Amazing Review Of The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR That Will Open Your Eyes

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Does Nick James Deliver With His Flagship Private Label Rights Newsletter The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR? – Here Is My Full Honest Review Of The Internet Marketing Newsletter So You Can Be Informed If You Are Thinking Of Buying

There has been a lot of hype going on lately about Nick James and his flagship product the Internet marketing newsletter where he just released his 100th publication so it has been going strong for quite some time now.

The IM Newsletter is a best seller on the JVZoo affiliate network where the product is sold and hosted to the general public.


Nick is offering a huge discount to celebrate how much his newsletter has grown, and how much the masses are really enjoying the quality of the content that Nick James and his team produces when it comes to private label rights.

Anyhow, to celebrate all the good news surrounding the internet marketing newsletter, Nick James and his team decided to offer new members a very special deal, and I am here to do a review of Nick James and his internet marketing newsletter PLR, and let you know if you should subscribe to his internet marketing newsletter and use his private label rights newsletter for your own business.

Let’s Dive Into The Internet Marketing Newsletter And My Review Shall We:)

If you are here reading this review and you are obviously looking for a quick thumbs up or down for the internet marketing newsletter I will save you a few minutes if you do not want to go through this whole review of Nick James and his Internet marketing newsletter

The short answer is yes, it really is a no-brainer especially when you can try it out for 4 quarters a buck that you could find in your couch cushions literally to see the quality of his private label rights and his newsletter for yourself so you know it is well worth the small investment Nick James asks to access his plr for yourself and your own personal business to do with it as you choose.

With that being said it probably is not a good fit for every internet marketer and you are going to have to decide that for yourself after reading my IM Newsletter Review

Let’s start off with the good stuff what exactly is the Internet Marketing PLR Newsletter And Why Should You Buy It Or Not Buy It?

The internet marketing newsletter is a monthly newsletter that contains over 32 pages of very high quality content surprisingly for plr featuring internet marketing and “make money online“ type content.

So, if you are not in the internet marketing or make money online niche then I would say pass on the internet marketing newsletter because that is what the bulk of the content is going to cover.

If you are in these niches or closely related niches keep reading.

Obviously this is plr content so you will be getting full access to all the content in the imagine to do with as you deem fit.

Here Are A Few Ideas Off The Top Of My Head

What makes the internet marketing newsletter stand out from other plr that is on the market is for one it is a professionally done magazine that is extremely well put together that comes in p.d.f. format.

The internet marketing newsletter screams professionalism, and it shows in the content and the looks department.

When I personally review PLR products, I usually look for the following attributes;

  • Quality of the content inside the plr – Is the quality there? Or does the Private label rights content look like a classroom of preschoolers threw it together in a temper tantrum or fit of rage. I want to see quality and I look for it!
  • How much value does this PLR bring to the table as opposed to the money I am dishing out for it. Basically I ask myself is this a good buy or not?
  • How easy is this plr going to be to turn it into useable content? I do not want to waste my precious time and neither should you.

So, let’s take a closer look and see how the internet marketing newsletter plr scores in my review

The content is actually surprising very good, especially from what you would think of when you think of plr.

You can really tell that the content was written by Nick James himself, and some of his closest internet marketing friends, because it is up to date, and they actually know what they are talking about which is a breath of fresh air!

You can tell they are not using fiverr ghostwriters or content writers from the a 3rd world country where English is a second language.

Nick James has made everything really easy to download, edit and use… with plenty of solid guides and tutorial videos.

The internet marketing newsletter is built for speed meaning the edits it takes to have this plr working for you takes literally minutes add your name and hit send problem solved.

The only potential problem that I have found with the internet marketing newsletter is there is only 32 pages of content per issue ( Which is not a problem for me I like to be organized and less is more I prefer quality over quantity anyways but to each thee own.

What I am getting at is if you are looking for 1,000’s of pages of plr you are not going to get it from the internet marketing newsletter so you may have to look elsewhere if that is what you are looking for.


Drum roll please!!!!!


When you sign up with today you will receive immediate access to all 99 back issues of the internet marketing newsletter (likewise along with complete PLR rights). Nick James is going to in fact offer you 3200+ webpages of top notch web content as well as 99 immediate back issues of his previous newsletters for a very low one-time cost.

Which is super nice!

It’s also definitely worth mentioning the other few bonus Nick is offering with his internet marketing newsletter plr in this review.

The copywriting swipe files are very good and will be a great help for you if you are writing emails, blog posts or letters with the aim of making sales. You’d normally have to pay $497 for this product, so it adds a lot of value to the front end of the internet marketing newsletter to sweeten the plr honey pot so to speak.

The Audio PLR Interview bonus is amazing and a breath of fresh air in the PLR world. You will receive one high quality audio interview with a famous internet marketer every month. You get full PLR to this as well, so you can for example:

* Record your own intro and/or outro

* Upload it to iTunes and instantly have your own podcast

* Record your own questions and claim the interview as your own

* Use it as a great bonus for your promotions.

* And much more.

My final verdict on the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR…

The internet marketing newsletter with private label rights is an excellent value for the money. The content is excellent I can tell Nick and his team know a lot about internet marketing and making money online and are well up to date on the current trends in the internet marketing World and it shows inside there plr.

The upsell where Nick offers all of his back issues of the internet marketing newsletter 99 to be exact is a tremendous deal and I would buy it just for this one upsell seeing how much plr that you are going to get for a one time price it is a no brainer in my book.

Finally, I just want to throw out the product creator Nick James has a pretty good reputation in the Internet marketing World so if you decide in the future that you want to cancel, needed a refund for whatever reason, or whatever it may be you wont have to jump through hoops to make things happen.

So, anyhow;

,In conclusion the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR gets two thumbs up from me and my highest recommendation.

When it comes to quality private label rights look no further than Nick James and his internet marketing newsletter..

Check it out by clicking here With The Discount

This Is Also A Quick Video Walkthrough Of The Internet Marketing Newsletter Directly Below That You Can Watch As Well To Get A Better Feel For The product

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