both platforms.

JVZoo Getting Started Video

Clickbank Getting Started Video

Enjoy the videos and my teaching style? Click The Link Directly Below To Access My Full course.

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Now, let me ask you this question?

Who is your clear-cut winner when it comes to JVZoo Vs Clickbank?

Do you use both affiliate networks or do you prefer JVZoo over Clickbank or vice versa?

Your comments are appreciated below.


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