6 Key Strategies for Online Growth In [2023]

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Online growth is a necessity in the digital age, here are five key strategies necessary for an intelligent digital campaign in 2017, and well into the future. They should be carried out in conjunction with one another to work most effectively. If you are looking to drive traffic and generate leads online you need to develop both your e-reputation and your visibility. It is vital to engage with netziens on the right digital platforms with a clear online strategy that is tailored to your business proposition and target audience.

  1. Social Networks

Social network marketing is in vogue currently, and for good reason. Social networks allow businesses to engage and communicate with consumers. They are key sites for information with groups for specific topics set up to answer questions, share content and exchange idea’s. It is here that you need to develop your e-reputation and visibility. Sharing quality content on social media is a great way to disseminate your media, others will share, comment upon and ‘like’ content to improve its visibility and ranking.

Create your own groups and start conversational threads relevant to your business. You need to establish yourself as an expert in your field, the creator and administrator of the group (if they are active) tend to get the most attention for their posts also. It is in these groups that you can answer questions and engage with potential consumers. Users expect to network socially and engage with brands and companies on media platforms in the same way.

Targeted ads on social media are now based on users activity on the network and searching preferences online, by running ads you are able to target your specific audience segment now moreso than ever.

  1. Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is also more targeted and based on users searching history. Users turn to search engines as the main source of information online by entering a set of keywords. You need to choose your keywords carefully as the price varies, your ad can either be a paid link at the top (before the natural search results) or a banner ad. For aggressive market entry this is an effective strategy but it is more costly in the long run.

  1. SEO, Natural Search Results Optimization

Increasing your ranking in the natural, organic search results is the most effective digital method. It is cost effective over a longer period of time and generates the best traffic and leads, this is because serious customers or professionals prioritise search results over paid ads. Over time it is advisable to transfer your paid ad budget to natural optimization.

To increase your ranking you need backlinks from other highly ranked sites, guest blogging is good as well as producing quality content that will be featured on other websites. You also need to optimize the keywords on your site, back end web development here can help.

  1. Digital Content

Search Engines also reward the production of original, quality content. It is important to prioritize content, it truly is king. Good content needs to be interesting, relatively short, accessible and highly shareable for netziens to share on mass. The enigmatic goal of ‘going viral’ is only achieved through high quality content. Consider utilizing multi-media and keep your audience in mind. Who are you attempting to engage. Content needs to be branded by your business, it is how you present yourself online and how you will initially engage netziens. Video content is still the most effective in terms of engagement and click through rates.

  1. Online Influencers

Online Influencers are important. Influencer content may be framed as testimonial advertising where they play the role of a potential buyer themselves, or they may be third parties. Who are the opinion leaders relevant to your market? These individuals will be established and respected in their field or well known public figures. You can connect with them online for branding purposes. When marketing abroad to international markets leveraging already established digital figures is especially important. You need to utilize agencies here to forge the necessary connections.

  1. International Online Development

It is important to consider the affect digital globalization has on your marketing. International platforms such as Facebook vastly broaden your audience reach. Consider creating content and engaging with users in multiple languages, branding can be tailored and adapted for different markets and disseminated via social networks global infrastructure. It is revolutionary in this sense. Ensure you research what platforms your target market are using in foreign markets and utilize these services too.

To conclude it is important to brand yourself online in the right way via content marketing, engage and communicate with users on social networks and increase your presence on search engines by utilizing paid advertising and natural search results. Connecting with online influencers, especially in unknown foreign markets is also important. An effective online strategy is now the best and most cost effective way for businesses to grow in our digital age.

Benji is a digital marketing specialist based in Shanghai, China. He is passionate about providing solutions for western businesses entering the Chinese market. He specializes in digital strategy and development. For more information see his blog and website here. http://seoagencychina.com/

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