Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources Page My Must-Have Tools

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources Page My 10 Must-Have Tools I Use Daily

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Affiliate marketing Resources And Tools Page on how to start and run your affiliate marketing business and all the affiliate resources that can help make your journey that much easier. You need these 8 products and services to start your affiliate marketing business on the right foot. Looking to get started with your own affiliate marketing business? These are my top 8 must-have tools to build the affiliate marketing business of your dreams. With a little hard work and determination, anything is possible in life.

As an affiliate marketer for 15 years now, I use these 10 must-have tools to run my affiliate marketing business on a daily basis.

I am going to get straight to the point because time is money.

Here are my must-have affiliate marketing resources, tools, and software that you need to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

I use each of these services that I recommend below in my affiliate marketing business, so you can rest easy that they are all vetted by me. They are all super high-quality services that you can use to start and run your affiliate marketing business.

This is my #1 affiliate marketing resource when it comes to hosting your #1 asset that can potentially make you money 24/7, even while you sleep.

Let’s dive into Webhosting on my resources for affiliate marketers page and get you started.

Affiliate Marketing How To Start The 8 Must-Have Tools And Affiliate Marketing Business Resources You Need To Build A Sustainable Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Business.

In This video, I walk you through my best affiliate marketing tools for beginners on this list. Be sure to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 01

Start Your Managed WordPress Blog And Start Building Your Internet Goldmine With The Fastest And Most Secure WP Webhost This Side Of The Mississippi

This blog is my Internet real estate, and I started it way back in 2008, and a handful of other blogs I have created throughout the years.

Starting a blog or website is like building a house that you will, be living in for the next 30 years. This is the basic foundation of any online business and can set you up for success for years to come.

This is your #1 ASSET!

Granted you put in the work of course.

Start building your house by putting that first brick on your new house on the link below to learn how.

I recommend quality when it comes to WordPress hosting, and if you appreciate the best of the best for speed and quality, then these guys are my #1 pick for a managed WordPress hosting solution.

Your blog is guaranteed to be the fastest in town and more secure than Ft. Knox

If you are the kind of person that wants the best of the best when it comes to Webhosting and a managed WordPress solution.

Watch my Bigscoots Review [2023] below, and if you like what you see, click the discount link under the video to claim your discount.

P.S. You can shoot me an email at If you have any questions about Bigscoots managed WordPress hosting, or need technical help setting it up.

Click Here To Learn More About My #1 Webhost Bigscoots, And Save Big.

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 02

Buy A Domain Name For Your New Website Or Blog From Godaddy For A Few Bucks

You are going to need a short and catchy domain name to start your affiliate marketing business. So, think of something good! Short .coms are always the best way to go if you can find your domain name in a .com go for it. .net would be my 2nd and 3rd choices if a .com is not available.

Click Here To Find And Buy Your New Domain Name To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business From Godaddy.

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources Page My 10 Must-Have Tools I Use Daily affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing Tools And Resources My 8 Must-Have Tools I Use In My Business. [ Graphic above created with Visme in 5 minutes. ]

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 03

Find The Long Tail Buyer Keywords That Will Make It Rain Affiliate Commissions!

If you are going to be starting an affiliate marketing business around any niche then you are going to need to know the money long-tail keywords to target for your business that you can rank for, and get a ton of free organic traffic from Google for your efforts.

Having a really good keyword research tool is not only just an option anymore, it is mandatory due to increased competition online, if you are going to potentially make a lot of money one day with your affiliate marketing business.

This is the keyword tool I use on a daily basis to target the lucrative long-tail money keywords for my affiliate marketing business that drive free traffic and make me money.

Tip: Look for The low-hanging lucrative buyer keywords that are easy to rank for that will put money into your pockets.

This keyword research software shows you which keywords to target, the competition, and everything in between.

This software is also the best bang for your buck.

Click Here To Find Those Lucrative Long Tail Keywords That Will Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business And Put Money In Your Pockets

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 04

Start An Email List Free For 30 Days Or Free For Life!

Email marketing should be your #priority when starting and building an online business regardless of the niche that you are in.

Your #1 goal should be to own the traffic that you acquire so you can help your subscribers and market-related products to your email subscribers which in turn helps your subscribers while helping you to build a long-term viable and profitable affiliate marketing business.

Starting an email list and learning email marketing is probably the #skill that you can acquire to build a long-term and very profitable affiliate marketing business.

My point: Start that email list A.S.A.P. I made it as easy as possible for you to get started on the link below. I have been with this company for well over a decade they have excellent services.

P.S. There is also a completely free-for-life option with limited features that you can check out and upgrade later if you decide to go that route!

Affiliate Marketing Tools And Resources 05

Build Super High-Quality Landing – Lead Pages That Turn Visitors Into Leads Like Clockwork 24/7!

Like this landing page? It was created with Leadpages, and I have been using them for years to create super high-converting lead pages that turn visitors into leads and leads into sales like clockwork 24/7, days a week.

This is the best lead generation software on the market for your affiliate marketing business that will not cost you a fortune! Trust me, I am cheap, and I did a lot of research before deciding on the perfect lead page service for my affiliate marketing business.

I wanted the best bang for my buck!

As you should too!

This tool goes hand in hand with your email marketing service.

Your email marketing service collects and stores all your email subscribers, and this lead page generator converts more people into email subscribers, which in turn builds and grows your affiliate marketing business.

More email subscribers equal more money into your pockets, so you can see why this is a good investment that pays for itself when you start and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Click The Link Directly Below For Your Lead Pages 14 Day FREE Trial

Click Here To Build Your First High Converting Leadpages And Get A Massive Discount!

Affiliate Marketing Tools And Resources 06

Create Great Graphics For Your Blog, Create Youtube Videos, Create Infographics, Create Social Media Banners And Creatives And 10x Your Traffic Levels

I use a tool called Visme to create all my blog features, post images, and images in general for this blog. I did a Visme review on my Youtube channel where I show you how easy it is to create high-converting graphics in literally minutes.

See the featured post above on this page? Created with Visme without trying in 5 minutes.

I love, love, Visme, and I wouldn’t be without it.

You Can Check Out Vismes Graphic Design Software For Yourself Here If You Like What You See Inside My Video Above.

Affiliate Marketing Tools And Resources 07

Backup Your Affiliate Business With The Best WordPress Backup Plugin Blogvault

WordPress Backups – When you are learning how to get started with your new affiliate marketing business and you have your blog set up, and hopefully you picked a great domain name from Godaddy that I recommended above, your next step is going to be a great WordPress backup service that is not only easy to use but has a 100% restore rate if your website is ever hacked.

Which happens a lot more often than you think in this day and age.

I have been using Blogvault for like a decade it seems, it doesn’t slow my site down at all, and your backups are saved on the cloud.

The price is excellent as well for the peace of mind you get.

If you are starting and running an affiliate marketing business having a secure and reliable plugin that you can install right inside WordPress that backs up your blog is mandatory in this day and age.

You protect your car with car insurance, you protect your house with homeowners insurance, and you should 100% protect your affiliate marketing business with a quality WordPress backup plugin.

You need insurance for your business and a WordPress backup plugin is insurance for your affiliate business for a few bucks a month.

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 09

Rank IQ is a must-have tool if you run a blog of any kind and you hate time-consuming, tedious tasks like keyword research.

What Is Rank IQ Exactly? Rank IQ was created by one of the best keyword research specialists and bloggers in the World, whose small portfolio of blogs gets, on average, 5 million monthly visits from Google, all from free organic traffic.

That man’s name is Brandon Gaille, and he recognized a gap in the marketplace that most bloggers do not know how to do keyword research properly, or they realize how much time and energy it takes to dig through literally millions of possible keyword terms that you could potentially rank for on your next blog post.

Rank IQ was born from this need, and Brandon Gaille does all the keyword research for you and only finds long tail-low, competition keywords that you can rank for fast in literally hundreds of possible niches.

It is a real-time saver and a really awesome way to build a business that can generate money for you for years to come.

Check out my Rank IQ review and demo video below, and grab your discount link below if you want to try it out for your blog or blogs.

You can check out my Rank IQ review here or alternatively check out Rank IQ here and get $50 off and a free mastermind course.

Rank IQ Review And Demo Video

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 09

Content At Scale Produce Long-Form, Super High-Quality Blog Content That Ranks In Literally Minutes Using Artificial Intelligence Technology

Content at scale is the best blogging software tool I have ever seen when it comes to creating content at scale for your blogs.

If you are a digital marketing agency, affiliate marketer, or blogger and you are looking to scale your business fast then I would highly suggest you check out this software and see what it can exactly do.

I promise you you will be thoroughly impressed with the results!

You can create 2,500-word long-form blog posts that rank in minutes with all the bells and whistles like being SEO optimized, pictures inserted, Faqs section added, keywords added, and reads like something of your best freelancer writers would produce for you at literally a penny a word.

My review video below can show you much better than the words I am writing about content at scale.

Yes, I love this software!

And if you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or run a digital marketing agency and you want to scale fast, you will too!

You can check out my content at scale review here to learn more, or click here and grab your content at scale discount, where you get 20% more post-credits just by clicking this link.

I will also leave my content at scale review video directly below, where I demo the software so you can learn more about exactly how it works and how it can help scale your content marketing needs.

Content At Scale Review + Demo

Affiliate Marketing Tools @ Resources 10

The Ultimate Tool For Anyone Who Wants To Run A Successful E-Commerce Business.

This is a great service for e-commerce affiliates and affiliates who also want to have the option to sell their own products and services online.

What do 22,000+ Businesses, over 342,000 pages launched, 9,7 million products sold, and closing in on almost $2.5 Billion dollars of payments successfully processed all have in common?

Coming in at #7 on my affiliate marketing resources page is Sam Cart you can check them out with a 14 day free trial through that link and see how they can help you increase your revenue.

This is a powerhouse service that some of the biggest super affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs use to power their online businesses, like Lewis Howes and super affiliate marketer Pat Flynn.

These are all the affiliate marketing tools and resources that I use to power my affiliate marketing business that will be added to as time goes on and I start using new products and services that I am using to run my affiliate marketing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using my affiliate marketing resources and tools and start growing and building your online business.

Any questions? Shoot me an email at and I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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