15 day challenge affiliate marketing

Best 15 day challenge affiliate marketing

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What is a 15 day challenge affiliate marketing? Learn all about affiliate marketing 15 day challenge and how the tips and strategies can help you make more money with your affiliate marketing business in record time.

15 day affiliate marketing challenges are designed to inspire you to take massive action and help you to get traction and reach your affiliate marketing goals in record time.

Here are the best ideas for 15 day affiliate marketing challenge affiliates that you can use to turbocharge your affiliate marketing business in record time.

Ready to start building your affiliate marketing business and start to make huge progress?

Let’s dive in!

15 Day Challenge Affiliate Marketing Ideas You Can Apply Today In A Handy To Do List

  • Create 15 unique content filled blog posts for 15 days straight promoting your chosen affiliate products and services. [ Product Reviews ]
  • Create 15 Youtube videos for 15 days straight promoting related affiliate products or leading visitors to a landing page to get more email leads.
  • Create 15 how to Youtube videos showing Youtube viewers how to do something in your niche and lead them to a related affiliate product or service or to your email signup form in the Youtube video description and inside the Youtube video itself.
  • Create a 15 day email follow up sequence to send to your new subscribers.
  • Post to all your social media accounts 15x in one day for 15 days straight and take notes of your results. [ Rinse and repeat if successful ]
  • Create 1 how to Youtube video promoting your blog post and one blog post daily of at least 750 words for 15 days straight.
  • Create 15 Q+A blog posts with low competition and answer Google searches questions revolving around your niche that you can rank for. P.S. Make sure to do your keyword research.
  • Create 5-7 pillar blog posts filled with great content of 3k – 10k words each and spend 2-3 days on each piece of pillar content to make sure your content is excellent filled with great content, pictures, and maybe even a video or two to increase a visitors time on site and page views and also an increase in your Google rankings.
  • Being active in a related online forum based around your niche is one of the best 15 day challenge affiliate marketing ideas that can drive traffic to your affiliate offers, blog, website, or landing pages.
  • Build quality backlinks to your blog for 15 days straight using a good keyword research tool but be careful not to go over board on building backlinks. I recommend no more than a handful a day of soid high quality backlinks with a great domain authority based around your niche if possible.
  • Concentrate only on the tasks that will make your affiliate marketing business money and ignore the rest for 15 days and for eternity if possible. If you do not enjoy doing something outsource it and work on what you do enjoy like blogging, creating video’s, email marketing, etc. Outsource the rest because we all need help from time to time.
  • Create list type blog posts that you can rank for by doing the proper keyword research and optimize your blog post titles with action words followed by the keywords that you are trying to rank for. For Example; Best Your Keywords to maximize your Seo
  • Listen to podcasts in the business category for 15 day straight to increase your knowledge 10x and apply what you learn to your affiliate marketing business.My 3 favorites are the blogging milionaire podcast, entrepreneurs on fire, and the smart passive income podcast. Listening to like minded, smart individuals, who are where you want to be is one of the best 15 day challenge affiliate marketing things that you can possible do to better yourself and your affiliate marketing business.
  • Create 15 new email broadcasts for your email list and make sure to send a daily email for 15 days straight to maximize your affiliate earnings.[ You will se an increase in affiliate earnings if done right ]
  • Mix and match all of these 15 day challenge affiliate marketing ideas to best suit your needs to maximize your affiliate marketing success.

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Best 15 day challenge affiliate marketing affiliate marketing
Best 15 day challenge affiliate marketing 1

I hope you enjoyed my 15 day affiliate marketing challenge review, and I hope I gave you some great ideas that you can start implementing today for your affiliate marketing business, so you can continue to grow and prosper.

How many of these 15 day challenge affiliate marketing ideas are you going to put into action today?

Let me hear your thoughts below.

To Your success, Jay

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